Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Good morning TNT.  Oh it’s not morning it’s afternoon.  Today is April 28th, 1:00 PST, 4:00 Eastern, and we’re gonna get started.  I sent out the tweet this morning to tell you guys we had a definite change in our position, situation.  There was great news around.  There are mtgs going on right now.  We did delay the call on purpose to give the PTB and all that time to do the things they needed to do and we were hoping to see some more progress, but we are where we are, which is all good and it’s better than you were on Thursday or Fri., so I’m gonna bring our guest on and let him kinda walk through it with you. 

But before we do all that, he’s 6’6”, 230 lbs. 40, he’s an avid weightlifter, skier, football player, he looks a little bit like Richard Greer, Ray Temple, drives a Porsche, you know, let me think, lives in a mansion.  Okay, ladies, I hope that satisfies all your inquiries this morning, but let’s go DC.  Tell us where we’re at and if we can discuss our secret information.

DC:  Every part of that was absolute falsehood but thank you Tony I appreciate the enthusiastic help there.  Guys we had a very interesting weekend.  Short of it is that Maliki basically declared on Saturday evening, Sat. night for us Sun morning our time depending on where you’re at in the world, that they have RV’d their currency, or reinstated their currency and basically said we are the wealthiest on there.

  That has been confirmed now by I believe 11 different sources from 6 different people, meaning 6 different folks that we talk to , and 11 different folks we talk to both Middle Eastern, UN, US side intelligence, both foreign and domestic, and frankly everybody who can find that out. 

 They then promptly cut off communications for normal calls for a while and started opening that back up.  So the question we have is when and how long will it take for the US to have accepted those rates a little while ago, but when and how long does it take to get to the banks.  That’s what everybody is working on now and very feverishly.

T:  Okay.  Let’s walk through it slowly though so they understand what happened, okay, and what this means to them if we can.  Let’s just go a little bit detailed.  It didn’t happen Friday like it was supposed to.  So, and I hope nobody gets upset about this anyway, we’re just talking.  

It didn’t happen Friday like it was agreed upon is what I should have said, or supposed to, so then he has an option, and his option is go with the new agreement which was Sunday, right?

DC:  Correct.

T:  Anyway the new agreement was for Sunday but guys remember I told you this was a chess game being played here and I explained that to everybody on Friday, so the chess move, force was required for Sunday, but on Saturday he switched the game up and pulled one out of a rabbit’s hat, right?

DC:  Close to it.

T:  Instead of waiting there.  How was he able to make that move on Saturday, that’s what I want you to explain.  

DC:  Sure.  So there are several key basically steps that need to be taken before he was supposed to publicly announce.  One thing we talked about was a few public articles that had to be made and they’ve been made over the past 3 weeks, 2-1/2 weeks, the latest one being Thursday.  There also had to be several other public acknowledgements by other outside agencies of certain things, and they had done that very much spaced out over time, albeit at the time they made them b/c they thought it was going down that night and everybody agreed to it, etc.  But they ended making agreements and what not. 

 So he just went back and said listen, I followed all these steps, look at this, I know we’ve agreed to this other thing, but I’m falling back on my plan B just because frankly there are some trust issues and factors that we are not going to get into and I’m just going to use this b/c everything has already been done for you. I have given you official notification.  I even warned you a few hours before I was going to do it, you just didn’t believe me, and so and therefore he pulled the trigger, which is a wonderful thing.

T:  So let’s go back to that.  So that’s how he did it.  And then the process was what you just said, hey, you know the boy with the lamb, here’s the wolf, there’s a wolf.  I’m telling you guys I’m doing this, but it had been said so many times it was just another bluff, didn’t believe it, and one hour later he did what?

DC:  He called back and said hey guys I did it thanks, we’re executing our plan.  Which threw the US totally in an absolute tailspin thinking what? I thought we had until Sunday night.  So it just totally threw them for a loop, and anyway now everybody is scrambling right now to get it up for us US citizens.

T:  OK, so at that point he did it, everybody is confused, everybody is like what the hell happened.  Did this really happen?  So now we have to look at all the other countries.  We wake up Monday morning and we are saying we know it’s done we know exactly what the #s are we know exactly where it’s sitting in the banking system, but ppl still aren’t at the bank yet and the reason for that is....

DC:  Ooh.

