Sunday, December 29, 2013

FREE Outpatient Clinic For Vets

Dear Mr. Machaffie,
I reviewed the top of your website recently about One Pissed Off American with family members who are Veterans. I love our Veterans dearly and I know it is of no use to wait for these Prosperity Funds to arrive to begin serving The People. I would like to serve our Veterans especially as I am also One Pissed Off American. I am a physical therapist and also a "dissident" I would like to use my home as an outpatient clinic for Veterans who are being denied service from the VA. I am located in Artesia, CA (Los Angeles county). If you should come across any Veterans in need of rehabilitation services in this area I would very much love to work with them free of charge. True value lies within People and not this fiat paper. I have not had the honor to serve my Country as They have but this is probably the closest honor I will have to match. I hope this email finds you. And God bless you for ALL you do. Restore the Republic!
Dr. Michael R. Eugenio

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