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Some Q&A On The Present Failure Of Civility And Loss Of Personal Freedoms In The US: NOT For The Liberal Minded!

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Some Q&A On The Present Failure Of Civility And Loss Of Personal Freedoms In The US: NOT For The Liberal Minded!
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 8-Feb-2013 09:34:07

Due to technical challenges on Tuesday, two of our forum contributors — Mike Garand and Jack Lawson, the authors of A Failure Of Civility — were not able to participate real-time in the event.
They have been gracious enough to format their responses into a standalone post, which we print here with our thanks for their efforts:
Question # 1: Where are the citizens of the United States today — not just in terms of guns, but all personal freedoms and their relationship with government at all levels?
The average American is facing growing infringement from Federal, State and Local government on a vast array of issues. We are not only becoming a nation of ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s’ with a rapidly disappearing middle class and distinct and volatile divisions between those classes, but government bureaucrats and most elected officials have separated from the citizenry into a ruling class above the law applied to the common citizen… much like the ruling class of feudal monarchies.
Americans are arming themselves to the teeth. Most will violently resist the enforcement of further gun laws and many of the changes they see as communistic this administration is attempting to institute. There are so many laws on the books that it is impossible for the average person to know all of them… the Authors think purposefully so. Law enforcement, public officials and the judiciary don’t even know all of them however, these entities can, at their whim, can cause severe problems for a person simply by using one of these laws against you.
You are guilty of breaking the law even though you may have not known it however ignorance of the law isn’t accepted as a credible defense in the judicial system. Have you thrown a Ni-Cad battery in the trash can by your curb lately? You’re guilty of a federal felony and the penalty is a $10,000 fine and 6 months in jail.
You would look something like this on the NCIC data base… “Violation of Environmental Protection Administration rule # Yada… yada… yada, conviction of felonious disposal of hazardous material with total disregard for the environment.” If you live next to an elementary school they might add… “Convicted of felonious hazardous waste disposal on property adjoining elementary school playground property.”
There are 55,000 pages of federal code and growing daily. We think authority wants this as a lever to be able to penalize and label anyone for anything. Americans are very suspicious and distrustful of their government… especially the federal government… and rightfully so.
The “Line in the Sand” has been drawn with proposed new gun laws. As in Matt Bracken’s book at …the gun law proposals are there just waiting for the hysteria of the public demanding a congressional vote to pass them into law after the next big ‘massacre.’
The relentless desire of those to disarm this country will continue… until they are removed from power. If confiscation of firearms from citizens does succeed, watch how any ‘niceties’ of government evaporate and dictatorial edicts transform America into a Stalinist police state overnight. We will have ‘freedom’ only in name… “comrades.”
2) How did we get there?
Have we come to current situation due to wearing blinders or just plain laziness?
Maybe that’s some of it, but there’s another factor.
Both Mike and Jack have gone through extensive schooling on how the communists use Psychological Operations to win a conflict without the expense of one bullet.
PsyOps… the communists, socialists, collectivists, or by whatever word you want to label them, are masters at this. This label would certainly fit the ideology favored by the ‘news media,’ most of those involved with the federal bureaucracy and it would certainly fit like a glove on all of the present administration.
Their actions are simple Psy-Ops.
Americans are bombarded daily by a leftist news media… the Main Steam Media or MSM. The leftists have infiltrated and taken control of every prominent news organization and are spewing their ‘news’ based on the “Goebbels Directive” …tell a lie enough times and people will begin to see it as the truth.
Most American’s minds can’t accept the upside down, twisted and warped news as logical and it creates an apathy to confront it. Add to that… ‘Political Correctness,’ which is “Tyranny with Politeness,” and Americans feel confused and muzzled to confront this ‘news.’ We have turned into a country of people so afraid to say anything out of fear of offending that vocal small minority that we believe is the majority… that we say little or nothing.
