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     This report below I first released Feb. 1, 2001 and was popular with those receiving it. It was even called a "classic." The only problem is that they didn't push it with others which could have forced Congress to enact laws carrying out this program by John Hancock, etc. to give America heavy industry from near ground zero starting around the time of the American Revolution in 1776. This story has never been in print before how America became an industrial giant so fast in the world after 1776.


   Under the Mercantile Theory of national policy or economics which emerged after the decline of feudalism in Europe, Great Britain was to establish colonies to expand her national wealth, but they must not compete against Great Britain. The Thirteen Colonies were intended by the British Government to be strictly an agricultural land and eager to buy British goods since no manufacturing was intended to be allowed in North America to threaten British manufacturing interests. But strange things were happening in the Thirteen Colonies. They invented a colonial money system which was locally controlled in value and issued in sufficient volume to move the commerce of the area. Some of the most successful local money was based upon land as backing, never gold as backing. English authorities would find out about this and try to suppress the successful colonial money system.
     A British report over a decade before the American Revolution classified the entire merchant class of the Thirteen Colonies as being smugglars and the entire economy of the Thirteen Colonies was  based upon smuggling. In other words, the developing American people were not going to let themselves be made truly poor as intended by British Government under the Merchantile Theory governing London, England.
     An early report on America commented how there were jobs galore in the Thirteen Colonies as they needed laborers to fill the occupations available. It was also reported that virtually everyone in the Thirteen Colonies either owned their own farms or else their own businesses which helped explain the establishment of slavery in America. White slaves were imported from Europe and Black slaves from Africa to supply laborers as they were very short of laborers for the job demand in the Thirteen Colonies. White slaves could ultimately become free men since they were under an indenture agreement of how many years they would be a slave to be sent to the New World. Black slaves were imported from Africa after a free Black colonist in Virginia wanted Black slaves for his large plantation and started Black slavery in America. The Black slaves were normally first sold to ship owners such as from New England by Arab Muslim slave traders who in turn normally bought the Black slaves from victorious Black tribes who wanted to get rid of from Africa the enemy tribe that they had defeated in warfare. The British Government soon found the slave trade as very profitable for them so ignored several tries of Virginia to outlaw the shipping of Black slaves to America. And the British Government told the Colony of Virginia that it had no legal authority to stop the shipping of Black slaves!  
     In all ancient societies including African tribes, the ownership of slaves was the way to become wealthy. Slaves were cheap labor. Cheap labor doing farming and other profitable fields made owners of ancient Roman villas in the Roman empire very rich. The high intellectual and cultural level of ancient Greek society was based upon the slave class making possible a leisure class in Greece who could pursue knowledge and culture because they had the time through wealth to do it! Slaves in African tribes were a mark of wealth as well as in American Indian tribes who made slaves of defeated enemy tribes or captured prisoners. Cheap labor correctly organizaed and used in any society can make people wealthy who control or own the cheap labor. Egyptians, Romans, Africans, and Jews are examples!
      By accident or lack of intention, America made slavery obsolete worldwide as an economic policy by creating cheap labor an alternative way to make nations rich. You invent machines that increase the hourly production capacity of an ordinary worker 192 times, 500 times, even a 1,000 times more productivity per hour than a man can do by manual labor, and labor can be made very cheap even though the machine is perhaps a heavy investment up front. America pioneered replacing human slavery with mechanical slavery where industrial machines are our modern slaves replacing prior human slaves. Our modern industrial economics made possible the abolishment of human slavery, not the churches nor political parties who would have gotten nowhere to abolish slavery without modern economics changing the basis nations and individuals could become rich on this earth.
      All people in America probably have a few slaves in their ancestry, not just the Blacks! The Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt, other races from across the world had their dark moments where they had lost their freedom and become slaves. Machines replaced human slaves as the way for individuals and nations to become wealthy. There were times in both the Old Testament of the Jews and New Testament of the Christians where slavery was allowed. However, if human slavery existed, slaves were to be treated fairly and with decency. But all that is ancient history now except for the Muslims such as in the Sudan who still capture Blacks and sell them off as human slaves in the Middle East. But America through its unique pioneering of world economics eliminated human slavery pretty effectively in the world! As Abe Lincoln shrewdly asked, would you be for slavery if you were the slave?!!
