Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Armageddon Warned Near As Russia Orders "All-Out War" On Petrodollar

Dear Friends,
This is a great report on the END of the dollar.  Yes, the
CRASH  is on the way, and it  will  AFFECT   you.
We must remember that our Creator, the  "Word,"  who is
now  "Christ - Jesus,"  and  the member of the Godhead,
with our Father,  - (Him  finishing His    Spiritual   Creation
Process, our Father's   "operation"   of salvation,
) -   IS 
Omnipotent,   All   Powerful,    All WISE,   OMNISCIENT,
. ( Please  think about this for
a moment, for you do    NOT    know,  or worship this God,
but by the "pre-ordained"  plan of God    "another Jesus,"
who has  "another spirit,"  and  "another gospel"  2Cor.11:4,
who is the    ANTI-christ.

Christ - Jesus   sent on   May  5, 2000,   the  very unusual
"Star of Bethlehem"  again, a   STAR   made  of  by the
conjunction of stars, and planets,  indicating the arrival of
His soon second Coming  Zech.14:4; Mat.24:27; ICor.15:52 ...

We need to look for events on  May 5, 2014.   You see we
also have   June  5,   1933,    when America changed from
God's    "LAW  of flesh"  Rom.7:25, and its "exchange system"
of  MONEY,   to Satan's  INIQUITY / lawlessness, and its
exchange system of  "fiat money," with House Joint Resolution
192.    God gave  80  years to us   Psa.91:10, as the
"last generation"  Mat.24:34, which is now  up.
JUDGMENT   is coming on America  as  it did on  the world in
Noah's  day, when only Noah's family of  8  escaped.   EGYPT
also was  judged   before the Exodus of Israel being there  for
430 years.  Egypt was whipped out supernaturally with God's "plagues"   and it became a   "slave nation."

Israel  KILLED   its Creator, Jesus the Christ.  Jesus who
became  Christ -  Jesus  gave them    40  years to repent.
Israel did not repent  so  40  years later the  Romans circled
the Jerusalem, and in   70  AD,   Israel was not a nation.
America was the place where God's  LAW   and it "checks
and balances" were kept.   On  June 5, 1933  we officially
changed to be   IDOLATERS,   to worship   "other gods."
This is a   NATIONAL  "sin,"  and we also are individually are
ALL  "SINNERS,"  by this   ACT.  
We are  ALL  in  "confusion" and "deceived" no matter what
religion and church you are or not are in  Mat.24:37; Rev.12:9
by the  USE  of Satan's fiat money  Rom.6:16.

The   "WAGES  of  'sin'  is   DEATH"  Rom.6:23.
This is why Satan, the Devil Jn.8:44  whom our Creator
Created, now will   need to  KILL   us,  starting with the
Christians, who accepted Satan's salvation, and all others.
God is going to do a  "work"  Acts.13:41, which will be very
"SHORT"   Rev.12:12, a    "MIDNIGHT  CRY"  Mat.25:6.
I  AM  sounding it to   YOU,  God's   WARNING!  
Our Father is   "calling"  you  Jn.6:44, to do it also.

HOW  can you do what our Father  is "calling" you to do, if
you don't even know the difference between
"God's and the Devil's Salvation?"
I  PRAY  that you   HEAR  our Father 's  CALL  that you may
be protected and saved.
In the reality of our Father's eternal love,
Tom Demeter

April 29, 2014

Armageddon Warned Near As Russia Orders "All-Out War" On Petrodollar

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

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Anonymous said...

Where are you coming from? What is the Devil's Salvation? Money? (fiat) Sananda? The Galactics? Why are'nt you a little more clear? The army of the Lord is standing up against the Devil. Why should the Christians be killed? This is what the communists and satanists want! There are some of God's people who won't be touched by what is happening. You don't sound like you know exactly what you are talking about.