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Thanks for joining the fight against Monsanto’s frankenseed factory.

To support the people of Malvinas against the giant GM lab, we need all the pressure we can build. Please share the campaign on Facebook and forward the email below to everyone:

Thanks for all that you do!
Dear friends,

Monsanto's extending its power over the globe,with a massive new frankenseed factory in Argentina. Sofía Gatica and local mothers have spoken out, but she has received death threats and a brutal beating. The threat to her is urgent -- let's stand with her and stop the plant.

Monsanto manufactures the genetically modified seeds that, when combined with toxic pesticides, create thedevastating 'monocultures' -- where nothing grows but a single plant-- that increasingly cover our planet. Now they plan to build one of the world's largest GM seed factories in Córdoba.

Sofía, worried about health risks from the plant, has helped lead the protests, backed by nearly 70% of the area's residents. If 1 million of us join her in the next 3 days, we can raise the profile of the issue in local media, feature the petition in an ad campaign, andpush the unpopular Argentine President to shut down the plant and roll back the spread of Monsanto's toxic agriculture:

Sofia and the people of Malvinas have been lying in front of bulldozers to block construction of the plant. If we can amplify their protest -- we can help them win. President Kirchner is facing a wave of unpopularity right now, and she can't afford to be seen to be choosing Monsanto's profits over her own people.

The mega-plant will use toxic chemicals to engineer seeds, which sounds weird because seeds are supposed to come from plants right? Not in Monsanto's scary new world, where plants are genetically designed to be sterile, andthe only way farmers can keep planting food is by buying seeds every year from Monsanto!In the US, up to 90% of some types of crops are planted with Monsanto seeds, and with its new mega-plant in Argentina, the infamous company is extending its power over the globe.

The threats and beating of Sofía and her fellow protesters are the last straw -- let's stop Monsanto's invasion of South America, and start rolling back the devastation wreaked on our ecosystems by their products:

Some argue that genetic modification holds great promise for increased agricultural efficiency. There may be many such benefits in the future, but often the gains are hyped by corporate PR (such as the line that GM seeds 'feed the world' by being far more productive than normal seeds -- in fact there's little evidence of that), and GM technologies often put profit over people and planet.Governments should adjudicate the public risks and benefits, but Monsanto is skilled in undermining democratic governance.They even passed a law in the US that says that a judge cannot order a recall of Monsanto products, even on grounds of public safety!

Our planet is being rapidly transformed by genetically modified, industrial agriculture, and our governments are far too heavily influenced by the American mega-corporation at the center of it all -- a corporation that is gradually coming to control the world's food supply.Let's not force our children and grandchildren to deal with a world fed by Monsanto, when we can stop it now.

With hope,

Ricken, Meredith, Laura, Nick, Alice, Luis, Marie, Nadia and the whole Avaaz team

