Monday, December 30, 2013


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Dear Patriot,
As we close out 2013, new revelations have come to light that demonstrate, more than ever, Barack Obama needs to be impeached.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed as a result of Obama's failed gun-running operation Fast and Furious. Now, an agent has sent shockwaves across the country with his statement that the Mexican bandits who killed Terry actually had ties to the FBI!


The Obama regime will now be more emboldened to attack your rights after a federal judge reversed the ruling of a different judge and ruled that the NSA spying on you was legal. His defense? September 11th attacks. As horrible as those attacks were, what does that have to do with legality? In fact, this judge all but proved the distinct possibility that he was bought and paid for by basically quoting the Obama regime's defense in his ruling.


As we enter 2014, Barack Obama would love for us to go away. In fact, he has already shown that he will inflict a Campaign of Pain upon the people when he doesn't get his way. John Boehner would love for us to go away. After all, by watching his moves and calling him out when he goes against constitutional principles, we threaten his cushy lifestyle and power. Karl Rove would love for us to go away. He needs us out of his way because we threaten the spineless, unprincipled RINO's that he often tries to thrust upon us.

But, we are not going anywhere.

We will continue to stand and call for the impeachment of Barack Obama and his removal from office. The left is so threatened by this possibility that they recently sent out an email detailing why Obama shouldn't be impeached. Let's keep them running scared!

We must keep up the pressure. But, we cannot do it without your help. Are you with us?

Sign the petition to IMPEACH Obama! The time is NOW!!

Thank you,
Jennifer Burke
National Outreach Director
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Anonymous said...

petitions don't remove people or impeach pseudo presidents anymore than blowing your horn moves a car.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party People need to study the Constitution and the history of this nation. YOU CANNOT IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT OF A FOREIGN PRIVATE CORPORATION. This is NOT our government! Geeeezz. It appears our nation is full of dummies. No wonder the united States is in such a bad state.

Anonymous said...

You cannot impeach a president who is illegal, you can only remove him!

Anonymous said...

Impeachment? What a waste of time, and an insult to intelligent Americans. Remove him from office. See Orly's page, the Arizona Sheriffs page and take a look at the latest ( The Zero's sister in Florida) Oh when and where will the American people wake up from their brain fog haze? Remove him from office and the charges are treason. All of his ink and paper would then be null and void.

Anonymous said...

The ENTIRE "US GOVERNMENT' needs to be ARRESTED FOR TREASON - period. The ENTIRE OPERATION IS A FRAUD, a HOAX, A BANANNA REPUBLIC. Why is it that Americans are so UNINFORMED, IGNORANT AND SO VERY UNCARING of how their government is supposed to work and the history of their nation? Must be due, in part, to the horrible 'education' system which FORMERLY led the world and now is in the bottom third, passing every student with all A's who cannot read, write a decent sentence, punctuate, make 1 and 1 add up to 2, nor actually KNOWS ANYthing but sex and drugs when receiving that diploma of stupidity. The butt of jokes worldwide, the downhill slide of this nation and all the corruption of the mafia in control of this nation would be laughable if it wasn't so very sad. Makes for a great movie - eh??