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WhistleBlower Answers about the Gold Stolen in Iraq and on 911

David Crayford and the OITC
WhistleBlower Answers about the Gold Stolen in Iraq and on 911
By Whistleblower
Nov 30, 2009 - 5:38:00 PM
Dear Candace,

Thanks for the question, as follows: You may publish this if you
desire to do so  can see no reason why same can not be published
as this matter has already appeared and been answered on other
Community Sites in the past.

Hi Whistleblower, it has long been rumored that US special forces took a lot
of gold OUT of Iraq during the initial attack. Did Saddam/Iraq/ et
all, have custodianship of OITC precious metals there?  There was a
similar claim made about Gold in or under the World Trade Center
buildings that was removed beforehand. Any truth to this that you know
of?  Take care, Candace


The Gold taken out of Iraq by the US Forces, was in fact 10,000 MT of
Gold that Iraq stole from the Central Bank of Kuwait, which was Gold
of the Collateral Accounts held under Custodianship rules by the
Kuwaiti Central Bank / Government, whereby the Central Bank was the
Official Depository.

The US tried to claim it as War Booty and therefore keep it. This
claim was rejected in totality because of the terms and conditions of
the Hague Treaty 1968, combined with the Second Plan of the Experts
1929, which states 
“The Parties (Referring to the Combined
International Collateral Accounts, The BIS, The TTTGC, together with
all other associated parties) shall be immune from any disabilities
and from any restrictive measures such as censorship, requisition,
seizure or confiscation, in time of peace or war, reprisals,
prohibition or restriction of export of gold or currency and other
similar interferences, restrictions or prohibitions”.

The 10,000 MT of Gold was legally declared as Gold owned by the
Collateral Accounts and eventually returned to the Collateral
Accounts. There is no actual depository, or other depository, of the
Collateral Accounts held in Iraq.

In respect of the Gold deposited in vaults under the World Trade
Centre. Yes this story is true. The World Trade Centre was a small
depository compared to many others in the US. During the late evening
(9/10) and early morning (9/11) of that day of disaster, several
Military trucks complete with armed special forces were utilized to
remove the 170 MT of Gold from under the World Trade Centre.

Such activity was actually reported by a person who was passing by one
of the entrances to the WTC during that very time. So many Military
Vehicles and armed personnel in the middle of the night would
certainly draw the attention of anyone passing by. The report was
suppressed and the file transferred to the Intell Agency.

The 170 MT Gold located in the WTC Depository was Gold owned by the
Collateral Accounts. It has never been located and its current
whereabouts is unknown.


Best regards




Anonymous said...

You are NOT a very truthful Whistleblower Mr. Crayford. The WTC gold was floated on garbage barges down to Fort Dix where it was placed under military guard in containers marked for Bush and Clinton. When the Chinese foreclosed on the US Corporate Government, 60 plus Interpol Agents were flown in to La Guardia armed with Replevin Writs issued by the World Court. The Agents stormed the White House and placed a gun to the head of President Obama with two specific goals. The first was to include Interpol on the list of exceptions for Diplomatic Immunity and the second was to locate the WTC gold. Interpol confiscated the WTC gold from Fort Dix and returned it to the Chinese Royal Family Elders.

Unknown said...

Wrong anonymous. It is under Colorado. It was retrieved. And obama has never needed a gun to his head, he is not Obama at all… They several of them have serious head scars with computers inside. Guns therefore NOT necessary. And Mr. MacHaffie, you will kindly USE the full links to my site,,, that is proper MANNERS.

Anonymous said...

thats funny because I have heard several times now that the world trade center GOLD was stolen by the BUSH/SCHERF family and is currently being held at GEORGY HOMO WALKERS million acre ranch in paraguay!!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard this also, via a CIA friend. US troops guard this compound at all times!