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3 major risk factors for early death

3 major risk factors for early death
Hi John
I’ll cut right to the chase today.
The typical diet that most people have (aka the “Standard American Diet” or SAD—an appropriate acronym) is so positively horrendous that it causes an absolute train wreck of ill health effects in your body.
And I’m not just talking about a few “unlucky” people here and there.  I’m talking about EVERYONE that eats this way.
Trust me, if you have anything resembling a typical modern diet, your number will most assuredly come up in the sickness and disease lottery—it’s not a question of “if” but merely “when,” my friend.
And the health price of the Standard American Diet (SAD) is getting increasingly complex, which makes it even more deadly.
You see, way back when, if a person had a less-than-stellar diet, they would likely be carrying an extra 5 or 10 pounds, or maybe have some symptoms like aches and pains, a bad complexion, headaches, heartburn or low energy.
We’re looking at a diet-induced intricate collection of factors that greatly increases your risk of dying WAY before your time…or living a life filled with pain, misery and suffering, and depending on one or several prescription drugs just to make it through your days.
Here’s what I mean—let me introduce you to what’s known as “cardiometabolic risk.”
Cardiometabolic risk—what the heck?
Cardiometabolic risk is a cluster of risk factors that dramatically increases your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease or stroke.
Although there are several factors that fall under this cardiometabolic umbrella, the three biggies are:
  • Metabolic syndrome (also known as Syndrome X)
  • Inflammation and
  • Obesity
Let’s take a closer look at each of these and the part that each of them plays in inviting disease to come knocking at your door:
1-      Metabolic syndrome (aka Syndrome X)
Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of health issues that spell TROUBLE—namely, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and a high concentration of belly fat (also known as being an “apple shape”).
Having one of these issues is health concern in and of itself, but having two or more exponentially increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and/or stroke.
2-      Inflammation
Inflammation is best described as a good thing gone VERY bad.
You see, your body creates inflammation as part of the healing process when you’ve caught a virus or sustained an injury.  The mucus in your sinuses when you’ve caught a cold or the red swelling you get around an insect bite are examples of inflammation in action.
Once the situation is under control and healing is underway, the inflammation naturally subsides—your sinuses clear, your swelling goes down, etc.
But many people are walking around with “inflammation overdrive”—also known as chronic inflammation, and this takes an incredibly harmful toll on your body.
You see, when chronic inflammation settles in your bones and joints, it’s called arthritis.
When it instead makes your muscles and connective tissues its home, you can get fibromyalgia.
If it settles in your brain area, you may be looking at migraines.
When it attacks your back, degenerative joint disease can be your diagnosis.
And when it takes up residence in your blood vessels?
You become an excellent candidate for atherosclerosis and eventually the resulting high blood pressure and possible blockages (leading to stroke or heart attack).
3-      Obesity
Simply put, when you are obese, your body absolutely cannot function the way it’s supposed to.
First of all, the excess weight puts a tremendous strain on your muscles, bones and joints—so obese people are more susceptible to aches, pains, arthritis and problems with mobility.
Plus it is more stressful for your most important muscle—your heart—to pump blood through an obese body.
In addition, being obese makes it more difficult for your body to efficiently accomplish digestion and clear wastes.  The toxicity that results increases your risk of gallstones and kidney stones, it stresses your liver to have to filter the toxic wastes from your bloodstream and makes you an excellent home for tumors and cancer to develop.
You can make a difference
The components of cardiometabolic risk paint a truly deadly picture, and you simply can’t sit back, chew your nails and pray that by some miracle your number doesn’t come up.
It will.  In one way or another, it will.
Unless you do something to stop it.
And the great news is, there is PLENTY you can do to slash your cardiometabolic risk!
You see, when you instead take the bull by the horns and address the common culprits behind cardiometabolic risk, you are taking the single most health-enhancing and possibly life-saving path in the world.
And will your body ever say thank you!
Here are the 4 biggest bangs for your buck in terms of squashing your cardiometabolic risk and keeping its health dangers far away from YOU:
1)      Shake your booty
Nothing makes you shed excess pounds, strengthen your heart, expel disease-causing toxic wastes and minimize aches and pains better than regular exercise.
Notice I said both “regular” and “exercise” in the same sentence.
By “regular” I mean something that you do at least 4 times a week, preferably 5 or 6.
And by “exercise” I mean something other than walking from the couch to the refrigerator and back during your favorite TV show.  “Exercise” should be an activity that raises your heart rate and makes you sweat.
Now if you’re one of those people that “doesn’t like to sweat because it’s gross,” know this:
Sweating is one of your body’s ways to expel waste products.  If these waste products instead remain inside of YOU, they can manifest themselves as things like bad breath, chronic body odor and eventually inflammation and disease.
Get over your “sweating is gross” phobia and/or stop making excuses not to exercise already.