T:  Oh, ok there is no reason for that.  All right.  Anyway that’s where we are.  So we’re not going to go into anything else.  Guys, it’s a great position to be in b/c we’re right here.  And again there is a timeline involved.  Is that okay?  Yeah that was okay.  There is a timeline involved and so we need to be excited.  

So I wanted to tell you guys that part.  Our situation has changed, their situation has changed, actually the whole game plan and it’s still gonna work out great for everybody.  Because while there’s a bunch of ppl that are enthusiastic, saying it’s about time, it’s finally over, let the drama end, still some ppl who didn’t like it, but we’re going.  But here’s our thing for today:  You guys need to stay calm.  You guys need to wait for the numbers to be released, wait for us to make the phone call back.  

You need to have your plan in order.  Our biggest request this morning was stay calm, do NOT come to the bank with more than three ppl.  That’s the most they want to see in any group is three people, they don’t want everybody bombarding the bank.  They want you to be careful, ‘cause this is gonna be out there.  

They don’t want anybody losing their money or their mind, and then just wait for the instructions.  We’re still supposed to get the instructions, going to be able to go over the NDA with you and the contract, right DC?

DC:  Yes, sir.

T:  It’s still the plan and we’re still going to have a banker come online with us and answer some questions.  Now we don’t know that that’s going to happen on the first call but we’re going to do a series of calls and we know he’s going to be on one of them if not more.  Right?

DC:  Right.  That’s what we have planned right now.

T:  Okay.  Anything else you need to let them know besides they’re in the right place and the right time...

DC:  Life is good and let them just hurry up and finish this thing.  Life is good!

T:  Life is great.  We’ll go to the Q&A.  The first person we’re going to talk to has been here for 725 minutes.  If her first question is I wonder what DC looks like I’m gonna put her on mute!  Okay, 808, good morning, good afternoon, sorry.  Oh, they’re just catching up.  808.  The rest of you guys you need to be able to pick up your phone or I’m going to have to go on the next one b/c we have a bunch of ppl up here who want to talk, ask questions.

C:  Yes I am here....I live on an island and I’m in Hawaii, so I had to set my phone before I went to bed or there is no way for me to get on the call.  I didn’t expect for the call to get set back, but I have an important question.

T:  That’s great.  That’s why I called on you, because I’ve never seen anybody up here this long so I figured it must really be important.

C:  It will probably apply to a lot of ppl.  There aren’t any tier 1 banks here, there’s no BOA, Citi, WF, any of those banks here.  So my question is what really do we do in that case.  Is it safe to fly with our currency?  Are we going to have to deal with a tier 2 bank and if that’s the case is our rate going to be less?  What do we do?

T:  You’re right that was a great question!  And I mean you don’t have to fly anywhere,  there’s gonna be an affiliated bank there that will be affiliated with one of the tier 1s, I just don’t know what about what you said.  I don’t think it’s can affect your rate but maybe the amount.  So DC if you want to explain why certain banks can only take in certain amounts?

DC:  Sure.  We’ll explain several things.  1. I travel with quite a bit of Iraqi currency with me all the time.  As long as you declare things you’re supposed to and if you’re inside the US, then you’re fine.  You should be okay.  Honolulu has all the big banks too.  I don’t know what island you’re calling from, but you could always pop over there, always a quick flight. 

 In terms of big banks vs. little banks, how much you have etc., part of the banking system, we’re going to do the quick over, is part of the reason why so many big banks have to handle this much money b/c you can’t get your deposits and loans out of whack.  There’s a ratio that everybody is supposed to keep in on this, and they’ve got lots of procedures to help with that process but you can’t go to your $10M bank and say I’ve got $10B, I’m going to totally mess you up. 

 They have, the Fed and the Treasury have special accts for these guys that will help but it still gets them way too far out of whack where you can’t just overload a smaller bank with it.  Again if you’re in Hawaii, just pop on over to Honolulu or Maui probably, and both could have plenty of the large banks but if you’re not comfortable doing business there pop on over to LA or San Francisco.  

C:  Actually I am Oahu and Honolulu doesn’t have those banks either surprisingly.

Dc:  They don’t have any of those banks?  Really, wow.  

C:  Yeah they really don’t.  So as long as we have our receipts with us, where we purchased, I guess my concern was that it’s going to be known I would imagine that this money is worth a lot and I was afraid that somebody could take it and then ask questions later type situation.

