Monday, December 30, 2013

Obama administration announces net loss of at least 5 million Insurance plans

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Obama administration announces net loss of at least 5 million Insurance plans
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Date: Monday, 30-Dec-2013 12:10:06

The White House used a Sunday morning statement to admit that only 1.1 million people have used the federal Obamacare website to sign up for the president’s healthcare network by Christmas Day.
News reports and advocacy websites say roughly 1 million people have enrolled with health-benefit companies via state websites, including 400,000 in California and 157,000 in New York, by the Dec. 24 deadline, which allows coverage starting Jan. 1.
The total reported signups are at least 3 million fewer than the 5 million people whose health-insurance policies were cancelled prior to Christmas by President Barack Obama’s ambitious tax-and-healthcare scheme.
The minus-3-million score is only partially offset by the extension of Medicaid coverage to perhaps 2 million other people, few of whom earn enough to afford commercial insurance.
Polls shows that a majority of the public has soured on Obamacare, partly because of Obama’s deceptive promise about the law’s terns. The voters’ negative reaction has hammered Obama’s polls below 40 percent, and is creating splits between the White House and the congressional Democrats who face election races in November 2014.
The plan is also expected to undergo more traumas in the New Year as more Americans react to the increased premiums and higher deductibles caused by Obamacare, by lower access to doctors and hospitals, and threats to the privacy of their data.
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