Well, we have news for you… what is portrayed as the “will of the majority” by the MSM organizations is not. Probably less than 20% of Americans think the way the MSM portrays the character of the people of this country.
You… the vast majority… totally outnumber that percentage. But they are relentless. They want you to think you’re a member of a class of dinosaurs and have archaic thought. They want to defeat you by defeating your belief in yourself and your values and subtly coerce you to join them… or at least not oppose them.
We see the average American upset and angered by the assaults on our Constitutional rights but these same people are usually quoting the same news media outlets for fact that they know are spewing disinformation and lies daily on other issues.
So why believe anything from these major ‘news’ sources? Why would an American believe ANYTHING from the same news media that wants to make Americans believe that HALF this country wants socialism (communism)? Anyone that believes that is a fact is speaking out of the orifice commonly referred to as his or her @$$.
It’s bulls#!t! …but that’s PsyOps folks!
As a simple comparison, why would you believe any one statement as being truthful from a person who you knew was a pathological liar and was never known to tell the truth… not once?
The saying goes that “Kids are the best psychologists” …they can see through the bulls#!t… and they do.
For the most part, the youth of this country don’t accept what they’re being told as readily as we “adults.” That’s been our observation of most of the young adults we know.
3) Why did citizens allow American government — be it local/state/national — to grow the way it has?
Whatever you think of Nixon, his speechwriters coined the term of “The Silent Majority.” That is what has caused the majority of the problems… not speaking our minds. But it’s too late for words in our opinion… rather spend the majority of your energy to PREPARE for a Catastrophic Event as we outline in our book “A Failure of Civility.”
“We the People” have allowed government to morph into what it has become by not confronting the abuses… by being silent. We have digested copious plates of crap being fed us from the Main Stream Media for decades. We must learn to quit watching and listening to what the leftists want you to hear… even the one major news channel that you think and that looks on the surface to be ‘conservative’ … it is not. Watch the omissions of news from them and the subtleties of disinformation they present.
A lot of how we got here stems from our current political system. The current two party system needs to be revamped. Actually we need a third party… but that will never be allowed to happen. The American politician has more loyalty to their party and donors than to their community or our country.
Most politicians’ sole priority is their constant concern over being re-elected… and that takes money… and that money is with their political machine that will provide it only if the politician conducts themselves totally by their party line. This partly line is controlled almost entirely by special interest groups… be they liberal or conservative.
The division between political parties in America no longer has a clear boundary by belief and ideology… the lines have become blurred. We mean… really!? …Bloomberg is an Independent!? An Independent what?
The Republican Party in its attempt to become popular again is re-inventing itself in the same form that represents the Democratic Party. One of WRSA’s contributors has aptly named the Republican Party “The Dead Elephant Party” …a descriptive stroke of genius with semantics.
Conservatives, Traditionalists, Constitutionalists, or by whatever name you identify yourself, must become more active and vocal than the minority interests have become… after all, contrary to the bulls#!t the Main Stream Media propagandizes us with… you are the vast majority in this country. Why listen to anything they say as fact?
Sadly, in our opinion… it is too late to entertain the thought that words will change anything at this point.
4) What’s next — for government leaders, government workers, private sector companies, and individual citizens?
We see dark times ahead for the country… both economically and for civil liberties… and we believe at some point there is a greater chance, than not, that it will get down to a pure mano un mano survival scenario.
This will come with much suffering… and neither Author lives with the ‘Bunker Mentality’ as we describe in our book “A Failure of Civility.” But we are prepared… and that gives us a feeling of confidence and peacefulness.
At some point, the over spending that this country has done for decades… like the chickens… will come home to roost. Then we will ALL pay the piper for the tune he played… whether we liked or wanted to hear the tune… or not.
Inflation… hyper seems to be the word that turbo charges the description ‘inflation’ by hyphenating to it. Hyper-inflation can create the same affect as war does to a country. You will never understand or be able to mentally come to grips with it unless you’ve lived in it.
