Monday, October 28, 2013

Tonys Monday call


TONY:Good morning, TNT! It's Monday, October 28, 2013 at 1:05 PM EDT. It's a great, great day. I'm glad we got everybody here. A whole lot happened over the weekend. I'm going to make it short and sweet. It's complete. The announcement is set up. It could happen any moment, but not today as bank personnnel are not in position. They won't be in position until late tonight. So don't expect anything until there.

T - What you should be excited about is that, as I told you about the 1st, there is more info coming out of Kirkuk, Iraq. They've already notified them that the 3-zero notes will not be accepted after Nov. 1. Even if I could tell you the exact moment it's not going to happen, it won't matter based on what I just told you. I can verify this but if I told you wyoul'd do what I asked you not to do. Not only that, the LDs have gone public.

T - I got excited and I know I can see them. Take my word for it. They are viewable here in the USA - you don't have to go over there to see them. By the 1st you should be able to see them for yourself. If they don't tell you where, I will on Friday.

T - Somebody asked in the Forum about the high rate. That high rate is YOUR rate, and is the same rate you're going to get. They can't give it to some and not to everybody. The high rate is your rate - not some formula. Our 30 days is still our 30 days. They were going to have 10 days over there and we get 30 days. Their 10 days ends on Friday. We've known this since last Wednesday - people have been notified that Friday is the last day and that there will be a rate change effective that day if not before. But that is the cut-off day.

T - The could have 72 hours to exchange if the rate goes live tonight or tomorrow. But something is going to change on the 1st one way or another. All agreements are in place, and that's why all was quiet over the weekend. At this point it really doesn't matter who's in charge. We did get it down to one person and they were penalized as we were when we held it up. There is now a work-around for any problems and we have come down to the final day. We just don't know the time. You should be ecstatic - the plan is there - the announcement is scripted out - there is light at the end of this tunnel!


Q - Will rates go down on Nov. 1? A - It might, but I don't think so. I don't know what the timeframe is. They wanted to do at least 4 days at that stable rate, then let the market determine the rate. But something else happened last week - the rate changed when that was part of the margin they left in there. It changed significantly on Friday and you guys will benefit from that. I've been saying just over $30.

Q - Last Friday is was scheduled to go and we're in the same situation. A - It is expected to happen between now and Friday but I expect it between now and tomorrow.

Q - What are the multiplier rates? Do they apply? A – Nope

Q - Do we have to negotiate it up from $3.25? T - It coming out at a low rate is not a concern for us. Banks, at every level, have the rate and they have been paying out at that high rate for maybe 23 days now.

Q - Has the VND been affected by any rate change? A - Nope

T - There is a ceiling rate and we are pretty close to it. I don't know it would go any higher for us, but it might on the open market.

Q - Will the VND go up or can we negotiate it? A - At the rates they are, a year ago we were debating .05 with somebody. We thought the world would explode if it came out higher. And now it's at $3.84 and you want to negotiate a higher rate and take a chance? That's up to you.

Q - What rate will be better between dealers and banks? Okie said "bank, bank, bank." What about security? A - I don't know if that's correct or not because no one knows the rates. And there won't be any security other than what is at the actual locations (banks and dealers).

Q - When we call the 800# to schedule an appointment, do we subtract the $25K note we CE early? A - Yes.

*CLARIFICATION - Nobody knows the "DEALER" rates.

Q - What about the deletion of the 3 zeros. Isn't that a LOP? A - Their ministers (Iraq) will be explaining everything to them on TV, radio, etc. It won't have anything to do with us. We will still be turning in our notes and getting the value for them.

Q - Forms of ID? A - Passport, DL, credit card statement. If you're going to use a new email be sure to set it up before your appointment phone call.

Q - What does the NDA cover? A - You, your attorney, CPA, etc. I would make a list of exceptions for all my people to sign so they will not talk about this. That way HS can't go after them.

Q - What about Canada rates? A - I don't know about procedures for CE in Canada. We have an international area on the Forum so you can talk about this. Someone should have, by this time, contacted banks and ask about their procedures. I would do this today!

Q - If the site closes down post-RV and an NDA is in effect, how can we get phone numbers and rates? A - I don't know. I think we will put rates - those are public. I'm going to make sure I get clarification about this and not take any chances. We may have to change the site to an investment site, millionaires club, etc. as long as we don't talk about the dinar.

T - The new rate at $27.87 is something you should not need to negotiate it at all. You'll be able to check any bank's rates from their website and verify the rate. If I didn't know anymore than I know, I'd take my money and run! Everybody from WS investors to regular bank guys, etc. are saying they're not taking any chances and gambling on the rate. It's an opportunity of a lifetime - the traps aren't worth it if you don't know what you're doing. I'm exchanging then I'm gone!

Q - Is Mrs. Renfrow still jumping up and down? A - Not today but she was on Friday. She doesn't want to hear it anymore - she says "just tell me when we're headed to the bank."