DC:  Right.  So again, if you have, the ppl who are briefed on this, you’re going to go through a standard deal where they are going to make sure everything’s okay, i.e., the money is accurate or correct and don’t be surprised if they ask where you got it, how’d you get it, those kinds of normal questions that bankers are supposed to ask, and as long as you answer those in a normal kind of fashion you should be just fine

T:  Are you concerned with flying, yeah she’s concerned with flying with that money, what’s going to happen if they are going to confiscate it from her that kind of thing.

DC:  Okay.  I have flown actually through Hawaiian airports with a lot of Iraqi dinar physically on me and never had an issue.  And anyway domestic flights its okay and most scanners and whatnot, you’re not going to have to worry about that issue inside the US.  If you come in and out of the country or you have to connect through Can or Mexico, something like that, getting to the mainland then you’re going to have a lot of issues, declaring with customs, etc. 

 Again if they say hey where did you get this or whatnot, you are going to have to just follow the normal custom forms and follow those rules and as long as you have a legitimate reason for having that, and you have receipts and you have everything else on there then it’s okay.  You’re not going to be the only one who has the exact same issue.  They have big enough banks in both Maui and Honolulu where they will be banks that are fully capable of handling it, because I know the Navy has asked to have quite a bit of ability to handle a lot of their service members there so they should be okay.

C:  Two more questions.  One is I have had a vacation planned for over a year, I’m supposed to leave the country on Friday, but it’s looking like maybe that is not going to be a good plan if this is going down right now.  We’ve always said don’t change your life, go ahead and do things b/c you don’t know when you’re boing to be able to go to the bank.  What would you say at this stage?

DC:  I think everything is going to be okay.

C:  Are we gonna have time, my trip is for two weeks, are we gonna lose that window of getting the higher rates?

DC:  Are you asking before, can you get everything done before Friday.  It is my strong belief that yes you will be able to get everything done and ride first class.  If not, if there’s an issue, take your phone with you.  Most phones work internationally, and you should be okay.  Anyway I don’t see a problem the way it is right now and the way things are moving, you should be able to get everything processed by then especially given the fact that that state has one of the lowest concentration of dinars.

C:  Okay.  That brought up one more question.  If we’re going to have this done by Friday, does that mean that once we leave the bank we should have a receipt in our hands saying that that money has been wire transferred into our acct.  We don’t leave the bank w/o having a receipt that we’ve had that money transferred, is that correct?

DC:  Right.  So any banking transaction, you get, you always have receipts and everybody has paperwork.  Just make sure you have that paperwork, make a bunch of copies of it, and file it in all the right places and you should be fine.

C:  Since we’ve all been waiting for this forever and ever, will you please repeat Maliki’s statement just so that we can revel in it one more time.

DC:  You got it!  So Maliki called the US and said, Hey I’m going to announce the reinstatement and the RV here in just a little bit and that was middle afternoon on Saturday.  Then he called back and said I’ve just announced the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar, thank you very much.  Start the procedures please.  There we go!

T:  All right, thank you!  Okay we have to make it clear even for the newcomers, the difference between the reinstatement and the RV.  Can you do that?  

DC:  For a little background for folks, part of the, one of the reasons (there are many many reasons) why this currency is going to increase to at least in the $3 range is b/c for at least 30 years, and one could argue longer than that but let’s stay within the 30-year window, up until Saddam Hussein started going crazy, the rate was $3.22 paid to the USD.  They kept it there almost the entire time.  Now sometimes there were dual markets and, guys who like to nitpick and we’re fine with that.  But bottom line is $3.22 through most of the, well the past 50 years half or more it’s been over $3.22.  Therefore one of the things that the US does is in war or when ppl are misbehaving is sanction their country, and also devalue their currency. That’s kind of what you do in warfare and with bad guys so they can’t buy weapons and can’t do things to their folks b/c they don’t have money.  So we devalued their currency.  Now as there always has been , basically saying citizens of this country we’re going to bring you back to your old rate and bring back your old, let’s just call it reinstatement of funds.  So therefore they reinstated that rate and that is what we believe it will most likely come out at.  There may be a last-minute negotiation to pump it to an RV, but otherwise it’s just fine.

T:  Okay, that was my next question. So we know they put $3.71 on the cards, on their cards over there. We know the bonds sold for $3.71, and we know that was supposed to be an RV rate, that or higher.  So the fact that he didn’t revalue the currency but reinstated the currency, why is that a good thing for us and why should ppl be happy today?  Can you answer that?  