     The British had industry before America, but the Christian America of 1776 did certain unique things in national economics which changed how industry was created and run worldwide. British industry only served the wealthy whereas ours also served the people!
     Benjamin Franklin once stated that prior to the British Parliament outlawing Colonial Scriptwhich was our colonial money, "Abundance reigned in the Colonies and there was peace in all their borders. A more happy and prosperous population could not perhaps be found on the globe. In every home there was comfort. The people generally were highly moral and knowledge was extensively diffused." He also commented in London before the British Parliament outlawed Colonial Script in the Thirteen Colonies at the request of the Bank of England, "We have no poorhouses in the Colonies, and if we had we would have no one to put in them, as in the Colonies there is not a single unemployed man, no poor and no vagabonds." America eliminated all poverty prior to 1776 so long as they practiced the economic principles they had learned from their Christian Bibles! 
     And Benjamin Franklin also stated that the real cause of the American Revolution was that Britain took away from the Thirteen Colonies which kept them employed and their economy booming. Quoting him again, "The Colonists would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction." One report stated that 50% of the Thirteen Colonies was suddenly unemployed when colonial money was taken away and far less of Bank of England money was issued to replace the colonial money. The people only became employed again when mass smuggling in the Thirteen Colonies created jobs again. John Hancock became known as "The King of Smugglers" during this era and he was a hero to the Thirteen Colonies which is why they made him President of the Continental Congress which fought the American Revolution in 1776!
     A brilliant idea was brought forth on December 8, 1774 and perhaps John Hancock was the author of it and therefore the true Father of American Industry! He was President of he Provincial Congress of Massachusetts at Cambridge and an 18 point declaration was issued calling upon the Thirteen Colonies to set up manufacturing in the Thirteen Colonies to make the Thirteen Colonies economically independent of Great Britain. This declaration called for the the founding  of a textile industry in America, a steel industry, a gunpowder industry, and other industries to take care of all the needs of the citizens of the Thirteen Colonies. America was to become independent of Great Britain by founding native industries to take care of all the temporal needs of America. They called for "Buy American" products as products were to be made available by the newly founded industries of America as a virtually totally agricultural nation was now committed to become an industrial giant in the world!
     Quoting Resolutions 17 and 18 from this amazing, very intelligent proclamation to the Thirteen Colonies turning America into an industrial nation DURING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!
     "17. In order the more effectually to carry these resolutions into effect, we do earnestly recommend, That a society or societies be established for the purpose of introducing and establishing such arts and manufactures as may be useful to this people, and are not yet introduced, and the more effectually establishing such as we have already among us.
      18. We do recommend to the inhabitants of this province to make use of our manufactures, and those of sister colonies, in preference to all other manufactures.
Signed by order of the Provincial Congress,
                           John Hancock, President"

     The idea of forming societies to encourage the establishment of manufacturing in America takes hold! Some civil magistrates claimed that the people could not form societies by their own authority and sell stock in non-incorporated business ventures called common law contracts or common law trusts. The leaders of the American Revolution asserted that the right to contract is a God-given right as taught in the Christian Bible which government on earth cannot take away from the people. In defiance of civil government claims of authority in some areas, the people under their God-given right to contract form societies for establishing manufacturing in America and sell stock to financial backers called "subscribers."
      The Continental Congress backs the American people that no local government has authority to deny the people their God-given right to form these societies to launch manufacturing in America. Nor does national government have authority to regulate or take away this God-given right of the people independent of the authority of any government on earth!
     A speech delivered in Carpenter's Hall, March 16th, 1775 before the subscribers towards a fund for establishing "manufactories" of woolen, cotten and linen, in the city of Philadelphia, "Manufactories" was the original name for factories which was shortened to factory by dropping "manu" from "manufactory."
     Quoting from part of the speech published at the request of the society (company):
     "Gentlemen...I cannot help laying a good deal of stress upon the public spirit of my countrymen, which removes the success of these manufactories beyond a bare possibility, and seems to render it in some measure certain. The resolves of the congress have been executed with a fidelity hardly known to laws in any country, and that too without the assistance of fire and sword, or even of the civil magistrate, and in some places, in direct opposition to them all...
