Monday, October 28, 2013

9th Notice - Oct 28th, 2013

The Joint House Session
25 August 2013

Standing in the grace of God,
            We in Congress assembled bring to the people of the United States of America the law of Contempt of the Constitution to ensure those elected to high office are held responsible and accountable for maintaining the Security, Integrity and Economic viability of the United States of America.

              Having undertaken for the re-set of the Constitutional Republic and the Advancement of Christian Principal based government in the United States of America do by these presences solemnly and mutually in the presence of God combine ourselves together for the better Ordering and Preservation by the Authority and Power Reserved to We THE People Enact, Constitute, and frame the Contempt of Constitution to bring just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Covenants with offices and officers of high integrity to these United States of America.

            IN WITNESS whereof, we in Congress Assembled submit for Enactment by the autograph of the Interim President R---------A----------H--------r with the enabling directive of immediate implementation upon autographing.

                                                            Respectively Submitted,
                                                                                                            - - - - - -/S/- - - - - -
                                                                                            P----- V--------------t, Speaker of the House
August 29, 2013


In accord with the Political Will of We THE People, as Interim President of the De Jure United States of America, the Contempt of Constitution is enacted and implemented as law this 30th day of August 2013~

It is Ordered, sentenced and decreed~

Date:30th of August 2013
                                                                                    Autograph:  - - - - - -/S/- - - - - -

                                                                                    Appellation: R----------A---------H----------r

                                                                                                              Interim President
                                                                                                      The United State of America


Anonymous said...

37,456th Notice - Dec 25th, 2525...

Anonymous said...

John, quit posting this BS. All talk, no substance.

Anonymous said...

Isn't RAH (presidential line on document) the God of the Anunaki's in early Egypt?

Anonymous said...

How many notices does it take?

Anonymous said...

Words (such as these) with out muscle, is like a breeze without air..... I love the words, but I believe that the bad guys need something else other than words.... All the wisdom in the world and nice words are not going to stop this out of control D.C. freight train that headed our way.... NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING I HAVE HEARD REGARDING PUTTING THESE BAD GUYS IN D.C. TO BED HAS COME TRUE.... SO WHY IS THAT?? WHY CAN WE NOT ARREST THESE BAD GUYS....

Anonymous said...

Just sit tight guys, everything has a purpose and meaning. all will come to light very soon. If you need to ridicule, please aim your energies at those who are causing harm. Not those who are working for good. If you are not doing good things, then don't bash those who are.

Anonymous said...

All these notices say the same thing.. Nothing!!

Anonymous said...

The majority of the critical comments say very little to the object of criticism but it does say volumes about those that are critical. They are obviously poor students of history.

Anonymous said...

TO all you critics HAVE YOU MADE and sent Notices to your State County and Local government?. if not shhhhhh. You could be mailings theses out and making a big difference. I know many are not!! stop complaining do something and let those doing this work be left in peace.