DC:  Sure.  So a reinstatement puts it back to where the value of the currency was for many, many years.  An RV recognizes the new amount of assets both in economic productivity as well as hard assets as well as oil in the ground, gold, natural gas etc., and maybe increases the rate above that, so there is a very good chance if it comes out at $3.22 it will RV to a higher rate sometime in the future.  The real question is exactly when.  We don’t know.  Could be as short as a few hours, could be a year or two.  We just don’t know where that might come into.  Basically it’s when everybody agrees and formally accepts all their stuff.  Iraq has already done a lot of the paperwork and a lot of the acceptance of an RV has already been accomplished and so therefore it is very easy when all the political winds are blowing just right to get to RV upon the RI.  

T:  Okay.  And since again they did an RI, I want everybody to understand how fortunate we are, I mean where we’re at right now, an RI still, well why does he have the authority to do an RI first of all, and then who accepts an RI?  

DC:  Sure.  Okay.  Here’s how kind of this process works, and that is, and part of this negotiations, once they proved they have the capability of supporting higher rate and higher everything else and done this.  Part of a release of chapter 7 and bunch of other WTO reinstatements and a bunch of these kinds of agreements, everybody in that organization or everybody within those committees within those organizations, agreed that what we do or what the Iraq does, my grammar, what Iraq does...is get basically the capability to RI then RV, if Iraq so chooses that’s the way they want to do it as well as the world agrees to that.  So by kind of these things dragging on for a while they reserved the right to do an RI and/or an RV.  And so a lot of the agreements were agreed to nine days ago still gave them that capability.  And so it’s basically kind of like a choice, okay are we going to RI or RV, everybody agrees with the rates, everybody agrees to at least this baseline rate and this is the high rate and what we’re going to agree to, we’re going to pick something, and there’s a little bit of talk and negotiations and basically comes up with a couple different points that they will then pick one.  What it boils down to is one of the options was an RI and it was an easy one and very hard to deny, and very hard to basically refute if someone said something, and it was a very, if someone tried to challenge it, an RI is much more defensible than IRV.  So therefore it’s a very easy path that you can get done quickly and that you can very much keep the high ground in an argument if it comes out in the future.

T:  Okay.  So he’s had this authority to do this for the last two weeks.  He could have done it on his own any other time but he was working with some other ppl doing something else.  So I’m just going to leave it like that.

DC:  I think that’s best.

T:  But let’s look at the big picture of things.  Now that the RI has happened, b/c the Iraqi dinar was holding back the GCR, correct?

DC:  Yes.

T:  But now that the RI has happened, that removes him from that lynch pin that one spot, that one thing that can hold back the GCR b/c it has now happened. Now the authority, responsibility and the voting for the GCR is a totally different picture from this point on, is that correct?

DC:  That is absolutely correct.

T:  Okay.  So I want everybody to understand that, so we can’t use that piece to stop it anymore. It would have to go to something totally diff.  So we’re in a great place.  Great Q&A, man.  Glad you got all the answers!  Okay, 830, good morning...afternoon.

C:  Listen, I know they were trying to keep confusion going to the banks, and it seemed like to me...if you put 800 #s on Twitter that that’s gonna have a whole bunch of ppl don’t know what it is or what it does and calling the banks and creating all kind of confusion with the phone call. Does that make sense the way I said that?

T:  No ‘cause the only ppl that are supposed to be on our Twitter, wearethepeople, are dinarians.  So they should all know exactly what it is.  They should all be on the call, probably be the biggest call we have once we do that.  It’s not like we’re just sending it out there, you know, on the streets here call this 800 #.

C:  Okay.  I see what you’re saying, I just thought this thing went worldwide and that was just one of my concerns.  Do you think the brokers are gonna be able to offer the market rate?

T:  They’re gonna offer the international rate, I mean.  Well market rate is what Frank has always said he’s gonna offer.  He said we are gonna offer the market rate.

C:  Right.  Okay, so that, market rate should be higher than the int’l rate is that pretty much correct?

T:  Int’l rate will be the rate it actually comes out at, yes, and the market rate will be what it’s traded at.  So it should be higher, yeah.  We do have 79 more ppl which we are not gonna get to.  All right, 903, good morning, good afternoon.

C:  I’m glad it’s nearly over.  

T:  You’re glad what?

C:  That’s it’s nearly over....But it ain’t great!  But we just have to live with it and see where it goes from there.

