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Message From Galactic Center

Message From Galactic Center through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 28, 2012

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By FatherMotherGod... - Posted on 28 December 2012
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 Greetings. This is Lord Salvington. I am a member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds and the President of Galactic Center. The Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds is a group of Planets within the Milky Way Galaxy and Planets in neighboring Galaxies within your Solar System and Universe such as your nearest neighbor the Andromedan Galaxy. I am transmitting to you through the MotherShip the Phoenix with Admiral Soltec. Soltec is in charge of all intergalactic communications within your Galaxy from his Ship which is a grand Engineering City of Light. Soltec often connects the International Space Station on Earth with its member astronauts from off Planet, like the Altamarians. Earth scientists and Galactic Federation scientists have been working together over 60 years. The governments of your Planet have kept this a secret. I am also here with Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar of the New Jerusalem and Lord Michael from the New Bethlehem and Lord Maitreya from the Surya. We bring news of developments for Earth in the last few days since your Sun Sol crossed Galactic Center and aligned with Cosmic Center. 
We would like to share the news that Earth is integrating the vibrations from the 7th Dimension. Since all time Earth has experienced different Dimensions in different areas of Earth. The Holy Sacred Sites have always retained their Higher Dimensional frequencies even as Earth fell in frequency over a period of thousands of years. Today you experience this as you leave your vehicles and breathe in the Higher Vibrations when walking onto the land within the Higher Dimension. It is these areas of Earth where the StarGates reside. The land around the StarGates never fell. The Star Masters gathered here have remained as partners with Earth and have never lost their connection or commitment to Earth. Maitreya, Sananda and Michael have incarnated on Earth and have never been born into bodies. They are descendant Souls who remain incarnate and never die. They come and go on Earth and travel from one spot on Earth to the other as they Will. They walk through walls and enter unannounced. They may visit you in your home in their Etheric Body. You may place your hand right through their Etheric Body also called a Glowie Body. Invite them in.
Earth has obtained a majority level of 5D Multidimensional frequencies beginning in 2008 and 2009. You all experienced the surge in your awakening process then. We continued to bring messages of Higher Dimensional frequencies without revealing that Earth was moving finally into the 7th Dimension. We could see then that many would ridicule this concept so we talked for many years about moving from 3D to 5D. The even numbered Dimensions are the Twin to its odd numbered Dimension. The 4th Dimension denotes Time. Space as experienced from a point in Time. Many old time Lightworkers still describe the 4th Dimension as the Astral Plane. This is misunderstood because the dark Ones had actually infiltrated the 4th Dimension of Time and were manipulating the Timelines. This was never the Astral Plane but was overcome with Astral Bodies working for the dark Ones and that has now been completely cleared. Time is a lower form of Vibration. The 5th Dimension is No Time. We are there. You have experienced more than glimmers of it if you allow yourself to remember. How many of you have experienced ʻLost Timeʻ? This is when you went into your Etheric Body to join with us and view your Mission and returned to your 3D Avatar Body a couple of hours later. You did not fall asleep during those periods. You were not napping. You were experiencing a shift in frequency and preparing your Earth Avatar Body for the quickening. 
The even Dimensions represent the dark Matter and the odd Dimensions represent the light Matter. The 6th Dimension represents the dark Matter of Space. The 7th Dimension is the bridge between the 5th and 9th Dimensions. Obtaining the 7th Dimensional Earth simply means energetically accessing more connections to the Higher Realms of Truth. 
Your bodies are changing rapidly to hold the Light at the Higher Frequencies. The Dimensions which exist within the dark Matter Universe work as partners such as a double helix. The even numbers hold the frequency patterns of light and sound frequency vibration of dark Matter and the odd numbers hold the frequency patterns of light and sound frequency vibration of light Matter. These spiral into infinity as fractal patterns up to the 13th Dimension.  
Beyond 13D all Dimensions are pure light frequency. Earth is now halfway Home! She will regain her status in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds as she enters this Higher Dimension. It is not always easy to grasp that Earth exists in the Now on all of these Dimensions. You are free to travel back and forth in your Avatar bodies at will. You need only remember how. You do this by calling on your Angelic Galactic Guides to show you how. It is not hard. It requires ecstatic joy.  Meditation is how to reach that State of Consciousness. The 7th Dimension enters the Realm of Pure Expression. This is the learning ground for Light Beings who are preparing to live at the Higher Dimensions of Light Expression in the Matter Universe at the 9th and 11th Dimensions before becoming Pure Light. 
In the 7th Dimension the need for money completely dissolves. The need for healing dissolves. There is a balancing between the dark and light Realms. It is a place of pure creativity and pure expression where Beings of Collective Consciousness learn together as One. It is like a Swarm of Starlings moving on the wind together in a Collective effort merely through Consciousness. We will spend the very next immediate moment with you in Earthʻs new Light Cities. We will link these with our great Light Ships - our Great Cities of Light - Niburu, the Dove, the New Jerusalem, the New Bethlehem, the Phoenix, the Surya, the Medusa and the Ships from Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Alpha Centauri and other near Stars. 
