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The death of Michael of Elmet, Dropping the Illusions, Sweeping out the dust and Stepping away from Statism into one’s Sovereignty.
On what is commonly referred to under the Gregorian calendrical system as the 29th of March in the year 2014, but may well be more accurately termed the 7th day of Airies in the year 13515, it was announced that Michael Of Elmet, a persona in use for the last four years was no more.  The former name has been dropped to be replaced by Michael O’Deira.
This announcement occurred in Bolton, north of Manchester in recognition of the founding of the Bernicia & Deira Anarchotrust by three sovereign trustees of UCT and RM on the same day.
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This event marks a further reversal in the fortunes of the ill-gotten Crown as it represents an imprint that is simultaneously geographical, historical, spiritual and anarchic in its sweep: the stolen lands that form the area from the Firth of Forth, south, west and east entirely, across Northern Britain as far as Mercia (the ‘Midlands’) are henceforth reclaimed for and on behalf of the indigenous peoples whose ancestors can be traced back many thousands of years to these shores.
The Crown’s days are numbered. Their clocking off from the factory of genocide, sometimes referred to as the ‘United Kingdom’ is imminent. Just as the cotton mills of Bolton were shut, so it will come to pass that the Factory of Enslavement, the UK, will shortly be following suit. And about fecking time too: the Queen and her so-called family can collect their P45s and fuck off: the mill is closing down.
It is a fact that these lands were violently stolen by way of the genocidal campaigns of Duke Guillaume, aka ‘William the Bastard’ and ‘William the Conqueror’. The historical records substantiate this claim as they chronicle the Papal-Norman-rape of the peoples and their livelihoods by the brutal mercenaries paid for from the stolen booty of Guillaume and funded by the booty of the Holy Roman See.
Right now, the twenty second granddaughter of that murderous old cunt, sits atop a stolen throne whose legs stand in the blood of our ancestors, backed by a thousand years of insidious treachery and legal enslavement, a fake throne that is the source of much of the genocidal methodology that threatens, as it always has, the very existence of the indigenous peoples, many of whom lie semi-comatose having fallen prey to its nefarious illusions, deceptions and psychological weaponry of all manners.
The very fact that the Crown continues to preside under the false notion that it is sovereign and holds the lands for the benefit of the people is no more exemplified than in the current genocidal policy of hydraulically fracturing the land and its ancient water-tables, an action which will necessarily result in the poisoning and death of the indigenous peoples.
Today, Britain is the country with the second most unequal distribution of land on Earth, after Brazil. More than 70 per cent of the land is owned by fewer than two per cent of the population. Much of this is directly traceable to Guillaume, whose 22nd-great-granddaughter sits on the English throne today.
This is in effect a murderous threat every inch as real to each and everyone’s well-being as was the psychotic harrying of the North which took place under the Norman cunt’s command in 1069:
In 1069, matters came to a head. The Earls of Mercia and Northumbria raised armies, joined forces with young Edgar, Malcolm of Scotland and some of the Welsh princes, and declared war on Guillaume. The rising of the north, as it became known, was the best chance the English had to repel the new king, but it was a disaster. Guillaume took his mounted knights north, building castles as he went, and destroyed those parts of the army of resistance that hadn’t fled on news of his approach. To make sure that there would be no further hiding place for rebels, he embarked on the notorious ‘harrying of the north’, obliterating every house, every field, every animal, between York and Durham. Chroniclers of the time reported that survivors were reduced to selling their children into slavery, or digging up graves and eating the corpses.

The formation of the Deira & Bernicia Anarchonation represents a momentous step by the people in the awakening of the sacred masculine and feminine energies in the form of a finely tuned anarchic association of men who, in the simplest of terms, have had enough of the lies, the bloodshed and the tyranny of a false ‘state’, wholly constructed upon murder, destruction and theft. The Crown, same as it always has been, represents a mass trespass on and over the Natural Law, the only law to which man is subject.
A man who has renounced his enslavement/citizenship is ipso facto no longer in the jurisdiction of the fake Crown and its rickety vehicle, the ‘UK’. It therefore follows that he is not in the UK, nor is he in England, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire or any county that the Crown falsely claims ownership of.
