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     "Paying Attention To Details Is Often The Key To Truth And Success In Life" - Erasmus Of America
     A chemistry professor wanted to teach his class how to think scientifically. He had small glass beakers filled with transparent liquid on the desktop of every student. He had a similar glass beaker in front of himself. He invited the class to watch him. He stuck a finger out from the right hand, put it in the liquid, and then raised his hand to his mouth. He stuck his finger out, sucked on it, and then asked the class to do the same thing as he had done. Every student obediently stuck their finger out from their right hand into the liquid in the glass beaker, raised their hand to their mouth, and sucked their finger like he did. To their shock, that liquid on their finger tasted very terrible! Now the chemistry professor grinning this time, said, "Okay, geniuses! This time pay attention to details!" He did exactly as before, only this time in slow motion for them so they could all see exactly what he was doing. He stuck his second finger into the liquid, pulled his finger back with the others, and then brought out his third finger to suck on it. He invited the class to do it correctly this time. They followed his example this time and so this time they sucked on a dry finger instead of the wet one and there was no bad taste in their mouth. Then the chemistry professor commented to them, "You will never learn to think scientifically until you first pay attention to details!" That is the moral of this short example which applies to science, Bible reading, any technical field, business, jobs, etc.
     I took scientific logic courses both at a military academy and at a large university. Before you can think scientifically in any field whether the sciences, business, religion, etc., you also have to know the difference between genuine logic which leads you to valid ansers by scientific thinking or else the fool's gold of sophism what sounds like logic, but is not logic, but merely a play upon words for the naive and gullible who lack common sense in practical matters. An example I have used before as it is so obvious to all is the following which sounds like logic, but is not!  This is merely a play upon words for the naive and gullible who lack common sense in practical matters. "This room is full of American men. All these men are Republicans. Therefore, all American men are Republicans!" This sounds like logic, but is just sophism or psuedo-logic, a fool's gold for those lacking common sense and sound logic in their thinking patterns in life. Propaganda from many political leaders in Wash., D.C. and other deceitful leaders is mostly sophism and aimed at those elements of the American people too backward now to be capable of serious intelligence and sound thinking processes including sound logic! Obama is the greatest con artist with sophism I have ever seen in any leader from Wash., D.C. Also, too many people never check prime sources in key issues to verify whether claimed facts are really facts or else cleverly presented lies! 
      Right now the theory of evolution is being massed pushed by sophism, censorship of key facts, and distortions of valid scientific facts and discoveries. That is why the "Handbook Of Evolution" released a few years ago and not allowed in your science courses in high school  could have up to nearly 1,000 pages of scientific discoveries which overwhelmingly disprove the theory of evolution yet most students think the theory of evolution is scientific fact which it is not. They have heard the claims of sophism for evolution, but never the scientific facts which knock it out of the baseball field as to credibility. Two powerful examples censored from the high school science courses because they are too powerful showing that the theory of evolution is scientifically impossible and never happened include:  
     In two published experiments, the speed of light was reported multiplied by as high a factor nearly 100 times the claimed constant speed of light.  This was censored from the school kids because the "constant" speed of light was supposed to prove the universe was incredibly old whereas 100X speed of light could make the unverse young! Also, an Australian astronomer took the recorded tests on speed of light since science started this and found a mathematical curve of decay to the speed of light indicating that the speed of light was originally the speed of infinity and the universe could therefore even be just a few thousand years old! 
     Censored science! Creation Moments, P.O. Box 839, Foley,MN 56329-0839 publicized years ago that two British scientists Dr. A.R. Fersht and Dr. G.R. Lambert not too long ago discovered that special enzymes exist in each of your cells. They have one assignment only from nature. They find and correct errors in the genetic code in your cells - regardless if caused by radiation, chemicals, or other factors. This means in nature there was no mutation of basic life forms into other life forms and hence evolution is scientifically impossible! It never happened! The evil are trying to overcome this basic law of nature by GMO foods, colossal exposure to radiation, etc., but such factors did not exist in the natural order life has existed in. Because this scientific discovery blows the entire theory of evolution out of the waters, and because too many scientific sources have their private war going on calling God names and trying to wish away the scientific existence of God, there has been massive censorship in the scientific field about this revolutionary scientific discovery which once and for all totally destroys the scientific credibility of the theory of evolution first suggested before the time of Christ by Epicurus of Greece. Early Christianity discredited this by the scientific arguments, "Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The tree or the seed?" The Christians won the debate in the early Roman Empire. Those pushing evolution for over 2,000 years have always used this argument of evolution to try and disprove the existence of God by psuedo-science and psuedo-claimed scientific "facts." There has been massive sophism and scientific fraud to pass evolution off as a scientific fact which it is not! To my surprise, true science kept proving the Bible and God are true, not lies!
