Monday, September 16, 2013

PapaBear Chat posted by Landons Nana at I4U Mon.AM

PapaBear Chat posted by Landons Nana at I4U Mon.AM

[Papa Bear] GM   Dinar Family Many of you have been listening to more rumors out of Reno .My and emails were rather HOT. MY advice STAY THE COURSE. MY word for today came in a small chapel sanctuary in our church Sunday before services. Its a little longer than normal but you will understand . Ephesians 6 : 1-24. Stand strong in the turbulence

[Papa Bear] I am so happy   Summers withdrew his name and look at the Syrian situation with thoughts of progress.

Papa Bear] We are already hearing rumblings on gov. running out of $ on Oct 1. Ask yourself WHY we have to go through this again. We are a nation and must pay our debts.

[cain321] Papa Bear: I appreciate your post. It blessed me to know we will understand about our wait

[Papa Bear] We are continuously being hit by folks trying to scam our Dinar Family and that will not stop .Keep your thinking cap on and use discernment
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[Vote4RV] Papa Bear hey I am curious as to where we are in dinarland. We have been so close and things were supposed to be signed and delivered. Doesn't this delay of further processing mean all those time sensitive agreements will have to be re done?

[Papa Bear] Vote4RV Things continue to move forward appropriately . Appears now Yellin will be appointed which was my wish. Many wonderful things are being done behind that curtain for us.

[Papa Bear] It looks like the stock mkts and other mkts agreed with your carebear doesnt it?

[dinardiamonds] Who is Yellin?

[Papa Bear] dinardiamonds One of the 2 major candidates for BB job .By the way FOMC meeting Tues and WED.

[oublood] Papa Bear dinardiamonds and appointed for what ?

[OKCRN] oublood Janet Yellen....head of the Federal Reserve....

[Papa Bear] Ears burning from weekend but Forest fires put out and READY TO ROCK AND ROLL FOR THE NEW WEEK

[operadinar] Papa Bear It's been very quiet in the castle mostly. Folks curious and doing our best to stay encouraged.

[Papa Bear] Wasn't quiet in my neck of the woods

[Waiting] Papa Bear - still got your Rebel flag flying??

[Papa Bear] Waiting Yep told you NO PROBLEM HERE. TAKE DOWN TODAY. 2 weeks before AL

[Waiting] Hahaha

[Waiting] Lots of happy people in Oxford. Papa Bear!!

[operadinar] Papa Bear Some have reported that folks calling the banks is holding up the RV. Aren't we way passed that point?

[Papa Bear] People need to stop calling and going to banks until instructed to do so on the Dinar

[sandytob] Papa Bear GM. I was wondering what you thought of the Zap post.

[Papa Bear] sandytob Always good .A little confusing at times unless you know what he is talking about. Poof talked more in riddles and sometimes I have trouble . Zaps better about that.

[owl] Papa Bear do feel info guys are "being quiet" or simply there is nothing to 'share'...? <---Reason for quiet weekend?

[Papa Bear] owl Plenty going on but no need to broadcast

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Janet Yellin is Larry Summers in drag...