Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tony late Tuesday

Guys trust me........this I know for a fact, from several sources that are right here in this country. Maliki and Barzani both are here in the U.S..  They both attended a meeting in the White House today. 

The meeting was attended by several 3 letter agencies and once again, an agreement has been reached and the final (I hope) time to RV has been determined.

My 1 Nov date as the back wall has not changed.

This is still scheduled to be a great week.

I will explain this on the call tomorrow and any guru with serious sources or intel, will be in agreement with me.


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently the UN Treasury isn't on top of the Currency Global Reset like we are. Here are some of their latest postings:
UN Operational Rates of Exchange
None Rates changed since 01 Oct 2013

Country Currency Code Currency Operational Rate Effective Date
Afghanistan AFN Afghanistan Afghani 57.1 01 Nov 2013 History
Argentina ARS Argentine Peso 5.898 01 Nov 2013 History
Australia AUD Australian Dollar 1.053 01 Nov 2013 History
Bangladesh BDT Bangladesh Taka 77.25 01 Nov 2013 History
Belize BZD Belize Dollar 2.0 14 Dec 2005 History
Botswana BWP Botswana Pula 8.33 01 Nov 2013 History
Brazil BRL Brazilian Real 2.191 01 Nov 2013 History
Canada CAD Canadian Dollar 1.046 01 Nov 2013 History
Chile CLP Chilean Peso 508.0 01 Nov 2013 History
China CNY Chinese Renminbi 6.095 01 Nov 2013 History
Costa Rica CRC Costa Rica Colon 494.1 01 Nov 2013 History
Guatemala GTQ Guatemala Quetzal(es) 7.98 01 Nov 2013 History
Honduras HNL Honduras Lempira 20.58 01 Nov 2013 History
Hong Kong HKD HongKong Dollar 7.753 01 Nov 2013 History
Iceland ISK Iceland Krona 119.88 01 Nov 2013 History
India INR Indian Rupee 61.24 01 Nov 2013 History
Iran IRR Iranian Rial 24,700.0 01 Nov 2013 History
Iraq IQD Iraqi Dinar 1,170.0 01 Mar 2010 History
Israel ILS Israel Shekel 3.516 01 Nov 2013 History
United Kingdom GBP U.K. Pound 0.622 01 Nov 2013 History
United States of America USD US Dollar 1.0 20 Dec 1995 History
Viet Nam VND Viet Nam Dong 21,100.0 01 Nov 2013 History

Anonymous said...

the cabal is not gonna walk away that quietly people. use common sence here. they have one last trick up their sleeve im sure. something awful is gonna happen I know it things always get worse before better. I bet they are planning the biggest false flag of all time. and it has to do with your dinar. I have a feeling there gonna rv real soon get all the people to the banks exchange all your dinars.filling your accounts with millions. then there gonna shut down the grid you lose all your money. im telling you yhis will happen. this is why they only want you. to only be able to take out 10,000 at a time so they can steal the rest. I would only cash in a 5 or ten thousand dinar enough to live off of for a few weeks till everything calms down then cash the rst of your dinar in be smart not sorry.