Sunday, December 29, 2013

TNTDinar - Rates should show live in the US on Monday

Good morning TNT......I received plenty of good news yesterday and earlier this morning.  So let me share some of it with you.

Rates should show live in the US on Monday, they are high and would remain high for XX xxxx, then start down.
UST released to fed reserve.   Fed Res released to 12 Regional banks to push to their member banks....Fed Res has 12 Regional banks thru the US. It's at the corp level waiting for push to branches.  UST does not communicate directly to banks
new rate for the tariffs coming out Jan 2 was announced at 3.44 / USD.
Banks were double staffing last night with security...armored cars on standby with the escort vehicles.
I am sure there is more info out there and I am sure that I will get more on my evening calls.  If it is what we have been waiting for I'll back with another blast.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and again, let's hope that this time they let the process complete itself.

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