Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most awesome you tube I ever saw - MUST SEE!

Most awesome you tube I ever saw - MUST SEE!

Many of us, myself included, never knew this even existed!
This is out standing

The above you-tube is the most awesome you-tube, by far, I have ever viewed. Listen to it more than once, and share it again and again with all that you can. As we live today in a time when our Liberties that our Forefathers LIVED and DIED for we can RE-discover this monument of which I had never heard to exist. A 180 ton solid granite monument developed by our early Forefathers that writes in stone the recipe of how to attain LIBERTY. It is located in a neighborhood on a hill overlooking Plymouth. Hidden in plain site but sooooo UNknown to the people of the ONLY country that ever knew Liberty that was attained by the very recipe that this statue details. Awesome.

Please share with your family, friends, associates and pray that America will someday return to its roots of Liberty.

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Unknown said...

These are exciting times now. Spiritually, physically and consciously, there is a shift occurring, we are about to experience spectacular changes. The U.S. and worldwide, people are waking up. People are standing up for their rights and fighting corruption in their country. Look what Iceland did. They arrested the criminals in their government, chased the cabal out of their country and rewrote their constitution. We will too. The Event (Freedom Movement) will happen very soon and peacefully. Everything is in place and ready. Just waiting for the green-light. Don't do anything crazy and start rioting. That's not who we are. The cabal is desperate and are throwing all kinds of false flags at us. The cabal and our corrupt political elites are defeated at all fronts and all will be arrested very soon. The Constitutional Sheriffs and the positive military needs to help kick start this Event into full gear. We the People are the rulers of our country and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. We the People will run our country for now on. Congress and the Federal branches are not needed. As we have seen, position of power entrusted to a few is the gateway to corruption. The government is a service program for the American People, not our big brother. Wake Up People and Be Aware!!! Spread the word!