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Message from Montague Keen - October 28, 2013

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Message from Montague Keen - October 28, 2013
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Date: Wednesday, 30-Oct-2013 02:28:01

Message from Montague Keen - October 28, 2013
You each must become the change you want to see in your world. You know in your hearts what is required. When the majority of you decide to speak out and refuse to accept the old paradigm anymore, then change will happen. The Cabal is not in a position to enforce its corrupt regime anymore. Those American Generals who bravely decided they could not live with what they were asked to do, showed great courage. Their brave stance should act as an example to all who are asked to go against their conscience, to destroy life or the planet in any way. The Cabal knows that it can no longer conceal your true origins and your connection to the universe, and so they have employed armies to systematically destroy all the great ancient relics of the past that verified all that you know to be true. These acts of vandalism carried out under the instructions of the Cabal, are a heinous crime against all humanity and must be seen as such. I ask that you think carefully about carrying out such acts, no matter who orders you to do so, as one day you will regret ever having complied with such wanton destruction.
There is more than enough information out there for everyone to know what is right, so that humanity is secure and for your planet to survive, and all the dark influences to be removed. Their control system is crumbling as more light shines on it. It exposes it for what it is. Humanity will no longer accept it, so no matter what they try, they will face exposure. They can no longer pull the wool over the eyes of the awakened people. Every corner of the Earth is waking up to the illusion that has enslaved it. It needed mankind to come together as one, to remove all issues that caused division, and to realize that you are all part of the human race and you need each other's help to restore Planet Earth. You must work together to create a better future for your planet and all her people. Stand for truth and justice for all, not just the few, as in the past. There was more than enough for everyone before greed and power took over and destroyed so much in their drive to control all.
You, the people, have been cruelly lied to by religion, governments and the medical establishment, whose aim is to remove two thirds of you. Foolish people comply with what they are told is true. Remember, humanity survived without the medical establishment forcing them to accept what, in their hearts they know, to be the wrong advice. All this was cleverly tailored to ensure that you are ill and in need of its medical help. You are now discovering that the old ways are indeed the best. You are returning to them in droves with excellent results. Your bodies survived much in times past without the need for drug-based medicine. Everything you needed was provided. All that is required is for you to open your minds to it.
It is important that you take responsibility to educate your children. Do not leave it to the Establishment alone to educate them, as everything is geared to make your children accept without question, all the Cabal's laws and regulations. When you open your eyes and see the killings that have been carried out, which are still happening in your name, you will be horrified. You elect people TO REPRESENT YOU ! These individuals have an obligation to respect the wishes of the people who trusted them to act on their behalf. In the future, be very careful for whom you vote. Forget party politics which is a smokescreen. It actually does not matter as they are all owned by the Cabal and they answer only to it. You, the public, are completely ignored from the moment they "assume power".
It is time for the people to make their collective voice heard. The people do not want war. They want to live in peace, and as you are in the majority, it is time to ensure that your voice is heard. Demand peace and justice for all. It is your divine right. Learn to speak with one voice, irrespective of race or creed, as therein lies your power.
Many of you responded to my wife's difficulties when she found herself without transport, through no fault of her own, recently. This is a perfect example of how you can reach out to each other in times of need. Grateful thanks go out to you, from both sides of life. Every act of kindness is noted and remembered. When love and good wishes are sent from the heart, it has a powerful impact on the individual concerned. Love is your greatest asset — the ability to love, to share love, and to send love where it is needed, is so important.
What you are seeing every day now is the dismantling of all that is dark and corrupt. As the light expands, it exposes truth, which enables you to see clearly for the first time, the reality in which you find yourselves. It will not all be plain sailing. You will face difficulties but all that is needed is the courage to only do what will benefit humanity. This is the way forward. Consider all that is asked of you carefully and decide whether your actions will harm or confuse your fellow man. This is your responsibility. Once awake, you can no longer hide behind the notion that you are only obeying orders. It is your responsibility to consider all of humanity. You are your brother's keeper.
Please forgive the delay in writing this weekend. Veronica's daughter got engaged and so parental duties demanded a family gathering to celebrate the occasion together.
Visualize the peace and love that is needed to change your world. Draw it close and give it the strength to materialize. Believing that it will happen soon, will create the energy to make it happen. All is energy.
We in spirit, surround your world with love and light. Live in your hearts as that is where love abides.
Veronica, my dear, you have made many new friends, all wanting the same thing — a peaceful world for all. Keep this in mind at all times. YOU are the change.
My love is yours. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation
Dear friends, 
At the moment, Veronica Keen is in a difficult situation. Please read her message below. You can help her by making a donation through the Donate button. If you don't have the means to help financially, maybe you can add her in your prayers and send her love and light. Positive energy always finds its way. 
Thanks! - Kees,

Veronica Keen:
"Life is not easy right now, I am without a car. A bus crashed into my 12 year old car while it was parked and wrote it off. I am facing many blockages as I try to replace it. I am dependent on others to help me find one. I cannot get to the shops. I have heart and lung failure, I cannot walk up the Hill. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in this matter. Your good wishes and prayers would be most helpful. 
Thank you, Veronica ."


Anonymous said...

To Veronica; Here is a web page that can help you to understand what your body is going through and why... There is a fantastic vitamin/mineral supplement which has immensely helped the people who are taking it. It's called multivitamin/multimineral with stem cell nutrition which you get from I believe it is the result of a serious vitamin/mineral deficiency in your body, like beri beri a B vitamin deficiency, which can be turned around with the right elements introduced into your body. God speed in your recovery. (Congratulations on your daughters engagement! What a nice time for you.)

Anonymous said...

These Cabal guys are considered Devilish because they are D - evil, which means that all they know how to do is to kill, steal, destroy and lie, and they will most likely continue to do the following and not change. WE are getting intolerant of these evil workers poisoning our food and water and keeping us broke!! This should not be tolerated. The GMO crops and GMO plots of terminator- sterile trees, which are going to destroy all of the trees now growing in the forests and elsewhere that produce food crops and nuts to feed the people and animals need to be destroyed off the face of the earth immediately! The scientists are becoming extremely concerned by these man-made monsters from Monsanto! There are 4 youtube videos which are 15 minutes long called "A Silent Forest" which will show you what we are facing if we allow these people to plant this stuff on the earth! Please watch any of them that you can!

Anonymous said...

Veronica; I hope you see this, because if you have beriberi, which is a defficiency of a vitamin B-1 also known as Thiamine, and you don't do something fast to correct this, you will die. First off, no matter what is going on, you need to relax, rest up and do not get stressed out, because that is what burns up your B vitamins. Here are some more websites you can check out:
Brewers yeast, wheat germ, liver and some of the foods listed in this last link is what you can start eating right away. Never just take 1 B-vitamin because it will cause depletion of others in your body. It must be taken in the whole complex when taken. Co-enzyme Q10 is good for the heart. A good balanced vitamin with complete nutritional factors in it is the multivitamin/multimineral with stem cell nutrition for $29.95 from Take care and don't stress. People will come to your aid, and God will work out all your situations. God Bless!