Thursday, October 31, 2013



[loechin] Guys there are some things going on right now at this moment that are great for us but better left alone

loechin: Look over your plan and make sure you don't fall for traps. And let's see what today and tonight holds for us.

[curiousdinarian] loechin darn you got a hush order too?? Well thats a good sign i suppose

 [edify] loechin Amen! brother. Leave it alone and recieve it.

[Pam D.] loechin ....... silence is a virtue, right?

 [TxIslandGirl] loechin but are those things in our favor and to expect today?

[loechin] Guys I won't comment on that

[TxIslandGirl] loechin Guess like bluwolf is saying... "silence is of the essence"!

[free4flight] loechin not asking for formal announcement from you just your honest feeling about a time frame

[loechin] free4flight I am looking for my text any moment

 [curiousdinarian] loechin crossing my fingers!

[Mya] Cant help but be encouraged. ... Spguru, loechin, mt goat, plus tony are quite today. Maybe wishful thinking but it's a bit of encouragement to me.

[flybaby777] lightspirit spguru did a note in chat yesterday saying his goodbyes said he wasn't really needed here now for us just to hang on and bad guys gone and good guys won..

OfCourse13] HEY! NSA, UST, IMF, Homeland Security! Are you watching? We'll sign the NDA; where's the pen? We are not criminals! We behave like adults; where are the 800#s? We'll spend and give; where's the RV? Just DO IT ALREADY!


Anonymous said...

Breaking News! Reliable intel sources indicate that if an RV takes place with the dinar, all banks will be instructed not to exchange. DHS and NSA will be notified and information given to them on the dinar holder. You will then be raided and dinar confiscated due to you being a domestic terrorist by holding this foreign currency. FEMA camps are being readied. The sellers of the dinar and the gurus are being watched presently and will be the first to be arrested. If you think you will be able to leave the country to exchange, forget it. No dinar will be allowed out of the U.S. Sorry folks!

Anonymous said...

People need to chill...First off ,if the IQD gets reevaluated such act would involve International consensus, and I am sure it will involve other currencies as well, Secondly, the USA is heavily involved in Iraqi Politics to the point that they appointed their current Government so no, you would not be considered a Terrorist by holding Dinar (You will be considered a terrorist if you walk in any bank and DEMAND your dinar to be exchanged because as of right now the NYSE does not have a code to trade Dinar I don't care what the Gurus for hire tells you, there is no code)and third, STOP YOUR FEAR MONGERING Anon 6:24 you don't have Intel Sources reliable or otherwise, just like the Gurus, they make it up as they go. At the beginning of the year I said there will be no IQD RV and I still said the same thing. NO RV IN 2013. period.

Anonymous said...

What if we bought our dinar from a Treasury Certified Currency Dealer ?!?