Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at WTC-shocking evidence!

This witness and health victim of 9/11, 
who worked at 170 Broadway, on the 
corner of Maiden Lane, a few doors down 
from where I lived, at 11 Maiden Lane, 
just one block away from the WTC, tells 
of his experiences and gives his numerous 
fact-based and sound reasons for doubting 
the official story. 

He says that the NYPD was ubiquitous in the 
area and he overheard much of what was 
said via their radios. He says that anybody 
with a scanner within the City of New York 
and the surrounding areas would have heard 
the NYFD firefighters talking about bombs 
going off in the buildings, while they were in 
the stairwells around the 20th-30th floors, 
rescuing people from the floors beneath the 
fires. He tells of attending the first two NIST 
hearings, which he walked out on, when it 
became clear to him that their whole thing 
was a whitewash.

People ask me why I run so many 9/11 videos, 
the answer is that, in addition to being an event 
of vast significance in US history and to the 
whole world - and of marking the beginning of 
a nefarious development in US Governance, 
which appears to be far from over, it was also 
totally in-my-face and therefore, extremely 

Video (about 12 and a half mins):

- Alexandra

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Alexandra Bruce

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