Jack has seen it first hand and his in-laws have lived through it. Fortunately they got the majority of their wealth out of the country before drastic inflation struck.
Jack has also seen first hand what gun registration leads to. Read about what life in Zimbabwe… err… Rhodesia has been like for the last 30 years. But the inflation there defies description. What we wrote in “A Failure of Civility” about Rhodesia (sorry, Jack uses the name Rhodesia… because the term Zimbabwe is an insult to the black and white Africans still being jailed, tortured, starved and wholesale exterminated there) will give you an idea of how insidious this “destroyer of economies and countries” is.
We suspect that initially, government workers will not suffer inflation the same as the American public as they will have automatic increases to compensate for this at the beginning. However, eventually hyper-inflation will outpace the ability of their income to pay for basics also.
The conglomerates will survive and prosper. The smaller businesses are doomed to extinction. Government workers, smaller private sector companies and individual citizens will suffer financially and emotionally devastating times. If you can’t see the false economy we are in the midst of you need to get out more often. It’s teetering on the edge of the cliff.
The “Age of Abundance,” as we define and describe in “A Failure of Civility,” is gone forever. Is the economy is being manipulated and propped up in hopes that it will succeed in coming back to was it was? We don’t think so.
We believe at some point it will be used as a giant sledge hammer to kill the fly (the independence and strength of Americans) and is being propped up until the government has all the pieces in place to enable them to take control of the American people either by persuasion with food… or by force after swinging the hammer.
1.6 BILLION rounds of government ammunition purchases and counting!? What!? A comparison is that 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition would supply the American soldiers fighting during the height of the Iraq war for 30 years of continuous battle.
Senior government leaders, for the most part, will be exempt from the affects of hyper-inflation. They will be provided with all they need and take anything necessary that they don’t have.
On the civil liberties front it will be worse. There is a saying in Special Operations from long ago… “communism loves chaos.” The rational behind that statement is… people will turn, even to communism, rather than deal with chaos and suffering daily… especially hunger.
The same is true of any form of government wanting total control over their citizens… chaos, suffering and devastating economic times will give people the image that the people’s savior has arisen… and an excuse to implement draconian laws after they bow down to him.
5) When do these issues come to a head?
It’s too late for talk.
Time spent and focus on preparing for the storm on the horizon would be much more beneficial.
If you’ve noticed… we are all sending emails to and from us of a like mind… trying to convince the other of a point that we each already agree on. This is ‘Preaching to the choir’ and wasting time and energy.
Expend your time and energies more for preparation for a Catastrophic Event.
Forget trying to change those with the ‘liberal’ mindset. By simple definition liberals are mentally ill… insane. The definition of mental illness in the 1450s was… “Not knowing the difference between right and wrong.”
That definition is no longer used to determine sanity by law. The crux of a liberal is that they will argue rabidly… but when you corner them with common sense and logic they’re unable to grasp this, lose their temper and storm off. The inability of a person to recognize and agree with logic condemns them to the diagnosis of mental illness and insanity.
Don’t confuse liberalism with progressiveness… that done by logic which is necessary for the good of mankind. If we’d never had any progressive thought, we’d still be in the clutches of the feudal system and slavery.
Unfortunately, the liberal is now married to the ideals of collectivism… “That ideology that destroys the spirit of man!” as one of the Author’s neighbors, a former army officer who escaped from the eastern European communist ‘trap’ he grew up in… so eloquently stated quietly to him one day… with the inherent look of fear that a secret policeman would overhear his statement.
That Author, the only American invited, got an earful as he sat at the table during a birthday celebration and during a lull in the festivities asked… “What was life like living under communism?” Drunk or not, the 21 eastern bloc people seated there stared at me for a bit with unpleasant looks… then conversed between themselves in their native language, words unknown to the Author peppered with laughter… and after their scowls subsided… unloaded on the Author for two hours. That Author heard that night what he will never forget. communism… collectivism equals evil.