C - You told us $30+ and I'm wondering is it like .25 above, etc.? T - It's more than that. I'm waiting for somebody to put it on the boards. I'm feeling really go about it tomorrow. It'll be here by the 1st.

C - When you call for your appointment, do you include your reserves? T - Yes, include the reserves. C - Rates at dealers? T - I think it'll be the market rate and it seems like it would be unfair to them if not. It would be them out of business. I expect them to be competitive. It makes sense for the gov't to allow them to complete so it can be done within 4 days. That way they only have to deal with wire transfers and you won't have to go anywhere.

C - Is this actually about the 5-year plan that expires on 10/31? T - It would actually be a 10-year plan and the new one starts on the 1st. Let me clarify this, since some will say you knew this timeframe all along: what we know is that all the new agreements start on the 1st. The RV should have happened years ago. The next 10 years plan starts on the 1st.

C - Are there other currencies that are good lateral moves? T - No, I will afterwards for special family members minur all the people we kick out. LOL.

C - Will we get a copy of the NDA when we leave the appointment? Since that doc tells the whole story. T - Well somebody walked out with it or I would not have it. I have not heard what our line is to say. It's not in the current NDA. NDAs are primarily for sophisticated investors, so that's why it's up to us to educate people we have given this money to. It's on us to drill the importance of the NDA into those people.

C - Are you seeing any upward movement for the VND, ZIM, etc.? T - I have not heard anything about them.

C - Are you having a meeting anywhere besides Vegas? T - I'll be meeting with people in Atlanta while I'm there. I'll do something in NC when I go home. And I'll do something here in Sacramento. I will do those 3 prior to Vegas and will post that info on the boards.

C - Is this IQD rate above $31? T - yes, it's not $33 but over $31.

C - I'm more confused than before I started after listening to this call. I will take the $27.87 so fast it will create a vacuum. T - It's not worth negotiating - it's a trap. Take the rate they give you!

C - Frank at Sterling Currency said he would lock in rates until our appointment. Would Frank continue to honor agreements that rate? T - I can't say that for him. my belief is YES. it's a live rate if the banks shut down for some reason. Does not shut down his business. He will make appointments as fast as he can but he can always wire the funds to you. Even if the rate changes, you will get the current rate at the time of your appointment.

T - Banks will give you the rate AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. Sterling/DB says they will lock in your rate when you make your appointment with them, even if it changes.

C - Will this be chaotic? T - If everybody helps and tells all their people the process, the procedures, how to act in the bank, etc. just follow things, everybody gets paid. They think there are 4M people with less than a million dinar. If they start acting like fools it'll shut it down. I'm having a meeting with 40 people in a room and tell them how to act and everything before they get their money. You can go to - it won't cost you anything - and have your own call with your people.

C - Will there be enough PBs for us all? T - They've changed the levels of who gets a PB and who gets a WM. Some millionaires will be like everyday citizens. You'll get somebody to work with you but it may not be a wealth manager. You'll get an account manager, possibly not a wealth manager.

C - At the appointment, will we be able to walk out with a black card? T - Not at every location. Most will already have an account and they'll have you use that. They will give you checks and cashier's check, just to get money into people's hands as fast as they can.

C - With Turki landing in Iraq today, according to Delta, is that a big deal? T - The 3-zero notes will not be honored as 3-zero notes. A $25K note will be a $25 note. The lower denoms will be in effect with a new rate.

C - Will the amount of VND we walk in influence the rate we get on that currency? T - The rate could change the very next day. If it's on Forex yes. It's already tradeable internationally. If all are turning it in and no one is buying it, it will go down. But we think there will be others buying it too.


C - Looks like the "Price is Right" between the $31 and $32. Sounds like you're completely dispelling the multiplier theory. T - We know we have only 30 days and this isn't the real rate forever. We have a 30-day Cashout period. Even when the rate drops down to its bottom rate it'll be over $4. It's just a matter of how fast we get to it and CE.

C -Some have struggled with that rate but you've said it has something to do with oil credits. T - yes, and agreements we don't see. That $310T didn't just come out of thin air. This is about money to some countries, survival for others. It's too much for some to even consider. We're talking about digital and creating a value for money for what we operate on. The backing for this new currency is being created - it's a global reset - and they're going to tell us how to define it. The rates are there for a period of time to reach their goals for that period then it will drop down to the rate they really need it to be at in order for the GCR to work.

C - As of Saturday, the TIFA was approved and published. A hold-up in Iraq was electonic banking. T - On Friday we were notified that their currency was international and announced in their mosques. As of Nov. 1 the 3-zero notes won't be accepted. Now things are actually being made public.

C - How will we get the 800#s? T - I will post them as soon as I get them. I don't even know how I'm getting them but they keep telling me I'll get them. We'll post them on the home page of the website, they'll be in the Forum, and I'll do a Tony Blast.