Your life just may depend on it.
2)      Get enough fiber
Fiber is key in minimizing your cardiometabolic risk.
You see, fiber helps to “escort out” dangerous toxins and excess cholesterol that is not recycled by your liver.
If these substances are not “pushed out the door” with your bowel movements, they can instead get reabsorbed into your bloodstream and cause a ripple effect of health issues.
  • You see, first and foremost, excess toxins in your bloodstream stress your liver and kidneys and encourage chronic inflammation.
  • Plus old, worn out cholesterol seeping back into your vessels is a great way to raise your serum cholesterol level.
And the combination of inflammation + excess unused cholesterol = atherosclerosis!
Now, the good news is getting the fiber your body needs is not only easy, but delicious too!
That is, when you use the Great Taste No Pain health system.Great Taste No Pain System
Great Taste No Pain teaches you what foods to eat (and what foods to pair together) to keep digestion smooth (so you get rid of those toxins & old cholesterol), nutrient absorption high and acid wastes low.  Plus it's loaded with delicious ideas featuring fiber-rich foods that you'll absolutely LOVE.
The vast majority of people using Great Taste No Pain report seeing health improvements like more regular BMs, less gas and bloating and even weight loss immediately or within the first few days.
In addition, if you suspect you might have a gluten sensitivity, don't worry.  I've got you covered with Great Taste No Gluten.
Great Taste No Gluten teaches you how to determine if gluten is a problem for you and shows you how to eliminate it from your life.  Plus it shows you the same smart food pairing principles as Great Taste No Pain, and has a recipe book chock full of scrumptious gluten free dishes.
3)      Minimize refined carbs and processed foods
Most nutrient-poor processed foods and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour and all products made with them), basically turn to nothing but sugar (glucose) in your body.  
If your body has a need for the glucose and "burns it up" for energy, that's fine.  But the problem arises when there is so much excess glucose over and above what you need for daily fuel.
Excess glucose that is not used by your body is stored as...fat.
And most people who have a typical modern diet (or SAD) are eating WAY too many processed, refined foods day in and day out, and packing on the fat as a result.
Voila!  Obesity on the rise.
But it doesn't stop there because eating this way can also leads to insulin resistance and eventually Type 2 diabetes.
Here’s how:
You see, when you're healthy, as your blood glucose level rises after eating, the pancreas releases insulin to help your cells take in and use the glucose.
But when your bloodstream is repeatedly flooded with glucose over and above your needs, eventually your cells may stop responding like they should to the insulin.  As a result, your body needs MORE insulin to “force” glucose to enter your cells.
Your pancreas can get stressed trying to keep up with this increased demand for insulin, and eventually it can fail.  Then excess glucose builds up in your bloodstream, and you are looking at Type 2 diabetes.
But Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten can help here too!
Both systems stress REAL foods (like vegetables, fruits, meats, whole grains, legumes, dairy and good fats) that are nutrient-dense and don't result in the harmful onslaught of sugar in your body like processed and refined foods.  That means less excess glucose to turn to fat, and less likelihood of insulin resistance and the resulting diabetes.
Plus eating more nutritious foods makes you feel fuller longer, so you'll eat less.  That will also help trim your waistline too!
4)      Get enough Omega-3 EFAs
Omega-3 essential fatty acids give a 1 – 2 punch to your cardiometabolic risk.
First of all, Omega-3 EFAs are Nature’s anti-inflammatory.  So they can help quiet any disease-causing chronic inflammation you may have going on inside of YOU.
Plus they can also help counteract insulin resistance too!
Here's how:
Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are found at every level of your body.  They are a MAJOR structural component of your cell membranes where they help control cell signaling, immune responses and other metabolic functions--including the production and release of INSULIN.
Therefore a deficiency of Omega-3 EFAs can be a contributing factor to insulin resistance—your cells just don’t have the building blocks they need for proper physiological function.
So it's essential to ensure that your body has the Omega-3 fatty acids it so desperately needs.  Literally your health from head to toe depends on it.
VitaMega-3A high quality, Omega-3 oil like VitalMega-3 fish oil supplement can help you achieve this very important goal.
Just 2 capsules a day gives you a whopping 2,000 mg of the purest, medical grade fish oil LOADED with 1,200 mg EPA, DHA and other Omega-3 fatty acids.
The health challenges we face in our world today are getting increasingly complex and scary, my friend.  We’re not just looking at isolated symptoms but instead now collections of major health problems and risks that are deadly.
But that doesn’t mean YOU are defenseless against them!
Fight back against those frightening cardiometabolic risks.  You CAN beat the odds.
And even if you've already been diagnosed with obesity, diabetes and/or heart disease already, you can still help improve your health, take off excess pounds and bring those blood glucose and cholesterol numbers down.
Start now.  You’ll never regret it.
To your health,
Sherry Brescia

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I am 58 years old and work 3rd Shift and can work rings around the young people I work with!

I thank God every day that I found your program and am telling everyone I know what it has done for me.
God Bless You!


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