T:  That’s it, that’s what we gotta do.  But we’re closer than we’ve ever been that’s for sure.  And things have started over there.  And guys if nothing else, he told you we got the call Saturday 7 my time 10 eastern, but they immediately cut off communications.  They’ve been partying every since, we’re the ones falling behind.  Is that right DC?  

D: I think that’s pretty accurate. 

T:  And then they got parties planned for the next three days and we still wondering what’s going on!  That’s where we’re at.

C:  Well I’m sitting on G waiting on O.

T:  Okay then.  We’ll wait for him.  All right, no questions?

C:  Just get it done!

T:  All right thank you.  Okay we’re going to 202.  Good afternoon.  202?  Nope.  Okay.  He must have fell asleep.  Been on here a long time.  443.

C:  Yes.  I’m a newbie and my first time on.  I know one of the questions I have is do you know what the criteria is for them deciding who is gonna get the contract rate or not?  Is it gonna be a first-come-first-served basis or is there another criteria that they’ve put into play?

T:  I don’t know, DC, what’s the criteria?  
DC:  So, what we have so far right now, and this can change, and our understanding is we will have a little more insight once things go through.  You will have three diff rate options to do so, and there will be pros and cons with each one, and you will be able to choose that.  Diff options will fill up faster than others based on what ppl want to do and how restrictive they want their money and different things that you get to choose.  But then once those, some of those options will have a maximum amt they will do, they’ll have say a trillion dollars worth, I’m just pulling that number out my backside, that they will then allow those amts of ppl to be, you know, finalized and they’ll say okay caller #x you’re the last one here on this group.  We’re going to modify this group down a little bit and kind of walk their way through that kind of process on there.  Our understanding from what we have read and heard and have seen and what ppl at the UST have told us is that most of those options are pretty wide open and some of those, especially the higher end ones are so restrictive that they don’t really think ppl are going to fill up on those things really quick.  More the middle options are going to be more in demand initially. I don’t know if I believe all that but that’s sure what they’re planning on.  

C:  So the more restrictive options do you have any idea what they may be?  Maybe the higher amt or higher percentage has to stay in the bank and is this restriction coming from the bank and their contract that we will have to sign?

DC:  It’s coming from both the bank and UST with a splash of Homeland Security for fun.  They are going to have, in essence there is also most likely going to be some other aspects to it that I don’t think I can really get into but that are very positive that some ppl will think that’s a very good thing that we, to assist others, maybe giving them an extra consideration, and so, you know, there will be several different options to choose from.  I do think the way we understand it right now is there will be at least three diff options and those have been distributed through the banks and whatnot.  Now some of this RI business has changed things, and that’s why they are in a lot of meetings right now kind of double checking and making sure okay making sure okay are we doing these things?  But the way we understand them right now is that those different options will all have again, pros and cons of each one.  Obviously the higher option is going to be more money but there will be restrictive thing, and what I mean by restrictive I mean things like tougher NDAs, more restrictions on movement of money when and where, i.e., do you keep your money locked at a certain time or you have to pay your taxes a little early.  Those kinds of things you are just going to have to think through what’s best for you.

T:  DC Hold on ‘cause I don’t want to cause an issue.  Do we know what some of them are?  Obviously.  But we’re going to go through them when we get the package instead of everybody beingconfused and then us saying something we’re not supposed to say, right?.

DC:  Right.  I think that’s best.  That’s why I purposely sounded vague.  

T:  So you guys can know, have we hard some things we like?  He’s telling you yes.  Have we heard some things we don’t like?  Yes.  But we’re not going to make that decision for you.  When they give us we’re just going to kind of walk through it and answer your questions and then everybody’s going to have to decide that on their own.  Because that’s the one thing that we can’t do is recommend which package you take.  I think anyway.

DC:  That’s a bad idea for anybody.

T:  But we will have the info, again if not on the first call, which God knows I would love to have it on the first call, anybody listening, lol, we will have it probably on the second call and we know we’re going to be doing it, you know, for a couple of days.  Okay?

C:  Is the chess match over and all we’re doing now is trying to figure out how to pull our pants back up from him calling the RI?

T:  Mmm....Okay we’re going to go to the next question.

C:  Okay!  The next question would be is there any way that they can stop this ‘cause I know you keep saying that there are still ppl that don’t want us to have this.  Is there any way that they can still skirt around this so that it cannot come out to us the general public?

