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From Lada Ray – BREAKING: Will of the People: Fed Up With Propaganda, Unarmed Citizens in Donetsk, Ukraine, Take Over TV Station . . . this needs to go viral :) ~J

From Lada Ray – BREAKING: Will of the People: Fed Up With Propaganda, Unarmed Citizens in Donetsk, Ukraine, Take Over TV Station . . . this needs to go viral :) ~J

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April 27, 2014
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This is breaking news from the city of Donetsk, capital of the industrial Donbass in eastern Ukraine. Here, thousands of unarmed citizens, fed up with Kiev and Western propaganda, stormed the regional TV station compound guarded by local police. They chanted “Shame on Ukraine media,” “Police with the people,” “TV channel for Donetsk People’s Republic,” and “We want truth on TV.”
After brief negotiations, the police stood down and let people into the building. Only a limited number of protestors went inside to prevent crowding and so not to damage anything. See the video below for live action (Rus.). In the video, you can hear voices, “Careful, don’t break anything, it all belongs to the people.” The majority of the protestors, many women, stayed outside.
The Russian-speaking Donbass region, consisting of two oblasts, Donetsk and Lugansk, has rebelled against the illegal authorities in Kiev that came to power as a result of the 2/22/2014 coup against the democratically elected president Yanukovich (whatever we think about him, he was the legitimate president). Residents of Ukraine call the new Kiev authorities “the Kiev junta.” The Kiev junta politicians, officially supported and financed by the US and EU, and fortified by the armed nazi/ultra-nationalist element from Western Ukraine, have aggressively infringed on the rights of the Russian-speaking NATIVE population of East and South by denying them the right to speak their own language, turning off all Russian TV/radio channels and expelling Russian journos; by filling Ukrainian channels with Kiev/US propaganda grossly distorting and contradicting the realities on the ground.
Moreover, the Kiev politicians repeatedly threatened Donbass residents with physical extermination, including nuclear bombs dropped on them, as voiced by Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukraine PM, leader of the party Batkivshchina and current presidential candidate. Another presidential candidate, oligarch Peotr Poroshenko, who is the darling of the US and EU, has also threatened the Russian-speaking South and East. Many Russian-speakers had to flee Ukraine, including a friend of mine from Kiev, whose testimony you can find in my earlier articles about ‘What’s Really Going On in Ukraine.’ Kiev has been blockading and attacking the people of Donbass with tanks, helicopters and snipers. Some local citizens were killed.
To defend themselves and their way of life, Donbass has formed the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. Defying Kiev, both republics will be voting in a national referendum on 5/11/2014 whether to secede from Ukraine. Kiev junta, US and EU are trying to do everything to prevent that from happening.
People of the Donetsk Republic feel that their interests and needs are being blatantly sabotaged by Kiev authorities and by the Ukraine media. In the video below, you can see how the crowd gets into the building and how peacefully everything is done. The video is in Russian, but the beginning is self-explanatory. At 10:00 the announcement is made that the director of the station and engineers have arrived and that they will be turning on the Russian channels, which prompts loud cheers from the crowd. The speaker continues: “We’ll be attempting to turn on the Russian channels (which are being blocked by Kiev – LR). However, we’ll be doing everything quietly, no breaking anything, we aren’t vandals.” (Compare that to a war zone “the peaceful euromaidan protestors” turned Kiev into).
At 10:45 people start chanting “Russia, Russia.” At 11:20 a local elderly woman gives this interview: “We are happy that finally we will have our own channel that will show the truth. Channel 27 is now a people’s channel. We won’t allow anyone any more to slander us, lie about us and accuse us of all mortal sins. Now everyone will know the truth. We are not terrorists as Kiev and the West portray us; we are unarmed citizens. We don’t need arms, we’ll “kill” these parasites with our truth. I’m sending my personal hello to #Obama. I would have used some stronger Russian words to say what I think of Obama, but I won’t.” The crowd laughs and cheers.
She continues: “See, Obama, we, the people, have taken over this TV station – no, they have opened their doors for us, because this is the will of the people. Know, Obama, no one has ever been able to put Russia and Russians on their knees. You won’t either. This is our land, this is Russia. We support Slavyansk, Mariupol, Lugansk and all our cities where people were killed by Kiev (during recent attacks by Kiev military/nazis – LR). Shame on Turchinov and Yatsenyuk (unelected prez and PM of Ukraine – LR). They must get their stuff and get out of Ukraine together with their sold-out oligarchs. Leave our country alone. Go back to your handlers in the West.”
“I want to say,” she goes on, “our people detained the fake EU observers, who turned out to be spies from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania (8 Western and 4 Ukrainian military spies, posing as EU observers were arrested in Donetsk, including 4 Germans – one of them a colonel, as well as a Ukrainian colonel, and other ranking military – LR).
The woman continues, “We need to exchange these spies for our imprisoned sons, including our People’s Governor, Pavel #Gubarev, and others. And if Kiev refuses, we, the women of Donbass, will go to Kiev, and we will free them!”
I like this spunky granny! Watch:
Press conference of the NATO spies detained in Donbass. The German colonel speaks: “We are being treated maximally well, to the extent it’s possible under the circumstances. We don’t know when we’ll be able to go home and see our families. Our presence here will undoubtedly be used by the local decision-makers for negatiations so their demands are met.” These military spies, posing as peaceful EU observers, were detained by locals who found maps on which they marked locations of self-denfence barricades, blockposts and equipment. Weapons, advanced night vision and other spy equipment was found.
And to end this post with a bit of a chuckle – not a bad idea in this extremely tense and uncertain situation: In Ukraine, even dogs want to be Russian, lol. Video, dogs in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, are singing Russian anthem:
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