     By establishing the woolen, cotton and line manufactories in this country, we shall invite manufacturers from every part of Europe, particularly from Britain and Ireland, to come and settle among us...But there are higher motives which should lead us to invite strangers to settle in this country. Poverty, with its other evils, has joined with it in every part of Europe, all the miseries of slavery. America is now the only asylum for liberty in the whole world. The present contest with Great Britain was perhaps intended by the Supreme Being, among other wise and benevolent purposes, to show the world this asylum, which, from its remote and unconnected situation with the rest of the globe, might have remained a secret for ages...
     By establishing manufactories among us, we erect an additional barrier against the encroachments of tyranny. A people, who are entirely dependent upon foreigners for food or clothes, must always be subject to them. I need not detain you in setting forth the misery of holding property, liberty and life upon the precarious will of our fellow subjects in Britain. I beg leave to add a thought in this place which has been but little attended to by the writers upon this subject, and that, is that poverty, confinement and death are trifling evils, when compared with that total depravity of heart which is connected with slavery. By becoming slaves, we shall lose every principle of virtue. We shall transfer unlimited obedience from our Maker, to a corrupt majority in the British house of commons, and shall esteem their crimes, the certificates of their divine commission to govern us...We shall hug our chains. We shall cease to be men. We shall be SLAVES."
(The American plan of how to industrialize America aggressively starting by 1775-1776 was brilliant. We copy it again now and America is reborn as an industrial giant in the world again!)
     "Address Of The Managers Of The United Compay of Philadelphia For Promoting American Manufactures
      To the inhabitants of this Province:
     ...and the great distress that might consequently ensue, unless some means were devised to give employment to the necessitous, together with the advantage that would arise to the publisk if manufactories could be established among us, were considerations which inducted us to make the experiment; and although at first we met with difficulties, owning chiefly to our inexperience, we have now the pleasure to inform you, that we are thoroughly convinced of the utility of this institution (manufacturing company - society); that it is practicable, and may be profitable, not only to the persons who are actually employed in labour, but to the contributors themselves; and, in order to render it still more extensively useful, we are extremely desirous that the company may be enlarged, and that every person who can conveninently spare the small sum of Ten Pounds would become a proprietor. There are now upwards of four hundred persons in employment, which numbers are daily increasing; and nothing is now wanting but capital stock, to carry on a very extensive trade. (Some old English spellings quoted above!)
     As the inhabitants of this Province are distinguished for humanity, if there was no other motive for the employment of the poor, it must be a strong incitement to join the company (society); but when private interest, charity to the poor, and the publisk good, unitedly urge us thereto, who that has ability can refuse? Persons of experience in the linen branch assure us that our climate is much more favorable than either England or Ireland, and that nothing is wanting to carry on manufactories very extensively but experienced workmen, and a disposition in the people to promote the design.
     ...Such as incline to become subscribers to the manufactory are desired to call at the Factory House, in Market Street, at the corner of North Street or at the London Coffee House, where articles will be left for them to sign."
     In support of this plan to create industries in America, the Continental Congress of the American Revolution and with support of the newly formed state governments (former Colonies) embarked upon an ambitious drive to turn agricultural America also into industrial America while fighting the American Revolution. America was not worried about official engineers then to start factories. Any intelligent person who could read technical pamphlets or manuals was encouraged to start a factory in some field needed by the American economy. If a pamphlet or reference work existed to show how to set up some field of manufacture, the American Government of 1776 shared this with any citizens wanting to start factories in America. If no publication existed in some field but someone had experience in that field, they tried to arrange that the experienced person would show others how to set up in this technical field. Technical fields were started and once they learned the professional ropes of it, then later degrees in engineering would be created in that field with the professional one teaching others how to be engineers in that new field.
     To show how this principle works, I was trained by my father in his trade secret process how to manufacture a food product that the Vatican years ago endorsed as potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ. I have extensive knowledge in the field of my father and had studied mechanical engineering with an engineering school years earlier. I elected myself to the 1776 style title of Doctor of Advanced Milling Engineering as I will not share this technical engineering knowledge with any engineering school but my own set up by me. Only those I train will know the most advanced milling engineering in the world in the food industry. My milling engineering is far superior to that taught by any engineering school in America or Europe, so I very legitimately have the right to create the engineering title and field of Doctor of Advanced Milling Engineering (AME)! This is illustrating and practicing how America helped pioneer new engineering fields for the world starting in 1776 once Americans learned enough in a technical field to be the authority in that field. "Doctor" means "One Who Teaches." The engineering schools missed the mark when they did not invite Thomas Edison to set up in engineering schools the field of "Invention Engineering!" I studied Edison's concept of an "Invention Factory" and can teach the Thomas Edison version of "Invention Engineering!" 