Collectivists have never fully instituted their ideology anywhere in the world without force and bloodshed. Make no mistake… they will not spend the time, money or energy in trying to re-educate us to their way of thinking… they will eliminate those opposed to them… us… plain and simple. Without America to scream “foul” about genocide conducted by the opposition because it’s happening here… who will intercede?
The Authors aren’t clairvoyant… but we know that the odds are increasing in favor of catastrophe daily.
There’s never been polarization and such festering hatred of unlike peoples, groups and conflicting ideals since the American Civil War. Prepare for the coming s#!tstorm.
There are a myriad of issues that could occur that would be destructive and cause disaster. One will most likely cause a chain reaction and cause others. What will happen? …we don’t know… when will it happen? We don’t know that either… but we estimate in the next two to three years.
Jack’s wife is from Rhodesia (He must repeat that he reluctantly refers to it now and then by the name Zimbabwe… a name that is an insult to both black and white Africans still caught in that s#!thole trap). Jack and his wife have seen first hand what gun registration leads to and know the reality of what rabid illogical progressive thought, ‘collectivism’ and inflation do to people.
As we mentioned before, inflation is insidious, deceitful and corrosive to societies and life. It will destroy what the common citizen has worked for all their life. Forget about the theory that government and pension checks will not be sent out… we believe they will continue to be dispersed until the ‘cows come home.’ But when these checks won’t buy the basic necessities of life… the check may as well not be issued.
The time is approaching that our American Dollar will become confetti. As we explain in “A Failure of Civility” …the BRICS nations, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)… the top Gross National Product generating countries of the world, excluding Europe, Japan and America… have already jumped ship on the American dollar.
In May of 2012… FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 110 YEARS… they are trading between themselves with their own currencies indexed against a gold standard. They are divesting themselves of American dollars and U.S. Treasury Bonds. They know that the American dollar… known for more than a century as the safest currency in the world… is headed for failure.
It’s like a banker covering his wife’s overdrafts. It’s not a real issue if he owns or still controls the bank… but if he doesn’t, the financial roof falls in on the banker and his wife. The music stops… and they’re without a chair. The same will happen when the U.S. Dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the banking world.
We are now buying our own debt. ‘Quantitative Easing’ is the name given to the program by which the United States Federal Reserve System buys United States Treasury Bonds (QE1, QE2 and now the last and indefinite one QE3). QE… Quantitative Easing… is like a husband buying his wife’s debt to justify her continued spending… and hoping at the same time that it will change their joint financial situation.
When the dollar goes off the cliff, everything we import in this country will increase in price exponentially. When people have to chose between feeding their families and paying the mortgage and then eventually being unable to do either… a s#!t storm of unimaginable proportions will envelope America.
As we state in our book… we consider ‘Hyper-Inflation’ one of the most Highly Possible Catastrophic Events on our fold out Chart of Catastrophic Events and their characteristics. Hyper-inflation will cause massive unrest… which may lead to A Failure of Civility as we outline in “A Failure of Civility.”
When? We’d like to think never… but we’re realists… most likely within the next two to three years or sooner.
Regardless… you’d better be prepared for trouble… or you’ll be joining the mob of animals trying to survive in the wreckage.
In “A Failure of Civility” we outline the “A to Z” of organizing your neighbors with a Neighborhood Protection Plan, setting up Protective Perimeters, using proactive Area Tactical Protection tactics for low rise subdivisions and high rise buildings, weapons types and use, tips on surviving a gun battle, Security in Motion, food selection and storage, sanitation and water treatment. It’s a primer for those unfamiliar with preparedness and but contains layman explanations of sophisticated military tactics for those versed in preparedness to defend your neighborhood.
Whether you read our book or the many others out there… read and learn… and prepare…
Don’t just accumulate ‘things’ …learn to use them and put it all to the test. Find out who your neighbors are by talking with them. Determine to the best of your ability the ones that you can depend on and form defensive alliances with them… then train with them.
