Monday, April 28, 2014

Intel from Texas Caveman

Hi John,
Received this from the Texas caveman....trying to find out if it is true.. Also something about D.C. being in a LOCKDOWN....

Just received:  From UST Team Lead: just called the second in command under Jack Lew states that UST registered dinar holder groups to be cashed out by the US are in progress now at 6 dollars per dinar.  The release for the revaluation will take place after 3a.m. Eastern Time Sunday night into Monday morning what I got. Not sure if I buy it or not.
[5:29:26 PM] Frank: Just in from PP Lady:  Telling you the call I just had JL has been out of the picture for a while and all people under him cashed out last week and it RV on bank screens yesterday. We will see if tomorrow is it. From all it is to be it. Just not public yet.

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