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One World of Nations
31 December 2013

America’s problems can be soluble with the will, honesty, interjection of the integrity envisioned by the Founders, and a new vision of Humanitarian ethos, based upon sound economic oversight. Getting back to basics, with compassion, humanity and integrity. Kill the Chicanery, not Humanity.

The States UNITED, through conflict, blood and mass Civil War, to forge a Union of power, intended to bring freedom, trade and Civil Liberties to many Souls suffering from Slavery to deprivation of basic Human Rights.

Albeit, as usual, they failed each time to honor any Treaty or Contract signed with the Native Americans, reneging at will as usual, lying through their teeth, and utilizing any opportunity to profiteer, or perpetuate mass genocide at the will of one controlling psychopath or another. A trait which seems to have become the Role Model of American Politicians to this day. Wherever we find conflict, war mongering, deprivation, and inhumanity to fellow man, all too often we will find American Corporate / Political Racketeers, Contractors, Bankers or Agency manipulators embroiled in it. Politics is a dirty business and one which this diss-united series of States has excelled in, aided, coerced and directed by Cabal, or the evident guilty as hell mass Zionist malpractices. Who does Iran call the Evil Empire? A claim echoed across Asia for sure.

The State of the Union of the epic journey now, is far removed from that envisioned by the Founders, far removed from the ethos of The Constitution, and now, despite the so carefully crafted and drafted basis of the Charter of Principals the Founders sought to enshrine, is in danger of becoming itself the very model of Feudal corrupt autocracy the original families came to America, the new land, to escape from. This is NOT what they founded for you.

Zionism is becoming the very pits of corruption, depravity and bondage. From the bowels and anal discharge of Genghis Kahn, the Mongol horde marauders of the Steppes, with their false flag of Judaism, have become the settlers now threatening the economic survival of the United States with their perverse control of Wall Street, The US Treasury, Banking, The Fed and the voting process. Their dead claws encircle and ring fence it all. They control the money.

The American dream, the so carefully drafted Constitutional oversight, has all been superseded and usurped, by a low, deviant, cunning and pernicious hybrid breed of one strain of Political skunk or another, cross funded and manipulated by the scheming American / Israeli Zionists. America has no greater enemy than these. 

2014 - Review the system. 

America has been blighted by Political assassinations, Treason of the Cabal, lying unscrupulous Presidents, mercenary Bankers, and Con Men gaining office by one form of electoral Fraud or another. Elections have been rigged for decades, denigrating the integral values of Democracy for Americans and allowing into the highest Public Office, men who were simply unfit to serve. Crooked men. Lying men. Men of no moral values. Men whose only interest was their Self-interest, and who have sacrificed the integrity, standing and even basic economic principles underpinning Americas Banking system, to accrue vast wealth and manipulated gain, in conjunction with layers of Zionist Bankers who are unfit to hold an American passport, many of who possess an Israeli fugitive flight back up one anyway if criminally challenged. 

2014 - Wise Up America!

This is a nation able to conceive Superman, espousing all the high moral values of most American type aspirants. But the moral compass has been lost and with it, the direction of the nation, as it seems to be electing Leaders with all the low character traits of Lex Luther.

America, have no doubt, has been a Great nation. HAS BEEN! Now it sits at a crossroads in time, seeing the dream founder, the economy visibly imploding, and still seems prepared to allow versions of Texan / Chicago Mafia, and a sub species of Zionist rapacious self-interest rogues, to steal the Soul and future of the nation. Where are the true Patriots of American ideals and values in the corridors of power today? None are being groomed and funded by the Texan / Chicago or Zionist Mafias, that’s for sure. Integrity in not a criteria for them.

Such virtues appear unelectable, not to Voters, but to the Financial Backers. And there, we have it. Public Office is bought, for gain. 


The Seats are bought, the candidates all too often are then incumbent with Promissory or Debt obligations, with the price being loss of integrity, and subordination to Cabal or Zionist backers.

It’s ugly. It’s WRONG!

The system itself is so flawed now. It encourages and promotes Hogs at the trough. America gets sold out. Always, somebody pays. This way, it’s the country. Subjugation of the nation. Wall Street, the Fed and US Treasury control all the money supply. Zionist claws locked on tight. A complete Oligopoly, with employment denied to non-Jews. It’s called - Racketeering. RICO! The dream is dying and hope collapsing. Needlessly!

America spends Trillions importing Oil and Gas. Trillions! 

2014 - Ask why?

Yet the nation sits on vast Oil and Gas Deposits, restrained by cumbersome environmental controls which will see the nation bankrupted before unleashing their bureaucratic stranglehold. Shut them up, bypass them with sensible alternative planning and close them down if necessary. Now - THAT CAN BE DONE BY PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS! With a Real President!


2014 - Ask the questions. Act!