If anyone asks RM where he is then, the answer will most likely be, “I stand here.”  It is the most truthful answer possible: wherever he may wander on this and its associated islands, he can no longer be in the UK on the simple basis that such a place no longer exists for him, he has stepped outside its fake boundaries and into another reality, a material world that was shared by all those generations of ancestors who lived before him and upon whom his current incarnation was wholly dependent.
The name-change also is a more truthful fictional expression of his existence than the slave name that the Crown has used in furtherance of its insatiable appetite for wealth. Born of the middle ages, family names have only served the purposes of those involved in the indexing, stock taking, registration, recordings, accounting entries, fake identification, phony baptising, suppressing and herding procedures so beloved by those psychologically and spiritually sick acolytes of what Larkin Rose terms the most dangerous superstition of all: Statism.
Whilst RM is not suggesting any attachment to one’s name is simply the mark of one who is content to be governed externally, it has certainly grown to represent a man’s state of enslavement and is a major tool in his continued subjugation.
Just as the map is never the terrain, the man is not the name: ‘know thyself’ is the name of the game.
Quite why so many hang on resolutely to their slave name is not difficult to unravel: from a young age, the individual is inculcated by a Prussian education system into answering to a name call from a class register. This takes place at least twice a day in a dumbing down programme that lasts for a minimum of 12 years.  Some erroneously take the view that this title is a good thing to have as it establishes one’s family unit: this is nonsense, as the fact is that family ‘ties’ will exist regardless of any name.
Those who promote the ‘Sovereign Citizen’ movement are, unfortunately, equally confused. This is simply an oxymoron, a matter of linguistics and etymology that some have misinterpreted to nigh on dangerous levels of cognition.
The reality is that one cannot simultaneously be free and a citizen, nor claim to be beyond rule and accept its bogus benefit privileges.  All titles whether it be Lord, Duke, Mister, Master, Cuntybollox, Fool, Freeman, Queen or King are further hooks that the pernicious controllers use to establish jurisdiction over a man.
The elites and the controllers do not want people to wake up to this fact and this is why so much disinformation, bullshit and non-sense is mixed into the porridge of the collectivist group think, so beloved of the Bread Beer Circuses (BBC) and so essential to the ensnarement of those who are mentally and intellectually ill-equipped to cut through the veils of deception.
If your enemy is able to convince you that he is acting in your best interests, then you are at mercy to his psychological trickery and methods of extortion.
One of the biggest lies is that we are all in this together.
The last thing the wealth-grabbing controllers want is for individual men to wake up and walk away from a system that is designed to cause each man loss and harm. Without the co-opted consent of the ruled, it all falls apart because its foundations are built on deception,  falsity and malevolence. The world of the elites is a sick, twisted, phucked-up creation and any one that insists it can be somehow fixed, if the right words are spoken in court, the correct paperwork is filed and ‘we’ insist on those ‘public servants’ within it ‘doing their jobs’, is, like a hound chasing a squirrel, barking up the wrong tree.
The Freeman-on-the-Land title is often decried as not working in so far as it does not provide those protections and remedies sought. This is a claim whose basis is founded in the contradictory positions adopted by many people: one cannot be sovereign and remain a citizen. It does not work and if one doubts this to be true, a wee foray over the difficulties experienced by Dean Clifford will suffice to reveal its truth: had he ditched his name and stepped away from the state apparatus, it is unlikely that he would be languishing in a prison right now, for the second time, in a year having served some four months on jumped up bullshit charges incurred by his legal fiction.
Know thyself is the adage, pure and simple: it is the only one which will work because it forces the individual to stare the reality of his existence in the face.
The system, via its alphabet agencies, has spent millions via forum trolling agents attempting to decry the Freeman-on-the-Land approach to life and whilst it may have worked on some less-critical thinkers, this concerted campaign against it is directly correspondent to the fear it induces in a virtual enslavement system that does not want its field hands leaving the chimerical plantation.  That, dear reader, is the only viable workable option right now if one is serious about escaping the clutches of the phony ‘UK’.
Those who promote the works of Karl Lenz, Winston Leachman, Dean Clifford, the New Earth Nation/Humanitad, Ubuntu, the OPPT, Foster Gamble’s Thrive, the Zeitgeist/Venus Project, David Icke and so on and so forth, are suffering from the dangerous religious delusion that external government exists. Whether or not they know it, they are out-and-out STATISTS in so far as they believe in group-think, that the twisted control system can be fixed and that ‘we the people’ can turn it round if only we came together to hold those others accountable.
