Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TNT Dinar Tony

Maliki is at the State Department and has been in country for the last 2 days.  He is scheduled to meet the President today at 1:00 and to have a picture op this afternoon. 

He has spent the morning with others in D.C. finalizing the announcement to be made later today.

He is scheduled to remain in country until 1 Nov.

Bank personnel have just been notified that they have 30 min to report to work.

It should be a superfantastic day............

TNT Dinar


Anonymous said...

"Bank personnel have just been notified that they have 30 min to report to work."

Isn't today a work day? Why are the "Bank personnel" at home on a work that they have to be called into work. I bet the Bank manager thinks it's going to be a "superfantastic day" now that his employees are going to show up.

Good ol' Tony Boloney

Anonymous said...

I work at a bank and just got home. Nobody's called me or anyone else to come in. The RV is bullshit and you gurus know it.

Anonymous said...

Maliki is been in US since Oct. 29 hidding from the news media. TONY PLEASE TRY A BETTER ONE!. AND STOP BULLSHITING PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

I can say that there is definite verification that all 3 test were successfully completed for the system. I have gotten it from sources that do not interact at all with TNT Tony Renfrow. If there is an RV, I cannot imagine it happening without an announcement of some sort by someone from China or the IMF. No way something of the magnitude of what TNT's currently indicating that goes beyond the RV, there would need to be a kick off for all of that and some group would probably need occur first. That is why I believe the UN has asked the IMF to hold up activation. A ceremony needs to occur and be witnessed by as many people they can get to let people understand changes are coming to try to help everyone including those who have always been left out of process.