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Intel Updates From 'MR. S' on the Batman Conference Call - December 24, 2013

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Intel Updates From 'MR. S' on the Batman Conference Call - December 24, 2013
Posted By: Lymerick [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 29-Dec-2013 03:54:04

I don't know if you "go for" these conference calls or not. I came across this info, and I must say that it did feel good to at least hear a little bit of good news, amidst all the death and destruction information circulating of late. Enjoy some good news, or hit delete - up to you!
Thursday, December 26, 2013
Intel Updates From 'MR. S' on the Batman Conference Call - December 24, 2013 PLAYBACK OF THE BATMAN CALL WITH SPECIAL GUEST MR. S
Phone # 805-399-1099
PIN: 184762#
Topics Discussed:
Foreign troops landing on US soil in order to do mass arrests along side White Knights in Military.
Three US locations discussed that are holding massive gold reserves for the global currency reset.
The end of the Federal Reserve
Obama and his executive orders
FEMA camps and its use to house the criminal elites and refugee camps for the criminal elite families.
Global currency revaluation hold up issues
Explanations of why the elite have been cashing out early and the plan to use this opportunity to arrest the elite.
Plan by White Knights to stop WW3


Anonymous said...

Look, none of us want 'bad news. We ALL need some 'good news' right about now, what with all the 'bad' things going on in this current 'administration,' the failing economy, loss of jobs, foreclosures, US military biological warfare dropping mycoplasma 'flu' on the US population killing many, the continued delays with the RV, funds from which would enable most of us to keep a roof over out heads and food on our tables. Not all presenting themselves as informed truthful 'intel' sources are truthful 'intel' reporters. Do you recall all the hype put out by Drake when he first came on the scene? Does this 'Mr S' not come across to you just as Drake did? Where is the PROOF of what 'S' is reporting? He is telling us that bozo is a ‘good guy’. Bozo is responsible for deaths and other atrocities. ‘S’ doesn’t even discern the problems with chemtrails. Don’t you find that rather telling? Everything is beautiful from 'S's perspective. If only this would turn out to be true, but don’t count on it folks. All the money spent and all the preparations of this administration are not so it can be used on THEM. Don’t be a fool and fall for 'S's hype. Stand back, carefully discern what is being said and WAIT for the PROOF of what 'S' claims.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this first comment.I Iistened to the callers most all well informed about the cabal.Its this that disturbes me,how can a person be aware of the evil intent of those bankers,polititions,masons,etc? And not have the slightest clue to who these cablists are? IE,both Bushes,both Clintons,Carter,Soros,Obama, Infact its easier to prove in resent history who is not a calbalist.JFK , they murdered him.Those who are not wearing rose colored glasses go to youtube and research NWO masons resent presidents connection and builderburgers too !