Karl Lenz told RM personally that he’d be happy for Barry Obama to be his neighbour, that people should unquestioningly ‘pay back’ the banks for their fakes loans and implied that RM and others were fools for not having sought remedy in the Queen’s Bench.
Winston ‘Habeas Corpus’ Leachman, like Karl, promotes the view that remedy can be had in system designed to control them, if only the people accept the legitimacy of the Crown and use the ‘correct’ terminology. Dean Clifford’s ‘sovereign citizenship’ is a chimera; whilst New Earth Nation, Ubuntu and OPPT are actively engaged in the recreation of a watered-down and sanitised form of deceptive centralised governance, dependent upon the individual accepting his role in the ‘one mind’ ‘new’ world of his superiors.
The Controllers are very much aware of this shift and are working extremely hard to resist it. Michael Tellinger, Sacha Stone and few others are making strides to make this new paradigm a reality, but it is really flawed from the outset as it all connects back to Government. [...]
Tellinger may not be a Freemason, but to me he screams of being part of the Illuminati or connected to them in some way. Sacha Stone a rock star may have sold his soul a long time ago to gain the level of success and exposure he has, as the music industry is completely run by Satanists who want your soul in exchange for fame and money. Tellinger on his UBUNTU website pushes OPPT as a means to obtain freedom and I suspect Sacha works from the same perspective as he expresses how much depth his LEGAL team has.
Don’t get me wrong the idea of freeing people from the slave system is a noble thing, but I sense a simple bait and switch allowing the Rulers to maintain their parasitic control over everyone, but simply allowing people a little more freedom than before. So we have the Oppressive Dark side pushing very hard, forcing people to run to the false light of these controlled free energy communities where you have free energy, but you have to work to produce 3 times or more goods for what exactly? I may not be fair in my assessment of what they are doing, but when I see them connected with Government and the UN my alarm bells go off [...].
The UK Column and/or British Constitution, as well as being unquestioning supporters of the erroneous ‘rights’ of others to rule over those deemed to be ‘subjects’, are merely disgruntled slaves and pornographers of FEAR memes.
Foster Gamble is in bed with New Earth Nation (NEN) and Ubuntu, a man whose company is engaging in the profitable business of Genocide by way of poisoning the people who buy its shit products, all the while using the film Thrive to promote a touchy-feely ‘nice’ new form of enslavement. The transhumanist agendas of the Zeitgeist/Venus project are well-documented and similarly based upon erroneous views of external governance.
Icke talks the talk of the theosophy movement whilst walking the walk of the obedient slave. If this were not so, why does he promote the theosophy as espoused by Annie Beasant and why on earth did he register the ‘People’s Voice’ with OFCOM, a body for registered broadcasting? (‘DAVID ICKE DEBUNKED‘).
UK Column and the BCG are similarly registered. When, in early 2013, RM asked Roger Hayes directly if he understood the significance of registration and whether the address of BCG listed as ‘The Annexe, Scott Lodge, Scott Road, Plymouth, PL2 3DQ’ was proof of its Freemasonic connections, he claimed that was a ‘Freeman kind of argument’ and dodged what was a pertinent question by use of the strawman fallacy.
Is it an exaggeration to state that any one who is not advocating individual sovereignty & the total freedom to be (anarchy) is, regardless of their motives, promoting Statism which is the irrational and brainwashed religious belief in rulers and systems that do not exist?
Not one of the above listed entities and/or individuals is engaged in the true liberation of Man from all forms of bogus control. In RM’s view, such people are not to be trusted as, at best, they are useful idiots to the control system and, at worst, they are pied pipers who deliberately lead masses of gullible people down a series of spiritual and mental cul-de-sacs where the apparatus of oppression becomes overwhelming to the point of stifling any and all CRITICAL THINKING, a state which may result in the individual believing himself to be powerless.
One may fool some people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time.
The truth will out and the man who has not gone deeply into his own heart, psyche and consciousness will be like the weather today in this part of Deira. Mystified to the point of cloudiness, with visibility down to 30 yards, if he isn’t paying attention, he may well vanish into the fog of his own mind.


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Great article, I needed that. A P45 is a grey alien of alleged reptile origins.

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The website referenced is roguemale.org and not rougemale.It is home to the unabashed, unapologetic and uncompromising sacred masculine.