6) Who wins, and why?
That depends on EACH of us.
Again, if you’re not prepared you’ll find yourself playing checkers with Elvis.
Quite frankly, to spend energy trying to convince Americans to institute common sense and equity in this country with words now, is like closing the gate after the cows have run off. We think it’s too late. We think it will boil down to violence of some sort… and soon. You must be ready to feed and defend yourself, your family and your neighbors.
Each of us must become active in encouraging others to understand what is at stake. If we do that AND PREPARE OURSELF AND OTHERS we have a chance of coming out of this with some semblance of a government that our Founding Fathers envisioned… if enough Americans prepare.
There are basically two schools of thought on why things happen in the world…
One school of thought is that events are hap-hazard and this course of events is changed or altered little by mankind.
The other school of thought is that all events, with some exceptions, are controlled and manipulated by “Powers behind the scenes.” Powerful people of a powerful group that have controlled the life’s of the Jack Lawsons’ and Mike Garands’ of America, the Jose Balta’s of Argentina and the Pierre Boudoins’ of France for centuries. This second school of thought postulates that these same powers have controlled and created most of the events of the world for over one thousand years.
If the second school of thought is true… then the end of our ‘empire’ seems to have been preordained by these “powers behind the scenes” that want our international power and along with it, our freedoms, to end.
“The sun never sets on the British Empire” and didn’t for almost two centuries. The sun is now setting on America’s immense control of the world. It’s necessary for the ‘powers behind the scenes’ that Americans be either converted to conform like people of the rest of the world, so that these ‘powers behind the scenes’ can institute their ‘giant human ant colony. If Americans can not be converted… we must be removed as an obstruction to their goals… we must be eliminated… because we are the only people who are left as a barrier to their visions.
If the second school of thought is true… to accomplish this, if America is not destroyed economically… and or if we’re not totally disarmed… expect an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Catastrophic Event or some other massive Malthusian population correction event such as we describe in “A Failure of Civility.” Expect the ‘North Koreans’ or the ‘Iranians’ to ‘create’ this event. Regardless, few people would live to know who had done it.
The entire infrastructure of America, minus damaged electronics and power systems, will be left intact… the only job left will be to throw the bones of 90% of the Americans who will die from an EMP into the landfills… or grind them for fertilizer… then corral the remaining 10%.
However, if enough Americans across this country prepare themselves for A Failure of Civility they can survive that and almost anything else that’s thrown at them.
But to do so we have to step backwards in time with one foot… and at the same time have the other foot in present day living our daily life. Each American must get back into the “Garden to Table” existence that we describe in “A Failure of Civility” and that we used to live as much as possible… or at least create as much of a food reserve as possible. In that, there will be security and the country will not perish.
Americans are very resilient and can overcome anything.
Both Mike and Jack believe that Americans will prevail.
7) What are your top 3 “next steps” suggestions for readers?
Prepare, prepare, prepare !!
Train, train… and when you get butt tired… train some more !!
YOU MUST ENLIST THE COOPERATION OF YOUR NEIGHBORS. You will need the Strength through Numbers to survive a serious Catastrophic Event that leads to a Long Term Crisis or A Failure of Civility as we outline these in our book “A Failure of Civility.”
“Getting out of Dodge” or “Bugging Out” sounds good and would be beneficial… if you can afford to have a place and supplies to go to… and if you don’t get caught in gridlock. Most people can’t afford a remote retreat and for most people, there will be more resources available where they live… than trying to leave ‘butt naked’ for the outback. That’s the people who we wrote “A Failure of Civility” for… John Q and Joan Q. Citizen… people with little money. They’re the average American working stiff… the core of everything that America is… and everything America stands for.
The reality of needing Strength through Numbers is illustrated by SELCO’s experiences and his postings on the internet and both Authors’ experiences with calamity in Third and Fourth World potholes. SELCO gave us permission to put part of his story “One Year in Hell” in our book “A Failure of Civility.” Google him… you’ll find his information very helpful.