Stop importing what the country possesses in abundance! Stop paying our Dollars for what the country has in vast quantities for free! Use the colossal savings accrued to activate vast new Infrastructure Projects all over America and mass employ again. Rebuild America. Make America a Great Industrial Nation again! 


2014 - START FUNDING AMERICANS! New Highways, rail track systems for High Speed trains, new Docks, Ship building, new Communities. Get America back to work. Stop wasting Trillions funding Arabs for what America sits on for free. Fund America with those funds. Think or leave Government.

2014 - Stop the Welfare Check madness. Stop the Food Stamp madness. Stop the Reality Show never ending circle of visible Wasters. Real people need help, not them. Be selective now. America has no money to keep funding this crazy circle of debt insanity. The state does NOT make money and cannot keep on clawing it off those who do. They have families to keep also. Everyone suffering is no solution! Charity begins at home.

If the jobs are 100 miles away, the unemployed need to consider to travel and stay 5 days and return home week ends as we all do if needed. No show- No dough! Don’t work - don’t eat. Their choice.  Or let them move. Tough reality. You Pay to Say! Hard times need tough solutions.

They need to Get Real. Welfare and Food Stamps cost real money which America simply does not have! Real Americans- WORK! Only idiots think it’s a RIGHT! Rights have to be paid for by others who don’t want to! Benefits should only be accredited after 5 years of working contributions, and for a maximum of 6 months, if even applicable, and no more. Many have never worked, nor will. Watch any of the masses of Reality TV shows. Same illiterate, visible lazy all too often won’t work, loose shoe and long shirt cases cross breeding. How many are 300 pounders plus? I waannt maahh muuney! Dirty Harry needs some overtime.

2014 - Deal with them. Review this crippling system. Cut out wasting good money on visible rubbish. Genuine cases, of course, Yes. But these won’t work cases are now in vast millions- No! Protect the real needy, old and sick.

2014 - NOW - Release the RV’s and redeem Private Placement money long overdue owed. Where has all the Pureheart Group money gone? Where has all the Asian Gold money gone? Where has all the vast Grey Screen Trading Profits gone? Investigate it. Recover it. Repay it and recover America with it.

2014 - Look clearly at the Derivatives SCAM! It is ALL predicated on the hypothesis of cross insured risk. There is no possible Insurer of Last Resort able to cover it. An impossible racket hyped by Wall Street for more fast paper bucks. Home are not being built and ever more repossessed. Business and Industry is starved of development and expansion cash. The lifeblood of America is choking because a perverse bunch of Wall Street SHYSTERS, with their Hedge Fund cohorts, and Offshore Bankers, are bleeding America dry feeding a voracious RACKET of Derivatives with NO POSSIBLE INSURER OF LAST RESORT ABLE TO STAND BEHIND IT. Hello Madoff!!!! Make All Derivatives contracts Non Enforceable by Presidential edict, ring fence all Banking Deposits to save the citizens, and crash this Zionist racket. Deny Court access for all Derivatives actions. Stop the madness. Get those funds back into supporting American jobs and homes. Turn America around!

2014 - Get the boys out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Stop funding Contractor Companies for fat profits. Stop the wars! Stop the mass spying on the people and Allies. No one gave YOU this right! No one wants this. Get control of the Agencies.

2014 - Make All Senators and Congressmen publish, on public record, their true and total Wealth standing – and How earned? Furthermore, a clear declaration of any business positions or investments held, and to ascertain how much has, or is, being made using the status and privilege of public office. America needs to clean up this Zoo. Look at Pelosi’s well publicized family linked and personal abuses. Biden carries enough baggage to sink a new Titanic. Any system failing to deal with the Tax evasion and clear abuses by Romney is endemically flawed and itself corrupt.

2014 - Start to clean up, and CLEAR OUT, dubious Public Officers.

America had legendary citizens and the best of true Patriots.

Mohammed Ali is revered and loved across the world. Hugely respected and valued as a man.

But for the last 40 or so years, not one President has earned Global approval. Reagan tried. But he was also a manufactured B Movie Actor product of the Bankers with clear limitations.

This is the nation where men of real courage, like Crockett and Bowie, stood firm on the walls of the Alamo, knowing each would die, to buy the time to keep America and its hopes alive. Legends!

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and so many more. Not just good men. America has had Great Men. Where are any now? Where are the great Leaders so badly needed today? Men who will see the Oval Office as the greatest office possible, and revere the honor bestowed to serve this great nation with dignity, integrity and wisdom, as anything less demeans the lives and commitments of so many who have gone before, to make it work for America. Who now will WORK for America, and all its people, not utilizing the office for gain? Where are the Patriotic, visionary men of honor, who given the chance, will repay in full the trust and faith of the people? Who IS fit to serve and lead America?

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