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Russia Pushes Reset Button: Parades Missile Threatening to BLOW UP Obama

Russia Pushes Reset Button

obama missile russia

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 9:49 AM

Missile reads: “To be personally delivered to Obama.”

In March 2009 Hillary Clinton announced that the Obama Administration was going to push the reset button with the Russians.

Unfortunately, the administration bungled their delivery and spelled out “overcharge” rather than “restart” on their prop.

hillary lavrov 

An assistant shows the mock ‘reset’ button that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva in 2009.

This week Russia pushed its own reset button…

Russians paraded a missile on Army Day marked “to be personally delivered to Obama."

The missile included a Communist hammer and sickle on the front.  Here's another view:


Anonymous said...

The problem is with this country the (U.S.) Government and People, and the rest of the worlds (Governments) and People is that there are a small fraction posting nothing but WAR MONGERING ONLINE and in the GOVERNMENTS! So the problem is simple WE DO NOT NEED MORE WAR, WE NEED PEACE NOT WAR. War begets war and peace begets peace! Understand that when you push war on your website you are part of the problem, when you post WAR WAR WAR and Tom Heneghan pushing for a second Revolutionary War and the masses get mad and then they want war it is a problem. Peaceful Protest none-stop is the only way out of this mess we all find ourselves in alongside just putting out the true information of what the governments behind the scenes are doing that illegal verses pushing their war propaganda. As I stated before I believe that you are part of their war propaganda machine and you want the same thing that want WAR!

Anonymous said...

yeah tell that to the elites, they want war, war is big business, even it takes your child to die for their cause.. my take is no war or wars period. Also you got to remember that the bankers will fund both side of any war for a profit.. just like they did in WW1 and 2 and all the police actions after the second war to this day. Smedley Bulter, said take the profit out of war.. which sound great to me and if you really want war no one should profit NO not one person or corporation.