Monday, December 30, 2013

Kabal Attempts To Intimidate Putin and Spark More Conflict

Kabal Attempts To Intimidate Putin and Spark More Conflict
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 30-Dec-2013 09:18:00

The Kabal's propaganda centers are alive today with the 'big story' of 'Chechnyan Rebels'- (yet another faction of the US invention - born, bred, and funded, al-CIA-duh terrorist network) taking credit for blowing up train stations in Russia, and disrupting the 'Olympic Games'.
Complete with fake Osama beards on CIA agents, and photos of 'Chechnyan bad guys' parroted across the MK Ultra mind control idiot boxes worldwide.
When kabal puppet Senator Lindsey Graham threatened to nuke the Carolina's, psychopath Graham's blackmail attempt was thwarted by American generals, who were then relieved of duty by psychopath and Kabal puppet Obama, for interrupting the terrorist Kabal's plans for further false-flag destruction and mayhem on US soil.
When the demented psychopath - kabal puppet, and 9-11 co-conspirator with partner Israel - Saudi prince Bandar Bush - threatened Putin with 'unleashing the fury of Chechnyan Rebels', if Putin refused to co-operate with Kabal factions in destroying Syria, psychopath prince Bandar Bush's attempts were apparently successful - to a point.
This leaves Putin with two choices.
Putin can continue to be intimidated by US backed Kabal-al-CIA-duh - ' Chechnyan Rebels' - Bandar Bush regime - and give in to their blackmail bombings and murder of the Russian people.
Or - Putin can move swiftly and distinctly by turning Saudi into a sea of glass.

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