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Is Congress Drunk on Federal Reserve Drug?

Is Congress Drunk on Federal Reserve Drug?
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Date: Sunday, 27-Oct-2013 12:44:30

That could be the open checkbook. It's the only reason I can see for the behavior of this Congress while most of us sleep. Clyde Anderson, economist, says, "The days of electing politicians then going back to our own private lives and just letting them do what they do without oversight, is gone."
I couldn't agree more. At every level of government we need to do our best to put the person best suited for the job in office. Yes, even if they aren't of our political party. And then watch how they perform.
From the age of 21, I have always voted for the person I believed was best for the job. If that proved to not be the case, as with Nixon and Reagan, I didn't support them for a second term. That's why I campaigned for John Kennedy when I wasn't even old enough to vote yet. And in spite of whatever personal problems he had, I believe he grew into the job.
There were things I didn't know about until long after his death, like his nixing of the plan to bomb a ship in Havana Harbor (shades of the Maine) or bomb a plane filled with Americans to give us an excuse to invade Cuba. Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, 9/11.
But Kennedy refused to sanction these plans proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And I believe it was one of the many nails in his coffin. I won't even get into Allen Dulles and the CIA. But the point is the Cabal thought they'd put a playboy in the White House that they could manipulate. And Kennedy turned out to be an intelligent and thoughtful man who felt the weight and responsibility of the mantle of office and rose to greatness by his choices.
Those are the things to look for in a politician. Are they just spouting campaign promises to get elected? Those aren't even their own thoughts. They pay an enormous amount of money to the behind the scenes political hacks to come up with the best soundbites to grab the most votes. Watch "Ides of March" to get a stunningly correct view of what most political campaigns are all about. These people, running for whatever office, know that the important thing is to just get elected. After that the majority of voters will go back to their own little lives and pretty much leave them alone. To make matters worse, if the voter is mired in his own political ideology, he will make excuses for whatever immoral or unethical thing his candidate does while in office.
That is something that has to stop if we are to have any hope of taking this country back from the brink of disaster. Is China just poised, waiting to fly in like carrion fowl and clean up the carnage wrought by the Cabal owned idiots in D.C.?
In 2011, a group by the name of "Citizens Against Government Waste" was founded by some real patriots. They encouraged people to get involved in politics at every level of government and call out those areas of overspending policies before it was too late. I remember their ad. It was chilling. You can see it at: The article was thought to be too warmongering and was quickly taken down when it ran the first time in 2011.
Because of the fiscal cliff it was re-posted right before the Democrats and Republicans decided to kiss and make up just in time to kick the can a few more months down the road, after scaring the crap out of everyone. Let me pause here to give these Cabal run buffoons in Congress a little well worn but true hint. YOU CAN'T SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT! It doesn't work for individuals and it doesn't work for governments. That is your starting point. Now, listen to your constituents, get out your paring knives and get to work while you still have a job.
So, do I really think that China is just poised to invade America? Well, it's possible. But I'd say with as many people as they have and their economy fast tracking it's way to a huge middle class population, they're about to see their own disaster when communism clashes with the free enterprise system developing. I don't know why they would want to take over a country with as many problems as we have. China also doesn't have a history of trying to invade other countries half a world away like we do. They seem to be content with gobbling up their neighbors. (By the way, has anyone else noticed how few Chinese people in this country are on Welfare? Success leaves clues.)
China does, however, hold most of our debt, so once we default, as we must if we continue to borrow, it is anyone's guess how things will turn out. They must be concerned about their investments, which by the way, includes our land besides business. And they are quite puzzled by the behavior of our politicians. According to this article, "On September 22, the Chinese flag flew over a City Hall in a California City despite outrage." (Any guesses as to which city? San Francisco?)
They must also view with concern the number of American cities declaring bankruptcy. But they are taking advantage of our stupidity, buying up American property at an unbelievable rate, including closed military bases. As this article points out. "In 2012 a Chinese officer was arrested for trespassing. When it went to court, although he was a Chinese citizen and officer on American soil, he had to be acquitted because he was on Chinese property."
Why would any government sell ground to a foreign government? Perhaps a business, although I would even question that, but we do the same; most countries do. But the actual ground a business sits on should remain the property of that country. By the way, it was Clinton in 1993 that sold the Long Beach Naval base to China. The one with a deep harbor that allows submarines to dock.
Does anyone else remember the Chines warships that were spotted off of the California coast earlier this year? There were all kinds of reasons given for their being there. We were doing joint maneuvers, etc, but the real truth is,they were in their own Naval yard. We weren't told that by our politicians were we?
Is this why our politicians are working overtime to disarm us? The Chinese don't want to be met with an armed populace if they do decide to invade? I don't know the answer to that, but this article says that the order to disarm the populace came from the Chinese government. Alex Jones weighs in on that in this same piece.
The important part to me and part of the reason for this article is the passing of the UN small arms treaty. John Kerry has signed it, but that shouldn't surprise anyone who knows anything about his Skull and Bones background. In my opinion, if the politicians in Congress who took an oath to defend and protect our Constitution pass it, they need to all be fired for treason.
I shudder to think what our Founding Fathers would have to say about this. They wouldn't recognize the country they fought so hard to establish being sold piecemeal to a foreign government and our elected officials selling out the American people while lining their own pockets. They might also find it hard to believe how passive the average American citizen has become.
Wake up America. Decide right now, while you still can, if you will find the time and the incentive to be proactive participants in how your government is run. Or you can start learning how to speak Mandarin.

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