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Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear (Vanity Fair) is a 31-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
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     The people reported on above are serious about trying to stop Monsanto Chemical Co. from destroying the farming of their nation. When people get serious to change the direction of a nation, it is amazing how practical they can become on how to seriously block the intended evil to be done to their nation by power sources that don't care about the people or nation, but only money, power, or whatever is their evil goal.
     As soon as the Omni Law is passed, we will revive the gun and ammo industries of America. As for federal sources conspiring to end the supplies of guns and ammo to be available to the law-abiding citizens of America, we will charge them with high treason under the law and apply the law fully against them if found guilty of conspiring to overthrow the U.S. Bill of Rights from inside the federal government.
     I was looking at over the weekend my copy of the notes of Luther Martin, Attorney-General of Maryland at the Constitutional Convention which wrote up the U.S. Constitution and also other representatives who left notes including James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. I found that Wash., D.C. is violating major sections of the U.S. Constitution as these legal notes left us from the Constitutional Convention clearly show and explained the correct legal 
meaning of the various sections of the U.S. Constitution as ratified by the American people through their states once submitted to them. I also found interesting one legal note showing how the state governments could issue arrest warrants and even arrest most officials and federal employees of Wash., D.C. for high treason if they found they were in a secret conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights from within the federal government itself. Also, state grand juries by legal powers of presentment could issue by counts of presentment the legal grounds to arrest Obama for high treason, Eric Holder, or others spotted by the state grand juries as holding the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights in contempt and so trying to overthrow them from within the federal government by conspiracy of high treason.
     The American people have lost the instinct for self-government in America and so let Wash., D.C. just walk over them and grind them into the dust when it comes to the legal rights of the American people. We start to retake control of America by passage of the Omni Law. Then teach the American people the full legal powers of any trial (petit) jury or grand jury in America to protect the American people from would-be tyranny in government whether federal or also state! And Americans have to get over being soft marshmallows concerning their legal rights and instead practice again the ancient culture of the "sturdy yeomen" of England of prior ages where they would not let the English Government become a tyranny under law.
     By the way, reading the notes on the constitutional convention, I found it interesting where their legal defintions said that Obama is acting as if he thinks he is the absolute power monarch of America instead of a constitutional president. He is acting without authority of the U.S. Constitution and invents by executive decrees new laws and policies repudiating the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights every chance that he can get! You let him get away with this every day you do not yet back the passage of the Omni Law in America and as soon as possible to restore constitutional government to America.
     Even our corrupt power elite do not understand economic science well enough. If American money collapses due to the willful engineering of Obama and other traitors in America, America may take down the rest of the world with it and suddenly mankind is shocked as maybe 90% to 98% of the entire human race on earth dies due to the world collapse of the global economy. When studying with six of the most economists of America and Europe, I also studied the "Doomsday Factor To Industrial Economics" which outlines how with the collapse of our current economy, we could end up with nearly all of mankind dead before it is over and this means the entire world, not just America! And the criminal cabal secretly running Obama wants him to collapse the economy of America. They want to create a total police state in America through this front, but don't realize and maybe don't care this might end up collapsing the entire world economy and most to nearly all of mankind dead after the house of cards collapse of the entire world economy.
     The moment the Omni Law is passed, if the American economy is threatened with collapse due to what Obama and his allies have done to America, quick vote me Economic Czar of America through the Omni Law and I will save the American economy from massive collapse and rally the American economy back to strength. As I have more interesting things to do in life than be any permanent Economic Czar of America, once the economy is going right, I want to devote my time to other things such as the Camelot Project which are more important to the permanent future of mankind than being a permanent Economic Czar for America. One area I am stronger in than my six brilliant economists were though they were all geniuses and I loved them all dearly, a good monetary system needs a backup of a good legal system so the economy runs rights after that. I understand more about how the wildly excessive laws and policies of Congress and the White House badly damage the growth and potential of America than I think my brilliant economic teachers maybe realized! The laws for the economy set up right and a good monetary system in power, and then America is going to boom like a skyrocket in national economic prosperity and a permanently good economy with jobs and a good life for all!
     While writing this report, a friend of mine who is very smart concerning the effects of the radiation building up from Japan and being carried by wind and by ocean to America, he commented if this situation is not taken care pretty fast now, maybe most Americans are going to end up dying of radiation in America. And this does not stop with America. Later, it will cover Europe, Russia, China, Africa, Central and Latin America, etc. He with some other scientific brains think they can come up with an answer how to save America before it is too late due to this radiation threat the news media is not reporting on now, and also might as well say the rest of the world as well. But if my Omni Law is not passed in time, then maybe the main bulk of the human race dies and how much is left after that of the human race on earth is open to question.  
     Jesus left the Christians to be the light of the world and the conscience of the world until He returns to earth. Christians are not supposed to be the dark sources of the world with no light to them for mankind on earth and no conscience of the world bringing justice and freedom to their fellow man on earth. 
     My Omni Law is on our national website or read a good copy of it along with the report posted on Nesara News "Will All Americans Die?" of October 31, 2013 reporting on the growing threat to the lives of the American people of the radiation mass spilling out from the radiation accident of Japan apparently getting more and more out-of-control now. Unless your elected officials want their own families, husbands, and wives and children to die from this later on, better pass the Omni Law and by early 2014 would be smart! 
     Pass this report on to all you can. Our website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.comOur email is Our mailing address for payments sent us by mail instead of through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Whether products ordered or else loan money sent us for the Omni Law Loan Program, all funds received help finance the Omni Law Drive. With Obama wanting to engineer a situation where he can become military dictator of America and then kill off millions to half of Americans as various military sources have reported in shock seeing what he is scheming to do, and some of the wealthy secret criminal cabal elements backing him want him to coordinate with them in suddenly engineering the economic collapse of America, and with this Japanese radiation threat growing fast on America, time to pass the Omni Law and fast as you can! Finances help, yes! But also it helps much when you share this report with others or talk to your friends and neighbors and also recruit local support to pass the Omni Law and as fast as possible. And contact your elected officials both state and federal with this report. If they don't care about you, maybe they still care about their wives, husbands, children, and even friends and for that reason might get serious and want to fast pass the Omni Law as the next constitutional amendment to America. Only this one restores true control of government back to the American people! The reason you back us should be for love of your neighbor and your own family as Jesus Christ would want us to do as well as love of nation. But for those maybe a bit more worldly in motivation, there are attractive features to our Omni Law Loan Program where you can be handsomely rewarded for financially backing the Omni Law Drive. Once the Omni Law is passed, you get special rewards including repayment of your principal of loan money, part of the settlement fund in pro-rata share comes to you that we will receive through Wash., D.C. either directly or indirectly, and a 30 year pro-rata share of the profit income from the world food industry we plan to set up in America once the Omni Law is passed! 
      By the way, U.S. military. No reason to back the military plans of Obama for the military takeover of America! With this radiation threat building against America, your familes will be killed off by this if things go too far and frankly you will die also from the massive radiation poisoning! We have access to scientific answers which can save America and frankly I have seen no evidence that Obama and allies have any answers how to save America or even care to save America from building massive radiation poisoning coming to us by wind, 
ocean, and rain right now. Wash., D.C. keeps quiet on this and also our corrupt national news media!
      Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the one who believes that the Bible is correct when it says, "Listen to the truth and the truth shall make you free!" I will add listen to the liars of Wash., D.C. and America will be in such trouble as maybe beyond human imagination. As one old man commented to me recently, when all society is governed by evil and no good are left in society, would that not end up maybe making living on earth pure hell on earth where we might just as well live then in the literal hell itself?)

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