     Americans of 1776 believed in your God-given right to property as taught in the Bible no government on earth could take away from you. How it applied to the setting up of factories was as follows. If you started small in manufacturing, you could even start from your own house and government could not forbid you from doing what you wanted to in your own home. The only limitations to this would be if you violated your neighbors' endangering them with such as manufacture of gunpowder or deadly chemicals, disrupted the peace of the neighborhood, ruined the appearance of the neighborhood, etc.!
     Spin-offs from this included in 1776 that you could set up a shop in your own home so long as you respected the rights of your neighbors such as not ruining or trashing the neighborhood by what you did. And you had the God-given right to practive any lawful profession not forbidden by Bible principles and practice your profession from your home. Your Home Was Your Castle as taught by English common law and the Bible which taught even the King of Israel could not violate the God-given rights of his subjects!
     There was no problem with fraudulent manufacturing societies or companies selling stocks or proprietor ownership rights in the manufacturing society during the American Revolution. But if there had been fraud, theft of money, a business venture contrary to the teachings and laws of God in the Bible, or default on a legitimate contract under retained English common law, then the injured party could sue the offending party in a common law court for justified damages under law. When a major suit, trial by jury was also a right!
     The American Government of 1776 encouraged industries to be founded in fields they judged America needed for its economy and in areas they judged needed industries to be founded. They went out to recruit interested parties to start these aimed for industries to be founded. They also supported the founding of these new manufacturing operations by full freedom of operation and promotion by law, by actively asking the public to back these desired new industries with their private funds, and by the American Government deliberately throwing orders and business their way to help build up new infant industries when it served the national interests of America. Bible teachings taught how to found American industries!
     These were brilliant Founding Fathers of America who figured out how to turn America into a great industrial nation starting from a purely agricultural society as Britain required by her laws prior to 1776! This story how America became an industrial nation overnight has never been really told ever before to the American people or to our present Congress which is totally ignorant how America emerged as an industrial giant nation in the world so rapidly and starting from virtually nothing! Our Founding Fathers were about 100 times smarter than most present lawyers elected to Congress and knowing only textbook law they created by their decrees, but knowing next to zero about real national economics! And the usual liberal members of Congress are so dangerous to the national economy because they are more than just ignorant about how national economics really operates! They are fanatics against real economic science! Their wild-eyed theories blocked at the time of this report electric power plants from being built in California which could have potentially bankrupted California if they did not solve their electrical problem quickly enough! The poor are crushed by wild heating bills because the liberals were out to protect the snails and little birds from oil drilling in Alaska, etc.! The American and Western economy runs on energy! Don't forget that and the principles America was founded upon, and we can have a booming economy with full employment, fat paychecks and fat profits for business with a rich government also!
     After the American Revolution was over, Alexander Hamilton suggested to President George Washington that selective tariffs be used to build up targeted areas such as the textile industry so America would have large national industries. His tactic worked! To have no rights to tariffs when in the national interests is very dumb! To have no rights to tariffs when in the national interests is very dumb! And to apply excessive tariffs such as applied in the Herbert Hoover Administration was also very dumb because it ruined international trade for America and its allies! Workers such as in Pakistan (in 2001 this figure given me by a textile company official) will work for $2 a day in textile plants. Their textile plants buy raw cotton on the world market at the same price as American textile plants. Labor costs being the basic difference between Asian textile prices and American, American textiles cannot effectively compete against this rigged international market except by firing huge numbers of American textile workers and buying their linen sheets, etc. for final manufacture from Asia and then do some final manufacturing in America. Without the potential protection of tariffs to protect and save native American industries, American industry can be bankrupted by "Global Trade" where cheap Asian labor is the deciding factor what nation sells their products in America whether American or Asian. Global Trade without potential safeguards to protect the American economy can be used to either bankrupt the American economy or else drive American labor to lose their high wages and employment benefits and end up working for Asian cooolie wages or else drive America into massive unemployment. Karl Marx advocated total free trade internationally as a smart way to bankrupt the Western capitalist nations and drive by default the capitalist (free enterprise) nations into Communism! (And remember the debate between Ross Perot and Al Gore where Ross Perot said removing all tariff barriers would "suck" the jobs out of America? Al Gore said removing all the tariff barriers would build up industries and jobs in America. With the crash of much of the factories and industries of America, guess who won the debate as shown by national results later on?)