C - I have a group of 26-27 people. Can I negotiate the spread for the group at my appointment? T - If you're walking in with $25K or less they won't negotiate with you. If you have more than that you have to go in as individuals. They are not accepting groups. Of course, if you want to go to 26 different appointments with your people and negotiate for them, you can try. They have been instructed to make you happy and not let you leave with your money. That should give you enough to fight with right there.

C - Can we take a lawyer with us? I'm dyslexic and can't read contracts. T - Yes, I would definitely take one with you.

C - Can this go past the 1st? T - I don't think it can. It is completely done. They've worked out all the problems. The speech is scheduled. It has been authorized. We just have to wait and see what time they do it.

C - Who is set to make that speech? T - I'm not sure I can say it. C - You mentioned it won't happen today since the bank personnel aren't in place, but will be in place late tonight. When is "late tonight?" T - They don't have to be there for this to happen, but they're on stand-by between 3-4PM EDT. Before they had them come in first, but it's not a requirement. They're not on call, not on standby, etc. right now. If they get put on standby I'll let you know. I always believed it would happen between and 2-5AM EDT. That has been a time we have always looked for it and when it has been scheduled . It always circulates around the 9-10AM and 3-5PM EDT timeframes.

C - You feel confident it won't go past the 1st? T - I feel real good about it because of the info I've received. I just can't see them, after Friday, saying they can't accept 3-zero notes then say they're still good after they've turned them in. All the dates around the world are saying effective Nov. 1.

T - To go back and say we had to undo it would be embarrassing on a global scale, but nothing is impossible.

C - Is the CE of the 1st $25K note a WF policy or a UST policy? T - Every bank should be accepting the $25K. Every bank has the option to take more than that. If you have 2 notes, or only $80K, etc., then they can opt to go ahead and CE it. You also have the option to take a $25K not to each bank. C - Can you go to 1 WF branch and CE and to another WF in another state? T - Not sure about that. Not sure if you can go to branches of the same bank. Separate banks, yes.

TEXT FROM PAM: "Please tell Tony to say the IRS is alive and kicking." T - I can't believe anyone with common sense would think the IRS is gone. Why would someone believe that and no taxes anymore. Some folks were saying there would be new UST notes. Where are they? They said Bush, Biden, Clinton, et. al., would be arrested. Why would any adult believe this mess?

C - What types of ID do we need? T - Usually when people ask you for 2 types of ID to open an account what do you give them? You can give your DL, passport, birth certificate, etc.

C - Is the IQN international now? T - They are telling their people it is now international and six countries where they can use their cards as of Saturday. There is proof of it here in the USA but I just can't tell you right now.

C - Are we going to have time to deal with layaways in that 1st 54 days? T - I didn't say you are limited to 4 days. It's supposed to be a 30-day process. You can go to 4 different banks - not branches of the same bank - and exchange $25K notes. It will be up to each branch if you can CE more than one note at each branch. There will be a gradual downturn of the rate, not a big drop from $30 to $4.

C - I live in FL and you mentioned you had a list of locations. Is there anything in Orlando? T - I said I have a list for MY locations.

C - Is the ZIM the $100T AA Series? T - I heard it's the $100T AA Series and it has dropped from .89 to .22. I don't know if they're dropping 6 or 9 zeros.

 [FLPatriot59] NOTE: I'm not transcribing repeat questions.

C - If I sign an NDA first at the appointment, won't my attorney have to sign one as well after the fact? T - The one you will sign includes your attorney, but have him sign a separate one as well. You can make up or find your own for your attorney to sign. Use the one you sign at the bank - change the names - as a template for the one you'll give your attorney.

C - How will the CBI show $32 and not have the ME go up in flames? T - It might, but will be for a short time. Look at it this way: you're an Iraqi citizen and my dollar is worth $32 of theirs. Why would I get made at that? The only ones who need to be concerned about it is people who travel there and pay $32 for one dollar and then try and buy something over there.

[FLPatriot59] *CLARIFICATION: Might show that high on the CBI...NOT the ME go up in flames.

C - What rate did the whales get that cashed out this past weekend? T - I won't give you that but it's more than $27.87. And $33 is not the ceiling.

C - You said something about reserves out of state, needing to be before Friday for high rate, etc. I'm confused. T - I didn't say the high rate last until Friday. I don't know how long it will last. I said you can call the dealer and arrange for him to come to you or you can go online, place a sell-order and have them wire the funds to your bank (if his rates are competitive). Or you can choose to sell it and set your appointment 15-20 days out. That locks in your appointment. No restrictions there. Will he ship it to you? Yes he will. If the rate is competitive the option is there for you to CE with the dealer and have them wire the funds to your bank account.

C - What did you say about Friday? T - In Iraq they have been notified that the 3-zero notes will no longer be accepted there as 3-zero notes. That does NOT apply to us.

T - We're here' we're here we're here but I don't know when. With all the frustration from Friday, that has been resolved over the weekend. The speeches are written and announcements are prepared. It has all been released to 1 person for this to go at this point. With so many things being made public about 11/01, you should be getting ready. The 1st is not that far off. If something happens I'll do a blast. Enjoy your day!


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