     I was very scientific as a child and was an atheist until 10 1/2 years old. Then genuine science showed me why there was a God for real according to true science and I became a Christian, but always found science proved deeper and deeper that God exists for real. And atheism is a psuedo-religion and psuedo-science for the fools and dumb of the human race.
     The Prophecies Of Mitar Tarabich appealed to me scientifically because he consistently called correctly world events from when he died until now 2013. In the January-February, 2006 issue of Nexus New Times , they had quite a writeup of 6 pages on Mitar Tarbich (1829-1899) who was an illiterate peasant from the small Serbian village of Kremna, Serbia. He had over the years many prophetic visions which were recorded by the Serbian Orthodox priest Zaharije Zaharich (1836-1918). He had prophecies up to the end of World War I which apparently all came true including battles, overthrows of governments, etc. He had a list of prophecies up to the end of World War II which all again apparently came true. He had predictions after World War II for the years following until and when World War III begins. He predicted the birth of Israel as a nation shortly after World War II. He had predicted the fall of the Czar of Russia during World War I. He predicted the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and leading Germany into World War II. He predicted mass oil drilling long before this became a huge industry due to the invention of the car, electric generator, planes, etc. He predicted the invention of TV where you could watch events from all over the world, the landing of man and equipment on the moon and a number of other things long before anyone else saw these things would happen in our age.
     Mitar also makes comments for our age. "man will..., God forgive him, he will think that he knows better than God himself. ...God forgive him, not believing in God as it is proper for an honorable and decent person..." "The more people will know, the less they will love and care for each other. Hatred will be so great between them that they will care more for their different gadgets than for their relatives. Man will trust his gadget more than his first neighbor..."
       When things get so terrible on earth, he predicts in a great land surrounded by oceans, "Then people will run away from cities to the country and look for the mountains with three crosses, and there, inside, they will be able to breathe and drink water. Those who will escape will save themselves and their families..." "Only one country at the end of the world, surrounded by great seas, as big as our Europe (America, Canada, Australia, Russia for example as big lands surrounded by great seas or oceans would be likely candidates for this prophecy), will live in peace, without any troubles...Those who run and hide in the mountains with three crosses will find shelter and will be saved to live after in abundance, happiness and love, because there will be no more wars..." Scholars were mystified by what he meant by the community with the three crosses in the mountains. I knew the answer when I saw his prophecies years ago. He is predicting the founding of my Camelot which will be in the mountains and with three crosses. This can represent the three crosses in the towers by the entrance way to this Camelot or that three branches of Christianity will learn to live together in peace as Jesus wants. These are Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox Catholic which also includes Russian Orthodox Catholic, and Protestants who also respect the traditions and teachings of first historic Christianity on earth. This is Apostolic Christianity as recorded in the first writings of Christianity while under prosecution and later liberation in the Roman Empire through the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. 
     I found the Bible to be a great tool to sharpen the mind of any private Christian or Christian scholar. Answer questions raised by different passages in the Old Testament and New Testament and it is a great training tool for your mind to find smart answers to tough questions raised by certain statements in the Bible. 
      Give you examples. What is the oldest city mentioned in the Bible? Not Jericho as many Bible scholars claim. It is Enoch mentioned in Genesis which was the first city founded in the world according to the Bible. One Bible scholar said he got from Pennsylvania a metal cup from a coal vein which was identified as coming from the ancient city of Enoch. The city of Enoch was named by Cain after his son. This Bible scholar theorized that somehow the Great World Flood must have washed this metal cup over to North America. Nice theory but can't be correct. Metal could not float enough to do this vast trip by a world flood due to its concentrated weight. This cup if from Enoch meant that Enoch was originally located in North America, not the Middle East.