      The biggest book published in America celebrating the 100th Anniversary of America as a nation had as its main theme that America had one decisive advantage over any other nation on earth to become the leading industrial nation in the world. The freedom of American society made Americans the most brilliant inventive people on earth. When Americans with their positive attitude that they could solve any problem facing them created all these new inventions to solve their problems, new industry after industry was founded for America and America was skyrocketed into becoming the major industrial nation of the world this way!
     The following are harsh words but honest and true! Based upon extensive observations of American leaders, I am forced to the conclusion that the hardcore liberal leaders of America do not believe in any of the values that America was founded upon in 1776! Their concept of government is that the elite meaning them should rule over the peons and serfs meaning you the ordinary people of America and you have no legal rights under law according to them! They believe in a national police state and socialism as the answer to the problems of mankind, not constitutional government, human freedom, or free enterprise! They hate such as 1776! And most or maybe all of them hate God intensely and all the values of Western Civilization that Christianity gave to make our world civilized and free!
      The real serious conservative leaders believe in what America was founded upon in 1776. They are the wise leaders of America. And if they listen to this report, they will expand their practical knowledge and be even much wiser as national leaders. The people should back them to Congress and in all elections. (Comment added in 2013. And back totally the passage of my proposed Omni Law shown on my national website which will reestablish totally the free enterprise system set up by the American Revolution of 1776 to make America an industrial nation nearly overnight and ending up as the greatest industrial nation in the world. Unfortunately, the liberals tricked the American people out of free enterprise and have this hybrid economic system which is mostly socialistic and Marxist in principle and only a little free enterprise still left in America!)
     Pass this report around all across America if you want America to survive as a nation. Through skillful application of the worst principles of the liberal side, Obama without need of a conspiracy threatens to totally destroy America before long from now. However, Obama is impatient to destroy America as a process, so according to reports from many military sources wants a quick military takeover of America so he can be dictator of America for life. This would  mean America is destroyed fast after that with his insane concepts to end up destroying America and not wasting time doing it!
     Pass my Omni Law fast and we can stop any conspiracies of high treason from the White House or elsewhere in Wash., D.C. I would be bored to death to become the dictator of America for life, but to Obama who loves power for the sake of power, he dreams of this day and night. If needed, briefly I could be economic czar of America to quick undo the damage done to the American economy by Obama and his fellow lunatics in Wash., D.C. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies, studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century, and one international organization representing some of the Who's Who of America and Europe once wrote me up as "The Einstein of American Economics." However, as you will notice, the economic report above first released in 2001 attracted no interest with members of Congress meaning that they turned their back on the founding principles of America in 1776 and don't want to know how the Founding Fathers of America turned America into the industrial giant it became later in history. They love corruption in Wash., D.C., not the right answers for America and the American people today! They have zero interest in the economic answers endorsed by Albert Einstein who thought the American economy would boom under free enterprise if these principles were used.  I also stand for these economic principles and some other economic answers Einstein would have been very intrigued with if he had been still been alive when I made further advancements in the scientific side of free enterprise economics.  
     State legislatures can start the ball rolling by making their state laws conform to the concept of law shown above launched by the Continental Congress of 1776 fighting the American Revolution to found America as a new nation on earth. However, if Congress stalls on passing the Omni Law, the state legislatures can vote for immediate adoption of the Omni Law, force a constitutional convention under terms of the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Congress in panic that the American people may fire them all from office through a constitutional convention, quick pass the Omni Law shown on our website as a proposed constitutional amendment to be submitted to the states for ratification. As soon as ratified, the Omni Law will become the 11th Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution and restoring control of the federal government to the American people who no longer control Wash., D.C., but secret interests instead.