DC:  I think that’s a good point to discuss.  Is there a way the US public or general folks holding dinars to really get messed out of this?  There are some extraordinary measures that could be taken, where there’s a will there’s a way, I mean they could. Realistically speaking, no.  Realistically speaking you can’t really have a public RV and not honor your own currency, so therein lies the issue.  Yes can they do certain things to make it really miserable and awful and can they basically kick the US public out of it?  It is a possibility.  So are a lot of things a possibility, but it is extremely unlikely in will.  Extremely unlikely the US public will get kicked out of this thing.  In terms of timeline, in terms of rates, in terms of NDAs all those kind of things, those things are very much up in the air.  I will also say that almost every person involved in this does not care about the US citizens getting this.  In fact, a large part of them want us, b/c of the things we’ve described before, economic benefit to ourselves but economic benefit to society in general, and they feel it is very much a positive thing.  They fear some of the actions taken by folks, but most ppl want this regardless of political party, regardless of who is in power.  There are only a very few, a handful of folks who don’t believe the US should get this, or who don’t believe the US normal citizens should have this.  So we’ll get it, it’s just a matter of how long and what form it will take.

T:  Okay.  So since the RI has happened, and it has happened officially, and it has been accepted by countries all around the world officially, is that correct?

DC:  Yep.  So far.  

T:  And since we know two weeks ago every country involved, including the US, signed off and accepted what was about to happen two weeks ago, is that correct?

DC: Yes, they did.

T:  Okay.  So what’s the possibility of this thing going sideways, not towards the citizen, but just period, and the fact that we’ve already signed off and agreed to it.

DC:  It’s kind of hard, let’s go back to the chess match, it’s kind of hard when you’re agreed to take all your real tough players off the board;  and you’ve already taken those off the board and you just have a few pawns left, it’s hard to play a good game at that point.  I mean you’re just kind of moving around and delaying and maybe getting something, or, you know, forming a better way that maybe fits you personally or your political agenda, but most of this, the die has been cast a long time ago, but it was resealed about two weeks ago.

T:  Okay, we answer all your questions?

C:  I think so thank you very much.  And I would highly recommend that the new ppl go into the forum b/c there is so much info that is in there.  And I want to thank all the mods and you and Tony and Pam and Ray for bringing us newbies up to speed.  Thank you.

T:  You gotta give Adonis an extra special thank you, you know.  That’s DC as we described him for all the ladies, he looks like Adonis.  Thank you.

DC:  God bless America!  Hey Tony I got a really good text I’m gonna to read from a question from a listener that I think a lot of.  It said if Maliki had announced the RV where we find that?  That’s pretty important news.  Wouldn’t it be posted and where can we find it?  Also do you think it a tactical move for votes?  Bottom line is yes we will be able to find that very quickly here in the next day or so, maybe even less.  It is intentionally being kept off of international websites and internationally sent TV and radio stations b/c of obviously it not being public here in the US and everything else.  That will change because it has to change based upon the agreements that have been made over the past years, especially the ones in the past 9 days and then again 2 days ago.  It has to go there, so it will very much will be posted everywhere.  It will most likely come out like they talked about on Thursday which is something to the effect, of...the general gist should be that Iraq is rejoining the world economic system and is moving forward in a very positive light and has reinstated their currency to their old formal values, something around that, very innocuous, not much out there and a lot of meaning to folks like us.  And then do I think it’s a tactful move for M and votes an everything else.  Absolutely I do.  That’s why he did it in that timeline.  That benefited him as well as not just him personally but also all the pol in place except one, it very much helped them out as well.  They were putting a lot of pressure on him to make sure to do so, and he did.

T:  Let me say this.  Yep, good question and the thing you were talking about was on the news, the BBC, it was at 2:30 in the morning, they said Iraq had already reinstated their currency.  Now they said it before he did it.  They said it Friday morning 2:30 a.m., he actually did it Saturday at 8, 8:30?  Something.  Their time, I know it was 7:30 my time, Pacific.  Anyway go back there.  Now this morning on CNN, BBC announced for everybody to beware of a GCR that is about to happen and that you had to move swiftly.  They made that announcement this morning.  So I got a call from somebody who said I saw it personally.  He read it to me exactly, this  is what they said this morning so let’s see what happens.  Just want to put that out there.  Okay.  Ready for the next person? 

DC:  Yes.

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