Sunday, December 29, 2013

TD Update "The Stars May Be Lining Up In Our Favor"

TD Update "The Stars May Be Lining Up In Our Favor" 

A Post sent to Dinar Daily from TD


OK , Well some very positive news coming out through my Amigo who confirms that :

1) The postponement of the Bond sales was temporary and it JUST MAY happen sooner than later. Can't verify any rates, etc.

2) "Payment systems" through electronic banking, smart cards, etc. have been tested for efficiency and ready to go.
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3) As we saw M had another temper tantrum and arrested an opposition MP.

Then , just 24 hours later was released . This "RELEASE" is not by mistake as M had tremendous pressure caving in on him being told "With so much at stake, Are you really going to act like another Saddam" ?

The action of quick release is quite remarkable for a country like Iraq !

Something significant is lining up. While I remain cautiously optimistic, the next few days remain quite possible for numerous agenda items to be carried out.

While I'm not promising anything , I was told that the economists and accountants want programs & policies to be executed during the beginning of the fiscal year.

Whether buttons will be pushed Jan 1st (or thereabout) or Feb 1st. I can't really say.

Again, be grounded but news I received today (yes, rumors) are indeed positive. Due your own diligence, homework, fact check, etc. ( if you can) because the lights will be all off for couple days (news) and then we shall see ??


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Anonymous said...

Saddam was trying to backed his Dinar by gold and start a "Free of the Petro-Dollar Oil Trade" you Moron!!!!
When the USA invaded Saddam the reason was to grab their Central Bank, killed the Backed by Gold Dinar trade Oil deal and by the way kill Saddam, who they viewed as a Traitor, Terrorist Threat to the Corporation. When the USA killed Saddam they effectively killed any chance you and I had to become reach via the Dinar. Iraq and their Central Bank is now in the hands of the USA Corporation, have you heard of them making any deals or trying to back the Dinar by Gold? so all this hoopla about the Dinar is nothing but remnants of what was supposed to happen before Iraq was invaded. The BRICS Countries are the ones that will emerge winners if when the Currency reset takes place, The Dollar will loose 30% of its value and will no longer be the Reserve Currency of the World (The kind of money you need to have in order to purchase oil) So yes, go and do your due diligence because you are as ignorant as all of the other Pumpers, TONY, MOUNTAIN GOAT, OAKIE, and all the ignorant sheeple that follow you Gurus!!