Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eagle 1

Subject: Eagle 1

To: Since I stopped doing the private intel calls and have just focused on our ministry calls, my inbox has been flooded with requests for updates, and my phone has been ringing off the hook again. That said, let’s see if I can bring you all up to date with what I have at the moment.

The past 48 hours have brought some lengthy and detailed information as to the developments going on behind the scenes.

Two calls in particular with folks inside the present administration in DC brought a wealth of information and – unfortunately – a lot that I cannot share, so let me at least give you a brief synopsis of what is taking place.

We had fully expected to see the GCR released for today (Wednesday) and there was a significant amount of information in the days leading up to today that seemed to indicate that.
Yesterday, as most of you already know, Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki arrived in DC. An eyewitness to the event said that he was given quite the limousine treatment for his entourage as they were all escorted into the city.

For a long time it has been my consistent stand that the GCR has ceased to be an Iraqi event and that it was now fully in the hands of the IMF. That position has not changed.

However, it appears that because of some politics and diplomacy between DC and Iraq, the IMF has been persuaded to delay the release for a few days in order to allow the Iraqi PM an opportunity to put on a celebratory event coordinated with DC.

Iraq, after all, is the pivot currency for the entire Global Currency Reset and they play a major role in the events unfolding.

I do not, for a moment, expect to see any kind of public announcement concerning the GCR release; and it would be sheer insanity for anyone to publicly announce this event prior to the rates already being on the screens.

According to information which I have been given, Maliki is due to return to Iraq on Saturday, the 2nd, following the signing of a new SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with Obama.

The purpose of this new SOFA is to provide U.S. Military assistance in restoring security within the country. It is possible (although I have no specific intel to back this up) that he and Obama may make some kind of statement prior to his boarding a flight back to Baghdad.

The statement would be something of an acknowledgement that Iraq’s currency has returned to international tradeability and value lost to the Dinar (following Saddam Hussein’s “adventures”) restored.

That, of course, would be a remarkable stand-alone event all by itself. I do not expect there to ever be a specific announcement concerning the Global Currency Reset. Any follow-up commentary by the administration or the news media would only serve to quiet any fears and to allay any concerns of a “Cyprus-style haircut.”

At this point it is possible that there will be a GCR release to FOREX screens on Thursday night/Friday morning. The two Nasdaq outages or glitches that occurred on Tuesday were caused (according to information I have) as a result of reloading the new rates to the exchanges in preparation for the release.

If there is success in loading the GCR for a Thursday night/Friday morning event, we should be able to go to the banks on Friday. If, as I suspect, it waits until sometime Friday, we are far more likely to be waiting until Tuesday, the 4th, before we will be able to begin our exchanges.

That, of course, is an opinion based on past experience in international banking protocols. That date is also consistent with information Frank has received and shared on the KTFAlways forum and CC’s.

Banks have reported some significant fluctuations in the IQN rates over the past few days on their administrative screens, and those fluctuations make it very difficult to flat out state that we are going to see the long-projected $3.44 rate for the Dinar.

With statements, however, from IMF sources indicating that there is a real desire to see the IQN closely mirror Kuwait, and the fact that Kuwait’s Dinar is expected to climb by as much as 10% against the USD in the coming days, Frank’s “reciprocal” $3.86 has become a very real possibility – whether we see that rate immediately or in the near-term days or weeks.

I know this is a worn-out cliché, but to repeat Frank’s oft-quoted comment, “No one knows the date or the rate.”

OK, we think we do, and we hope we do, but if we are wrong, we will continue to stand and wait patiently as the Lord brings this blessing to fruition.

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Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me that a rational educated person who is holding Dinar that is trading on the foreign markets at better rates than the USD would still be looking forward to exchanging their Dinar for UDS?
If I had a significant amount of ID I would salt away about half for a rainy day. Place it in sealed plastic sheets to protect it and freeze it in the top of my fridge. The remainder I would get me a new suitcase and place a few sheets of plastic seal on my dinar and go on vacation to eastern Europe or Indonesia. I would open up a holding account there and deposit my dinar. Then I would use a drawing account to buy gold chaines that I can wear through customs on my way back.
The remainder of the dinar on deposit I would convert into canadian money. I would use this to pay for the trip back home and when I got to canada buy some gold coins with the rest.

How long will the US Dollar be accepted for any of these tasks?