     Enoch was located close to the entrance way to Paradise which you know by the name of the Garden of Eden. As Genesis described it, if you tried to enter Paradise, a guardian cherubim with a flaming sword would kill you if you tried. But Adam and Eve and their descendants stayed close to Paradise even though they could not reenter it or else die if they tried. What was the natural marker showing where Paradise was located at? Bible scholars would be stumped to answer this in our age. However, early Christianity knew the answer. As Bishop Hippolytus wrote around 200 A.D., Noah built his Ark at the foot of the Holy Mountain of God where Paradise was located below it. As Jesus Christ taught in a parable, both Hell and Paradise are below inside the earth and the rich man in Hell could see the poor man in Abraham's Bosom (another name for Paradise which in Persian means a beautiful garden or park) but could not cross over due to the great abyss between them. 
     Now you ask what is this holy mountain? You did not read about it in Genesis! Well, there is more to the Old Testament than just Genesis! In Ezekiel 28:13-16 is described the Holy Mountain of God which is the entrance way to the Garden of Eden also called Paradise by early Christianity. When you train your mind to pay attention to details, amazing what the Bible can show you! As I said, the Bible can train you to have a sharp mind if you use it seriously as a scholarly document!
     Now where was and is still the Garden of Eden according to Genesis? Being always a scientist in thinking, I approach this question maybe different than most Bible scholars. Genesis says four great rivers branch off from the great river coming from Eden which is a great land. Looking at the direction these four rivers come from and it points in the direction of the Straits of Gibraltar. If the river from Eden had a deep depth to it which would be a permanent river bed, then with a World Flood and the earth under tremendous stress, the river bed would expand into what is called the Mediterranean Sea today. In my huge library of technical references including science, one of these science books well done shows the evidence that North America, Central and South America were once connected as one land mass to Europe and Africa. I agree with their scientific evidence on the one continent at one time conclusion, but where they think this happened millions of years ago when these land masses separated from each other, I think it was more recent at the time of the Great World Flood mentioned in hundreds of ancient historical accounts from races all over the world. Also, these accounts from hundreds of ancient cultures also mention the strange man with his huge boat loaded with his family and animals of every kind in it who saved life on earth when the earth was flooded out. 
      Lactantius who was a highly honored Church father at the time of Constantine the Great around maybe 310 A.D. mentions the key thing that triggered God off where he destroyed all the human race on earth except for Noah and his family. They had an angle how to genetically alter the human race and were trying to create a race of giants on earth. This messing with the genes of mankind so angered God that God wiped out all the genetically altered mankind on earth and left alive Noah and his family who had not been made impure genetically by this evil of mankind on earth. Maybe this is a message for our time and age!
      See how paying attention to details opens up many parts of the Bible to much deeper understanding what it is talking about? This is also great exercise to make your mind sharper as you read the Bible for what it says!
      On my mother's side of the family, they claimed they had the hereditary gift of prophecy and there were many family accounts about this family gift they claimed they had. One of my forefathers from this line predicted someday a descendant of his would oppose the tyranny of Wash., D.C. and restore a free government to America for the American people. He predicted what year this descendant would start arising to restore a free government to a people who were no longer living under a truly free government from Wash., D.C. As the Bible says in Amos 3:7. "Surely the Lord will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets." I seem to have an instinct to find the hidden meaning of Bible prophecies other Bible scholars cannot see. However, once I show them the answers, they in amazement say that I am right in what I say.
     One prophecy in the Old Testament the Bible scholars carefully tiptoe by without writing on it. Jeremiah 30:18-22 predicts in the Last Days shortly before the World Tribulation suddenly a community would be founded by descendants of the tribes of Israel. They arise with great power suddenly and God is so proud of them that God declares to them in Jeremiah 30:22: "And ye shall be my people, and I will be your God." God invites their governor to personally meet with God. A Catholic translation of this section mentions that it means certain death for this governor to carnally meet with God unless God has invited him to meet with God. My scientific instincts say that the most practical place for such a meeting to occur is at the Holy Mountain of God which is the secret entrance way to Paradise also called the Garden of Eden. My scientific stand on any theory is that it remains a theory and not fact until proven by conclusive evidence that the theory is actually the truth and fact, not nonsense. In this case, if such a prophesied meeting occurs, then the theory is no more and now proven to be a correct explanation of this section of prophecy in the Old Testament.
