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Independent Scientist - Jim McCanney regarding the major weather occurring.

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Independent Scientist - Jim McCanney
regarding the major weather occurring. 

Please read to know what we are up against.

April 24, 2014 posting ... clive bundy has been labeled a racist for telling the truth that the majority of blacks in this country are worse off under the welfare system than they were as slaves (we ain't talking about NBA stars) ... for that he is labeled a racist ... for over a week including the prime time weekend news programs that is ALL THEY TALKED ABOUT ... clearly the people who control the new york smooze nooze are very worried about what happened when the public took up arms to fend off an out of control government agency land grabbing for the greedy senators and their crony business partners ... as other states like oklahoma and throughout the south responded sending a clear message to washington to keep out ...
the current wave after wave of horrific tornados targeting innocent populations is clear weather manipulation complete with 6 (yes 6) earth quakes in oklahoma just in the last day ... to me this is clear retaliation for the public standing up to the european banking controlled USA government ... they could not leave out another controlled shooter toting a military weapon in the Fed Ex Georgia shooing (with the shooter allegedly shooting himself as is typical of the gov sponsored mind control program shooters trying to ploy gun control)

... THE NEW WORLD BUNCH AND THEIR MIL PAWNS ARE NUTS ... my short exposé below
shows the weather manipulation as the south braces for more tornados tonight ... this is why you have to be prepared ... the rescuers cannot reach the victims ... the south is under reprisal for standing up to the feds ... make no mistake about it ...
THE REAL WEATHER REPORT (not the national weather service cover story weather report) ... MAN MANIPULATED STORMS SLAM THE USA as new world order nut cases operating through weather control military control centers create massive suffering and death across the southland ... the weather does not just happen ... it is energized by solar activity and near earth solar wind and related space conditions ... THERE ARE NO SPACE WEATHER CONDITIONS THAT WOULD WARRANT THE STORMS WE ARE SEEING in the USA ... THE REST OF PLANET EARTH IS QUIET AS A CHURCH MOUSE WITH NO SEVERE WEATHER ANYWHERE ... BUT IN THE GOOD OLE USA there is a himmicane (overland hurricane) currently centered in iowa extending far into canada and with its southern arm extending into the deep south of the USA as far south as texas and oklahoma to the west and florida to the east ... there is a secondary low pressure cell being fueled by laser satellite weather manipulation over the entire southern USA which is creating the current severe weather ... this is NOT nature or natural conditions ... additionally there were 6 earth quakes in oklahoma (no where else) coordinated with the rash of tornados ... above find the satellite map of the himmicane ... note that if this monster man made storm were over the atlantic ocean it would cover the entire north atlanic ocean from cuba to nova scotia
... jim mccanney

THERE IS SOMETHING BREWING AND COLLECTIVELY MANY PEOPLE CAN FEEL IT ... the nut cases running the gov are moving in unprecedented ways ... they are also realizing that the public is fed up with their BS ... top officials have long since secured their "retirement" land outside the USA and on July 1 new banking rules come into effect basically attempting to locate all financial assets of US citizens in foreign countries who have fled the tyranny and insanity here that is repeating pre world war II fascism ... something is about to pop ... are you prepared to take care of yourselves ? are you water independent ? click on the link below to learn about water filtration and water independence ... my sales page is not just about selling something ... it is about educating you especially about water filtration ... complete with my Books CDs and DVD library ... jim mccanney

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Anonymous said...

If Bundy really said that, that is wrong. And sad to see this site saying that is the truth. I bet most black people would not agree and that is all that matters on this. No one should be a slave and it is totally insensitive and unnecessary to say something like that. And yes it is racism. I got to say, as a European, I am frequently saddened at the extent of racism among white people in the US.