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The Psy-opp Hoax Continues On - Guess Who The Corporation of the United States Deems "Terrorist"

The Psy-opp Hoax Continues On - Guess Who The Corporation of the United States Deems "Terrorist"
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Date: Sunday, 29-Dec-2013 10:09:04

The despots of the Corporation lie again - and again.
Reader D: "It is because we are the 'enemy'.
Thanks, D
This is one of the 'must know' fundamentals of the questions we all have asked: "How can they possibly do what they do; and yet they are referred to as "leaders"?
We did not choose this path.
We went in with eyes wide shut, believing 'they' wanted what was best for the Republic - because what is best for the People and the Republic is how we think, and we falsely surmised 'they' wanted the same.
...Not even close to the reality that is.
All Americans outside of Washington DC have been declared "Enemies of the State" AKA 'terrorist' in today's vernacular - officially - since 1933.
Think about that for a moment...
Your own 'government' - the parasites you pay for, vote for, are forced to obey, and are preyed upon by - on a daily basis - officially (by corporate law) have classified YOU as their official ENEMY for over 80 years.
Does anyone with a stitch of common sense see a reason for their continued existence?
Re: I Believe The Answer Is In The Question
It is because we are the enemy
A Special Report on the National Emergency in the United States of America
..From Data On The Web and Archives, and the work of Dr. Eugene Schroder, et al, 1979 to present.
Not sure it can be stated in any clearer terms as to the situation we face as a people, cannot you understand what it means for them to look upon us as an enemy?
1933...80 years and counting, and the current bunch in Congress cannot and will not do anything about it.
Every single one that is up should be voted out, and the newly elected put on notice that this National Emergency farce MUST be addressed NOW.
No one man should have as much power as has been invested in the Executive over the last 80 years.
: The 'permanent state of national emergency' is indeed what is
: going on. To make
: matter worse, during a declared state of national emergency We
: the People have been
: classified as "enemies of the state".
: In Sept 2013 Obama renewed the state of emergency due to the
: ongoing "war on terror".
: This explains why the police state is growing. As long as
: there is a 'state of
: emergency' the Presidential dictatorship remains in power. Now
: we know why Aaron
: Russo exposed that Rockefeller was predicting a permanent
: "war on terror" whereas
: the enemy can't be identified therefore there could never be
: an end.

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