Wednesday, October 30, 2013

** Iraqi dinar, recently being said ** / TNT Tony et al.

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** Iraqi dinar, recently being said ** / TNT Tony et al.
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Date: Wednesday, 30-Oct-2013 18:16:53

Hi, Folks -
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10-30-2013   Intel Guru Bluwolf   just so you know, bank rates super high, bank personnel on highest alert, Iraqi dignitaries completed all tasks in US.  All smaller denoms on catalog ( rv imminent ), we now await the international release of all currencies (announcement, 800 # ). This has a specific date and time to appear, all sources indicate it to be close. No cashouts or skr'$ rollovers yet ( its illegal before the fact, there's a 72 hour window left ) all will be simultaneously. And there is pressure on Washington to get on with it.
10-30-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony   [via FlPatriot59]   The majority of people with good sources know that Maliki and Barzani are both here. They are still having discussions today. They have had meetings with the state department here in the US for the past 3-4 days. He will be here thru Friday.  Everything is set for the RV.  At the last minute, more negotiations. They are trying to do what's right on a global scale for everybody so that the effect is a lasting one. They're trying to get the greatest benefit for everybody, which is why the rates keep going up.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]
10-30-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony   Yesterday everybody was in agreement. There was a set time yesterday for this to happen. But they're still talking this morning.  I'm still looking at 11/1 as the back wall. Today, tomorrow, or the next hour.  The new NDA coming out is 19 pages as of yesterday. They are trying to get it down to 11 pages.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]
10-30-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony   BREAKING NEWS.... just got this text: on Iraqi TV it is scrolling telling them "soon" their IQD will increase in value even greater than recent increases. This is very positive and good for us. I still believe Nov. 1 is the back wall. You should be excited.  [post 3 of 3]


Anonymous said...

Do your own research and get exited if you find anything positive, don't get exited about what this fake prophets tell you. The only thing they do is change the date now is Nov 1st, after that possible 11/11, then thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on, been going on for years.

Anonymous said...

and on the second it will be moved to another 72 hr window, just like every other week.... lol, when will you just admit that everyone who invested hundreds and thousands and maybe even millions into dinar was scammed out of their money for worthless pieces of paper? 72 hour windows have been set anew every time i read anything from these intel sources. I would love if it were true, i invested a small amount in dinar hedging a bet that it would not happen, but if it did it would be a nice little investment to make me a couple hundred bucks... but its always 72 hours from any given time, I am starting to think that these guru's are fakes just like every other guru has been throughout history... this probably will not be posted, but it needs to be said. god bless.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I like the intentions of john, trying to provide info and educate people. But i think that there are several misleading entities that call themselves intel sources, or say that they have intel sources when they probably just have a group of friends creating a narrative that is entertaining for them to dump on people and makes them feel important to have people that are not spam servers sending mail their way.