     If this meeting occurs with a community leader somewhere close to the original Holy Mountain of God which is the secret entrance way to the Garden of Eden as mentioned various times in ancient Jewish writings, then this community prophesied in Jeremiah 30 is likely close to the Holy Mountain of God which Genesis by arrow points to North America and not the Middle East for this location. If that is true, then the ancient city in ruins this community is built over is probably Enoch, oldest city in the world and not Jerusalem as a few Bible scholars thought it must mean.
     Also, Bible scholars are frequently so cowardly in many issues. Ancient historical records including the famous Josephus shortly after the time of Jesus Christ mentions that the "Lost 10 Tribes of Israel" were then at the time of Christ living up in the area now called Russia and just beyond the reach of the Roman Empire. Checking against other ancient historical records, these 10 tribes multipled into a huge multitude beyond count as also Josephus had reported, only they expanded on the subject and indicated these tribes probed the Roman Empire for weak points as Russia was very cold and they wanted warmer lands to migrate to. They became known in our history books as the barbarian tribes who moved into Western Europe including Scotland and the rest of the British Isles. Their descendants moved to America and there are your descendants of the Tribes of Israel joined into a mighty community as prophesied in Jeremiah 30:18-22. This community would if founded in America would be composed of many descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and the tribes remaining of Judah later called the Jews which is a derivative name from Judah which were those of Benjamin, Judah, and part of the Levites. Another part of the Levites went with the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. As illustrated by Ruth the Moabite who became an ancestor of Jesus Christ, she was accepted and assimilated into the Israelite Race by accepting their religion and culture and so was treated the same as those who by flesh descended from Abraham and one of his sons which each created a tribe of Israel.      
     Genesis has these prophecies about all the tribes of Israel and their future as separate nations from each other. Again the Bible scholars normally tiptoe around these prophecies as it forces them to admit explanations they don't want to say to Christian audiences. Now Scotland used to talk about they still remembered their background as one of the Tribes of Israel and fighting their way across Europe until they ended up settling in Scotland. Like an Indiana Jones, I went to the ancient historical accounts that most Bible scholars of today avoid which show historically what happened to the so-labelled "10 Lost Tribes Of Israel."
      Romans 10:17: "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." Today, most churches evade reporting on Miracles of God like avoiding bubonic plague. Also, Amos 8:11: "Behold, the days come, Saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord." 
     Paying attention to details and not afraid to investigate whatever seriously proves the supernatural exists and therefore God exists, the Miracle of Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 was witnessed by maybe 70,000 to 100,000 citizens of Portugal after three children said a great Miracle of God would occur that day. This supernatural event was witnessed by people up to 20 to 32 miles away. This took around 10-12 minutes and with people even screaming this was the end of the world, suddenly the sun sent out bright shafts of colored light spinning around the sun, and then plunged towards the earth scaring people to death. Then the sun went back up into the sky and it was a bright, sunny day after being drenched with rain for hours before this happened. Wet clothes were suddenly dry. Deep puddles of water instantly gone! Incurable people suddenly cured of the medically impossible to cure. Newspaper reporters were there and even the New York Times I understand reported on this when it happened in Fatima, Portugal. 
     Going through deep research and logic, I personally evaluate that this was a Miracle sent from God. But taking the sound position of a scientist instead of just a Christian scholar, I point out that something definitely supernatural happened that day at Fatima. This shows that a fight is going on between God and Satan for the minds, souls, and commitments of mankind on earth. You judge if this stunnning supernatural miracle was from God or else from Satan. But this was supernatural and maybe the biggest witnessed religious miracle on earth since the Red Sea parted for Moses so the Children of Israel could pass through to safety from the Army of Pharaoh of Egypt. The message of the three children of Fatima which they said the Virgin Mary gave to them in very capsule form runs as follows. World War I was a punishment from God for the sins of mankind. A period of peace would be given to the world. If mankind did not seriously return to God, then a World War II would occur and much worse than World War I. If the people did not return to God and stop mass sinning, then God would let a World War III occur in which entire nations would be annihilated. 