If you think you know how animalistic people will become and what life will be like if there is a Catastrophic Event… you don’t… and you won’t until you read the short story SELCO allowed us to put in our book “A Failure of Civility.”
As we state in our book “A Failure of Civility,” without the primary Critical Life Supply and Services item of food, you will be joining that mob, fighting like animals to feed yourselves and your family. Squeeze the money out for Critical Life Supply and Services stockpiles starting tomorrow. It’s there if you spend only for your immediate necessities… while slowly building your food, medicines, weapons and ammunition reserves.
We cover extensively what to buy, how to store it and everything relating to survival that we could conceivably think of in our book. Both Authors have been through the ‘hamburger grinder’ and have experienced the reality of harsh life from Afghanistan to Tanzania.
Without food, you will also be at the mercy of dictatorial government that will use food as a weapon… and if there is a major Catastrophic Event… that is exactly how government will behave… like dictators.
They’ll feed you only if you surrender your weapons and then agree to eat and digest large plates full of collectivist s#!t… and smile ear to ear afterwards. If you don’t follow their directives to the letter you will go hungry and you will starve in front of these bureaucrat’s eyes. Even if you do eat their crap and go along with their scheme, the entire American population resigned to this will feel like their life is in limbo… like they’re suspended in an indefinite 1965 Marine Corps Basic Training world… like they live in a “World of S#!t.”
You must have food reserves (there is never enough) a potable water source and water treatment methods, medicines, weapons and ammunition (there is never enough), how to use these things, knowledge in the use of small unit proactive defensive tactics and the cooperation of your neighbors to survive. It’s in our book, “A Failure of Civility.” Gosh! Have we plugged our book before!?
If you don’t know what an Electromagnetic Pulse event is read up on it. Read “One Second After.” From our research we list an EMP, either man made or a natural occurrence, as a Highly Possible Catastrophic Event. A Faraday Cage to protect electronics such as radios necessary for communication between the Neighborhood Guardians of your Neighborhood Protection Plan is critical. We have a simple and cheap Faraday Cage shown in “A Failure of Civility” and how to make it.
We have laid out the methods by which you can organize your neighborhood in “A Failure of Civility.” DO IT.
Put your Neighborhood Protection Plan into a written form and to the test of realism by drill and dry runs. You and your cooperating neighbors must organize, prepare by stockpiling and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN !!
Expand your mind as to the concepts that will confront America. We strongly suggest your read Matt Bracken’s books… especially his Trilogy starting with “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”.
Matt is an incredible writer and we consider him better than Grisham. We’d say he’s almost a ‘prophet’ but we’re afraid his ego might grow to the point that his head would explode. Actually, he’s quite a humble guy for the incredible things he’s done in his life. His books are nail bitters and real “page turners.”
But most importantly Bracken’s books are an eye-opener of a very plausible future for America for the direction it’s going.
Bracken is 4 to 5 years ahead of the curve. If the future is not exactly as described in his books, it will expand your mind to some semblance of what can happen if America continues on the present course… and what you will have to do to prepare for it.
Be ready… prepare for the worst… but we suggest you pray to God or a higher power for guidance. We believe God is still instrumental in our survival and growth. Don’t shun God as you are being programmed to by the left as they bash religions in the news media wanting only their government and law as god.
The collectivists want people to answer only to their law as their god’s religion… no matter how upside down or twisted it is… and not allow people the basis of objection to their laws through religious belief.
Have confidence in your beliefs.
Like a great American I have not yet had the honor of meeting wrote:
“But we do owe it to the generations coming after us to give them a nation that is as free and as great as we found it, with a future as bright as we can humanly make it. We also owe something to the people who gave it to us. They bought it with their blood. The least we can do is preserve it with our sweat.”
– Colonel ‘Kid’ Montana 2012

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