     I hate to have to state this, but with reports from military sources and others that Obama is so hot to engineer a crisis in America so he can become dictator of America by a manufactured excuse his boys are supposed to pull on the gullible American people, don't try it! I probably have good blocking tactics for every plan you have come up with. And with Omni Law or else authority from the state legislatures if you try this, we will put Obama and all traitors on trial for high treason and I will personally push for execution of all traitors if convicted of high treason! It is not so funny any longer when you laugh at how you can kill off millions of Americans like helpless sheep before you, but suddenly you find out that you will forfeit your own lives if you try this. Early Old Testament beliefs were that names were prophecies about the person named. Part of my name at birth in Hebrew means "The Judge of God" or "God's Judgment" and you don't want to face me as the chief legal prosecutor against you. Like Judge William Roy Bean of old Texas, I would in that capacity would soon earn the nickname of "The Hanging Judge" like "Hanging Judge" William Roy Bean was soon called. I nip in the bud this planned civil war and massacre of millions of innocent Americans by your side, better that I be judged and understood to be rough now than you learn by bad judgment that I am really in life as rough as the example above indicates. I don't want anyone to die. You do! You start killing the American people and righteous wrath will rise in me and I will call for your mass arrests and have you put on trial for your lives under the legal charges of high treason and mass genocide conspiracy. The American people want peace, not mass bloodshed in America. I agree totally with the American people. Drop your conspiracies now and I will not be your prosecutor. Go further and I will be out to hang you from the highest gallows. I don't like bloodshed, so hopefully you drop your conspiracies of high treason and I drop my plans to see you arrested under the Omni Law and then put on trial for your lives for high treason, etc. I am a pro in military intelligence and am watching you like a lion ready to pounce on you and tear you to pieces if you make one false fatal move now! And I repeat my warning to any foreign governments backing Obama for military takeover. Your soldiers try to back Obama and you will find I predict many U.S. military backing me and not Obama then. Once we assemble some nuclear bombs into a secret setup which becomes the "Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb"
of which I stole the technology for when I cracked the security of the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies a long time ago, we will annihilate your nation and any other nation trying to back Obama with occupational soldiers for America. By the way, I have a secret way we can have access from elsewhere the nuclear bombs we would want and you can't stop us from annihilating you! This warning goes also to China and Russia! Don't try it! Miscalculate it and your nation is blown off the face of the map of the earth! I don't want war with any nation for America but neither am I afraid to fight war to save America as a nation. Understand?!!!
     Pass this report around all over America. If Obama tries to create a military takeover of America, I will declare a new national government for America and bring out the surprise legal authority I have to set up a legitimate alternative government for America. Don't force my hand! I don't bluff in matters like this! And I don't bluff about having the technology for a small budget ultimate weapon that can smash those of the  American military who would try to back Obama in a military takeover of America. I have seen to it that this technology is also in other hands so it does not matter if I live or die now. But with this technology, all military who back Obama will die if they try to take over America or massacre millions of Americans to try and break the American people in resistance to Obama. For a few million dollars, we can smash any military maybe in the world and I don't want to teach other nations how to fight this budget form of ultimate weapon warfare. Like President Ronald Reagan, I believe in "Peace through strength!" I don't want a war against the American people and I won't let America be ruined by Obama and co-conspirators in high treason. Behave yourselves and let peace and constitutional processes decide the future of America, not attempted bloodshed released by Obama against the American people.
      Now leaving this ugly but necessary exposure of reality in America, our website is . Our email is . Our mailing address for orders you want to send us by mail instead of through our website, our address is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell whether the payment is for a product from this website which helps finance our Omni Law drive or else loan money for the Omni Law Loan Program which helps speed up the time factor to when this Omni Law will be passed in America. And once the Omni Law has done its job for America, I happily set up my Camelot Project in America which will become I predict the greatest research and development center in the world and give America a number of world industries through it. This Camelot will also likely become the most desired place to live at in America and become extremely popular with  the American people.
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the American who acts and changes history rather than staring at bad situations and saying "The Lord take care of it when He comes!" which is not the answer that Jesus Christ wants to hear from us! We are supposed to be the light to the world, not the light hidden under the bushel so no one on earth sees it light!) P.S. We have learned our lesson from history! We won't let America fall to its enemies like Czarist Russia fell to the Communists and then became the Soviet Union after slaughter of countless millions of Russians! We remember why we have the 2nd Amendment!

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