     In capsule form, a Bible Code has been found in the Bible defying odds of even billions to one at points in predicting the future before it happened. The Bible is the only book in the world which was ever found with this mathematical code predicting all the future correctly. It has been theoretized by some Bible scholars that maybe in Bible Code is included the names of every human that has ever lived or ever will live on earth. This is a mathematical system which translates into a coded message like in military intelligence. 
     Just around 7 years old I had the manifestation of what the adults said was the "Cloven Tongues of Fire of the Holy Ghost of God." This lasted for maybe 20 minutes and then disappeared. When older I got the written testimony of all three adults to what happened that night. I didn't tell them but apparently that night I got the explanation to key parts of the Book of Revelation which is most strange as I had never read the Bible at that age. When older, I checked out certain things and was startled to find the information I somehow understood then checked out against historical records. Technically Hitler warred against America called the "wilderness" in Chapter XII for exactly 1,260 days counting from when the Imperial Japanese Naval Fleet left port to begin its attack on Pearl Harbor to when Nazi Germany surrendered to America at the Allied Supreme Command Headquarters of Gen. Eisenhower in France. 
     Quoting President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on December 8, 1941 in his evening radio address, "Your government knows that for weeks Germany has been telling Japan that if Japan did not attack the United States, Japan would not share in dividing the spoils with Germany when peace came." I have the whole address where Pres. Roosevelt said that the attack on Pearl Harbor was required by Nazi Germany as the price for military alliance with Nazi Germany. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Nazi Germany did also! The war with America began when the Imperial Japanese Fleet left port to attack Pearl Harbor on Nov. 25, 1941 Washington time. 1,260 days later Nazi Germany surrendered to America as prophesied in Chapter 12 of Revelation. That was the dragon empire attacking the wilderness.
      The manchild born in the wilderness just before this attack on Pearl Harbor is an explanation I will not give here though I know the answer what this represents. The whore in the wilderness in later Revelation is Wash., D.C. today under Obama. Obama is to receive such punishment from God as to feel the pain of all those unjustly ever killed by Wash., D.C. and Obama will suffer this pain without end as the punishment from God as he wants to be the archenemy of God on earth. Also, those who support him in America will meet the Wrath of God in judgment for all eternity unless they repent before it is too late for them and their fate is sealed for all infinity of time. 
      A historical note here. The woman in Chapter 12 was clearly stated by early Christianity to be True Christianity on earth, not Israel as many modern Christian scholars think. 
     You pay attention to details and use deductive reasoning like "Sherlock Holmes" publicized in the clever detective stories about him, you can crack almost any secret of history, science, military intelligence, and as illustrated above likely of much of what the Bible says in prophecy so long as you stay honest with the scholarship.
     A practical point here. Jesus Money was used 4 times in history and always performed the best of any monetary system in human history. I got all the details on it and by deductive reasoning knew where to look for missing records so all details were found verifying how it worked and worked so spectacularly for mankind each time used in human history. I cracked the top economic secret of Nazi Germany called the "Inverted Inflation" by paying attention to small but important details and use of deductive reasoning saw the game the Nazis were playing. When the exile German captain who heard from Hitler the whole economic secret of Nazi Germany verified that I had successfully cracked the entire economic secret how Nazi Germany rearmed Germany so fast and boomed the economy to where Hitler was wildly popular with the German people, the economists were stunned by this and the top doors of economic scholarship in America and Europe were opened up to me because now they respected me as a top "genius" (I would just call it a good scholar at details and deductive reasoning) in economic science.
     Pass my Omni Law to show God that you are His friend and not the friend of His enemies such as Obama in America. An old saying goes, "He that does not oppose evil supports evil!" Pass the Omni Law and you are started on the right track to become later good friends with God. God is the friend of freedom and prosperity, not tyranny and mass murder of human beings.