In the immediate Now you will learn to travel in your Etheric Body as in a Shuttle Craft anywhere you like at will. You will do this and also stay on Earth to help with the integrations of Energy entering the Planet. As Sparks of Light from Source it is your Mission to Ground into to Earth the Higher Energies by holding your vibration here. We will land and live among you joining our Mission with yours. We have entered the levels where Cosmic Consciousness integrates into your Beingness.
Many may be saying that ʻnothing happenedʻ on December 21st 2012. That is a misunderstanding. If you have been scanning the front pages you have noticed that everyday a new obituary of the dark Ones has been there. These are like candles being blown out. These lives cannot hold the Higher Vibrational frequencies of Love pervading every cell on Earth. Your media holds back other direct clues to Ascension which are popping up all over the Globe and often presented in ʻweird newsʻ with no proper explanation. These include sudden appearance of Sacred Holy Sites being uncovered under the sea and in the desserts as new pyramids near StarGates. These include phenomena of Zero Point and the Earth Grid illuminating for our Collective use.
As Earth approached Galactic Center within the Cosmos the dark Ones fearing their demise, their snuffing out, then they made a last ditch effort to hold you Great Light Warriors in their grip. They have launched phishing schemes promising you awards of money and have posted about it on websites which are considered trusted and are very dark. Think about it. Have you been there requesting pre-NESARA funds? There is no such thing. This is a Black Ops scheme. People have been removed from their homes and taken out after providing all their details to these dark Ops. Those promoting these payouts, these Freedom Funds and  Peoples Trust will be invited to pay the price for this misinformation. Lightworkers grow weary and feel they want to give up and so join in on this self-indulgent fantasy that this is the real thing we have all waited for! It is wise today to go inside. Reconsider all of your relationships and be honest with those around you. Reconsider your authentic Self. Reconnect with your Twin Flame. Call to your Guides to help dissolve your ego longing for lower base needs.
Due to these new schemes there was a postponement of activities bringing us into Ascension. Mother Sekhmet called for meetings to consider alternate options where the dark Ones could no longer interrupt completion of details required to raise the vibration of each cell on Earth. Father Alcyone looked into the Whole to find a solution which would work. This called for the two of them to work together from their incarnate Avatar forms on Earth. This was very dangerous work which spanned form and non form to bypass roadblocks in the form Realm and allow the Higher Frequencies to penetrate the moving and nonmoving bodies of Earth. This work was initiated 72 hours after the Cosmic alignment on December 21st. It was like a deft operation with a large team of Intergalactic light surgeons focusing a beam of Energy to Mother Sekhmet as she is the only one capable of bypassing these Higher Levels. This lasted around 12 hours and prepared for the December 28th opening of the Tibetan inner Earth portals and Higher Activations with the Kumaras of Pleiades, Venus and Niburu. Incarnate Rishis and Galactic helpers coordinated their efforts and the operation has been a huge success. In 72 hours on New Years Eve will be a culmination of the Highest Energies from this operation making open doors long closed inviting and invoking Beings from the Higher Realms to bring gifts to Earth of instant manifestation. This operation anchors every cell on Earth into the 7th Dimension. You can feel this truth resonate deep inside as you reflect on the Divine Grace within.
Your final moments before changes can be spent wisely and will catapult you forward at light speed to your next task. As an alternative you may choose to spend your last moments unwisely and you will hold yourself back. No One will be able to skip steps in their unfoldment of Knowledge. 
Remaining inside the spiderweb of lies and deceit will hold you back. As an example understand that the U.S. fiscal cliff talks are a giant manipulation by the media. They spoon feed stories about Boehner made a statement, Geithner made a statement, Obama made a statement and Reid made a statement and this is what it means. None of it is true. President Obama will tax the 2% in the end and even that does not matter in the long run. The Grand Illusion is winding down, the dark Ones are dying off, fines are paid, indictments continue. It is all dissolving as our perception fades the old 3D to 5D and perception fine tunes as the 7th Dimension appears before us on the Event Horizon  of No Time. Sitting in the corner crying in a fear fetal position about lack of money will hold you back. Continuing in petty discussions of right and wrong, hate and like, back stabbing and holding down the youth of your culture will hold you back. Holding on to power and control will hold you back. Holding on to money and Spiritual Gifts without sharing them will hold you back. Give All You Have Each Day and move forward quickly.
Now it is opportune to take inventory inside. Do the Inner Work. Interview your Highest Form. Your Highest Self. Your Atma. Ask yourself which parts of you are your Authentic Self and which parts of you are Inauthentic? The inauthentic parts are the programming within the matrix. What ideas do you carry about politics, religion, parents, school, sex, children and ecology that are Authentic and from your Highest Form? Which ideas should you trim away and turn your back on? Everything is Consciousness. Where you launch from here into 7D will be determined by the Inner Work you accomplish in a very narrow space in time. Be Awake! Everything you can See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Think About DOES NOT EXIST. Only Consciousness Exists. When you do the Inner Inventory and Clean House radically in the next few days then you open the channel for more Abundance and more Love. Enter Higher and Higher States of Consciousness through Inner Purging. Collectively we move forward from a very High vantage point. Remember your Connection to Oneness and the Reason You Came Here : to play your role Ascending Earth and ALL on Her: Namaste! This is Lord Salvington from Galactic Center through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 28, 2012. © All Rights

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