Monday, February 23, 2015

GMI: "200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate - FREE Research PDF Download!"

Dear subscribers,

We are releasing a powerful research document that lists over 200 adverse effects of vaccines presently mandated by the CDC schedule, including death, and would like you to use it to educate your friends, family, health practitioners and elected officials as to why vaccines are not unilaterally safe and effective as commonly believed.

Check out our news release:

And please do not hesitate to share this far and wide. Unless we can insert actual biomedical evidence into the debate about mandating vaccines, we have no hope in preserving our right to bodily self-possession and our Constitutionally secured right to choose, what if anything, we inject into our bodies, and the bodies of our most vulnerable children.

Thank you for caring!

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Sayer Ji,

founder of


stupidamerkin said...

Please help expose and stop this insidious agenda,

Share this with everyone you can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the evidence to prove that this mandatory vaccination policy is actually a genocide policy. They are ruining the health of the next generation and I've seriously never in my life heard of so many sick children with so many illnesses. I know some children who were breastfed and have not been vacinnated and the only thing one of them got was chickenpox and they never get sick. God meant for people to have an immune system that works to keep them healthy. All this man-made stuff is just a ploy for the makers of the vaccines and "bugs" to get rich on the backs of the people. Watch MI-2 (mission impossible 2 ) with Tom Cruise and it has a perfect example of this type of corruption.