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Reported “foreign police identification across the USA"

Al Cuppett -- US Army and Action Officer, the Joint Staff, Retired
Updated 22 Dec 2013   

Reported “foreign police identification across the USA"

Here’s the current list of foreign or strange police cars, badges, logos, etc, which have been reported, seen or photographed within the US since 1988. They’re those mentioned by Mr. Obama in the 2008 campaign; i.e., “We need a ‘Civilian Security Force’ as big as the military”. The six [existing] funding programs are listed just below.  

As noted, since 1994 there have been SIX known ‘police’ hiring programs:
(#1) Cops on the Street,
(#2) Project Harmony
(#3) Community Police, and the latest police money, since Lawrence Summers, Chairman of Obama’s “National Economic Council”, admitted to a surprised David Gregory on NBC during “Meet The Press”, there was money in the
(#4) “Mortgage Bail Out “  for police hires! Gregory had asked Summers why cop money was in a “mortgage rescue” bill??  Summers answered, “Uhh, well you gotta take care of the cops”. You can easily see the Democrats helped drive more nails into our coffin by passing this “mortgage bill”; not that the GOP does much better! 

Moreover, on 10-30-2010, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway stated, “One third of the later-passed
(#5)Stimulus Bill” was for ‘police and firefighters”??! That’s one-third of about $700 billion for police-plus hires! Dear folks, they’ve now appropriated enough “foreign cop” money to execute ”UN Agenda 21  police action.
Here’s a current list of all reported “odd-appearing” police. Some would appear legit to the reader but, for example, there are no “State Police” [authorized] in Texas; but they ARE there, in black, driving white Chrysler vans.
(#6) 7 Nov 2011: The Obama “Jobs Bill” has been found to have billions more for police and firefighters!?  

In the states VA/TN/PA/MA/TX/NM, WV, CA, MI, MO, and OR the foreign cops have been seen/noted as "Regional Police".

In the states of AZ/GA/MS/CA/OH/OK/LA/KS/IN/MD/WI/CO/OR/VA/FL/IL/TX, & WV, they've been wearing indicia/badges, driving vehicles, or have tags which read either, “Red Dog Strike Force, MOXCBA (Moscow) Police, Kansas State Police, ***Northwest Area Police, Tennessee Military Police, International Crimes Enforcement Police, International Police, Illinois Police, Multi-National Force Observer-UN, Honorary Pro-Counsel, Polizei, Wausau [WI] Community Police, Federal Police, American Police, U.S. Police, Enforcement Officer, Parole Officer, Secretary of State Police, National Police Force, Border Patrol, UN Special Police, State Police, Federal Protective Police, Interstate Terrorist Police, Homeland Security, and “SOFOR” (E.G., UN Special Operations Forces”.

1 Feb 08: In WV:” UN” on the car doors and “UN Peacekeeping Forces” on the rear plate.
14 Feb 08: North American Union Police, Lynnwood, CA
1 Mar 08: International Safety Police, an officer with this logo, speaking with an accent, in plain Black BDU’s and black SUV, pulled over a friend of mine near Walnut Hills, CA;
15 Nov 09: “Eagle Police”, seen in Stanardsville, VA;
17 Dec 09: “Special Agent”, @ Union Station, Wash; DC;
8 Jan 10, “Homeland Security Police”, @ Minneapolis, MN;
5 Feb 2010: Charles Town, WV, “Regional Govtlicense plate, withRegional Policeon the side;
24 Mar 2010: Lewisburg, PA: “Police Mobilization Unit’;
3 Aug 2010, Rt 211 near Sperryville, VA; “FBI - Police”;
9 Aug ’10, **Dallas County Police;
3 Nov 2010: In Texas a car with a red and blue police light bar and; “Federal Protection Services” on the side!
18 Nov 2010: Probable - La Vale, MD: Red “Police” with red lightning stripe on black car; no other ID;
2 April 2011, Madison, VA, black SUV writing ticket, with “POLICE” in gold letters;
3-31-2011, in Charlottesville, VA,  “United States Police”;
4-22-2011, Seligman, AZ, “Amtrac K-9 Police” ;
15 May 2011, near Black River Falls, WI, “American Federal Police Services K-9.”; 6/23/11; A  Virginia State Trooper reports stopping speeding “foreign cops” driving black SUV’s in rural Virginia. To wit, (my paraphrase) “They act arrogant, like above the law, but I stop ’em anyhow!
9/3/2011; TX, “Statewide Patrol”;
2/27/2012 “State Patrol” @ Finzel, MD, on I-68;
May 2012, Fayetteville, NC, Citizen stopped by “foreign cop”;
2 Sep 13, N. Ruckersville, VA, US 29 @ Moore Rd, -- Black SUV, with black “POLICE” over a golden globe logo! 
1 Dec 2013,  Charlestown, WV, seen on US 340: Two white “Regional Police” cars, driving in tandem, four cops “aboard”; with 2 Lite  Blue horizontal  stripes. Letters in Dark Blue, Tags read:” World Police”.
12/22/13 Chalottesville, VA, “DOD Police”, w/govt tags, w/”Defending the Nation “ logo (Officer confirmed as American; in dark blue BDUs).                                                                                                

Across the USA they’re carrying Homeland Security or Department of State-issued federal ID cards; as reported to me by a Denver cop in 1999!

These secretly funded programs are soon to be Obama’s “Civilian Security Force” of the USA! In other words a Nazi-style SS force, not subject to US constabulary jurisdiction! It includes “Partnership for Peace (PfP)” troops also! Now you know why there’s a continual “gun confiscation” issue going on! 

What you don’t know wont hurt you; it’ll kill you! MGen Jerry Prather, HQ USAF/XOK 1982 

**P.S. Dallas, Texas, according to my buddy who saw this police car and lives there, there are several brands of real/official cops there but no unit known as the “Dallas County Police

*** I had forgotten about the “Northwest Area Police” in either Modesto/Fresno, CA. I saw and photographed them in 1998 while being “shown the sights” by the host of that particular speaking venue.

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