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Removing The Shackles

Subject: Removing The Shackles

Removing The Shackles

Morocco Diary Chapter 1: A Rainy Day in Morocco

Posted: 28 Nov 2013 11:49 AM PST

Bill/AK is chronicling his adventures in Morocco.  Here is chapter one- or some of chapter one if you will..... I think many people will find some of the information Bill lays out in this chapter very interesting as he discusses who the "Divines" are, the "old man", and a few other bits and pieces that we haven't really discussed before on our sites.  Enjoy!!I've posted below the last section of Chapter one, as I think you readers will find it very interesting!  Read the entire article HEREMorocco Diary Chapter 1: A Rainy Day in Morocco 

Morocco Diary Chapter 1By American KabukiNovember 28, 2013......There's a wide variety of climates here, from desert to alpine.  Where we live its almost identical to San Diego (right now make that San Diego in winter!).  I'll be writing more about my experiences here in coming days, one chapter at a time.  I do apologize for the delay, D warned me I'd get so much data that I'd forget the earlier stuff just trying to keep up with the current stuff.  Heather has asked D. and myself to chronicle our experiences as we go through the learning curve of what she's going to show us as we set out on some new projects.  D. is currently waylaid in Malta sorting out some passport/visa issues with her children's documents. Heather feels our work in banking is complete.  So we are planning and creating new projects which will disclose in the coming months. Three things are yet left that have to transpire event wise, the exact sequence I am not quite sure. We'll have to see if they are sequential or simultaneous (lately I am betting on the latter).  But I am not making any dogmatic statements on that because I don't know.  Depends on how things unfold I suppose and the choices that are made by the various beings...1) The Galactic/Celestial Energetic pulse of Creator Source's Love and light Event (which many blogs speak of including us)2) Disclosure of ETs3) Disclosure of "the divines". Those new to the blog may be familiar with ETs but not the divines. The divines are a class of beings of a higher energetic than ETs, kind of the middle managers in this universe. They don't die, some call them "the eternals", "the elders", "ascended masters" (the ones who worked their way out of our 3d energetics through some very rigorous spiritual disciplines) and others.  There will be complete disclosure of their roles in this experiment in duality.  Some of them fear that.  They need not fear. There are no losers in the end of the experiment here.The divines control the very top of the banking system.  You can think of them as the invisible capstone on the illuminati pyramid.  They have remained largely hidden in recent earth history, but they do show up in myths from ancient times as greek "gods", "goddesses",  asian "deities", "demigods", etc. from a time they worked more directly with mankind.  They are hinted about in many Hollywood movies, Highlander, John Carter of Mars, and in the super hero movies. At some point in history, perhaps after numerous human rebellions, they found it more useful to work indirectly with the planet through human proxies like the Rothschilds and other old European families and Chinese Dragon families. They are all interrelated through Genghis Khan anyway. The divines exist (although everyone thought we were nuts last January when we published that, until confirmation started coming in from other sources unrelated to our work like Zap and Keenan and Fulford), and its now its well known the Chinese "old man" is the original emperor from the Qing dynasty and comes and goes from this planet to sign off on major banking events (love the old man - he's making everything transparent as he told Heather he would!) He funded the American revolution with gold, and the building of the transcontinental railway.The divines are ultimately the ones pulling the strings on this planet.  And honestly they really thought no beings would be capable of  holding them accountable.  The did not think Eternal Essence itself would "enforce" on their in-body-ments, and that is now occurring throughout their realm among those that choose to harm other in-body-ments.  And its got more than few of them in a real panic right now.  They try to do one RV after another but each time they feed it into that Universal Value system AI Computer it spits back out as the energetics of it just won't fly.One of the big questions we were asked with the filings, was "this is all legal and good but how will you enforce?"  To which we just laughed.  They wouldn't  believe us if we told them!  We don't have to.  Eternal Essence that lives in all in-body-ments enforces it.  The filings were just formalities closing out what began as a contractual arrangement for a finite time.  But they had to be done and published openly so nobody could say they didn't have notice before the EVENT happened.There's a wide variety of intentions within the divines realm, just as there is among humans.  So when you see the Rothschilds being


Anonymous said...

This article is not complete. And all I have to say to this is...all that the OPPT was trying to do in the beginning would've been understood by many if they had "explained it" better or in laymen's terms. The whole time they were announcing these documents or producing this new system, etc, etc. it was never really self explanatory, in fact when Heather spoke it was like she herself was coming from the vibration of the divines and not here on earth. I have nothing against them at all, but if's like this information is only geared toward a 1 percent that really understand their nuts and bolts and on this earth at this very moment...It's a lot more complicated than that. They mention the divines quite often and they really are referring possibly to the "velons" (annunaki) that Chris Thomas has spoken of way before the OPPT was around. But sadly not even 1% really heard his message on what is "really" going on from the inception....Chris Thomas - On the Annunaki.

around the 37.86 mark.

You decide.

Anonymous said...

So here you have it Dinarians, No Reset, No RV, and No New Financial System, I am good with this as long as the EVENT takes place instead, I like that OPPT talks so much about TRANSPARENCY , so many Programs,and "Leaders", deal in darkness, keeping people in the dark asking them to trust them blindly , all the while promoting the notion they are working in "Our Behalf" I do not understand OPPT but so far they are being correct about the no reset button being pushed!!!