     Pass this report around to all Americans. To support the Omni Law which is posted on our website for those who have not seen it before, send in orders to our website which is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.comOur email is  Our mailing address for those sending in orders and not using the website for this is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what products are being ordered (buy two Romanian skin creams and get one free, two orders of organic silica and get one free - these help your health and good looks and also help finance the Omni Law Drive) or else what loan payment is being sent in to help finance the Omni Law Loan Program which in turn finances the drive to pass the Omni Law. God is watching all of us including you as to whether you care to support good or else evil. Remember Jesus said the widow who gave of her two mites was more highly honored by God than the rich man giving much more to the cause of good because she sacrified and the rich man did not giving from his abundance and she from the little she had.
     When you have money riding on a horse bet, then you care whether the horse wins or not. God is no fool. When you have money riding on any cause, God knows that you will care more whether that cause wins or not than if you had no money riding on whether it wins or not.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the American who dares to actually think when Wash., D.C. does not want you to think in America but blindly accept all their lies and con propaganda and act like they are telling you the truth for America which you must believe in.) 


Anonymous said...

second: atoms are not mindless, but i feel that god or creation feeds itself by conflict between other atoms comsuption.

i feel that god is a flip flop in actions between create and then destroy it's atoms to feed itslef, does god have mercy, i don't know, what is see is many people, animals, are in constant killing and eating each others food supply by eating, stalking and killing to consume energy to feed itslef.
yes i know we are not alone, but i times i feel we are the amusement tourist planet for many advance e.t. families, who amuse themslefs with our sorrow and not dare feed us for we would then become domesticated and not be able to survive, well that seems to be e.t.'s families excuses, and it does have some merit , the earth humans do the same with the other living beings on earth.
i believe mankind is a hybred human, but mostly animal with the instincts of our d.n.a. codes to survival like: lust, hoarding food, claiming of terrriotory and killing for food, just like any PACK ANIMAL ON THIS EARTH.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that Atlantis is Eden? They lived in peace, for many hundreds of thousands of years before the serpent did his thing. The illuminated one. The angel of Light, Lucifer. When Atlantis fell into the ocean, because of their greed for gold/ everlasting life (they drank it) that time of peace was over.

Don't count on the Bible to be facts, the Illuminati wrote it hundreds of years after Esu Immanuel lived here. They removed a lot of the facts, the main one being that Reincarnation was real, is real. They removed any proof that Starships from other planets are here (and never left). Their desire was to control us, to make us their slaves.

Their time is up, now they have to leave, as of December 21st last year. Their contract is up. Now the good guys can step in and set things right.

Bimini is probably where the mountain of God was/is. It was the home of Poseidon on earth Shan. Poseidia, Atlantis.


Anonymous said...

The old creationism vs evolution. Neither side has much proof untainted by editing or reliable, fact based evidence. I'm quite sure that, to a man, we will be shocked by the facts of history if we are ever able to finally see/hear them. The strange skulls and huge skeletons found in Mexico indicate a reality/history different than what is parroted. The fact that the bible, the ' word of god,' has been edited ( example King James version ) many times indicates SOMEONE/S saw fit to treat it as less than sacred. The venerated Shroud of Turin has been tested SCIENTIFICALLY and found to be no older than around 1200 AD, decidedly a different story than the Vatican's claim. If all the claimed pieces of the " True Cross " were taken to one area, you could build a Swiss Chalet, ergo, somebodies are lying. The Piltdown hoax is a shining example of attempted ' scientific ' fraud. The story of the Pyramids being built by inclined planes or rolling logs is absurd, anti-gravity devices are the only sane possibilities.
At times it seems the general population is infested with con men. What fulfilling company to share our Blue Rock with. Short term, I'd be happy if Erasmus could cut down his boring, unnecessarily long, money begging, droning, omni-law filled rantings to a few paragraphs. John would have room to post more interesting things than this guy, who is a self proclaimed genius who got screwed out of money by the government. Some effing genius. TYJM frj

Anonymous said...

TYJM frj ; Shame on you. You sound like you are extremely jealous of Erasmus, trying to make him look bad and cussing him. For your information, we love Erasmus and what he stands for, and his wonderful Omni Law! You give yourself away as possibly being an atheist. This isn't boring to many people, but satan's own absolutely hate Erasmus. At least Erasmus has the guts to stand up for the moral values that America needs today and is so sadly lacking in this satanically influenced society.