Monday, June 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton - strong allegiance to Monsanto and Dow


Hillary Clinton now fleeing the public and reporters after being outed as Bride of Frankenfoods

NaturalNews) There are a number of very good reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be elected president. The Democratic front-runner for the 2016 presidential election has been embroiled in so many scandals.  It's not easy to know where to start. The Benghazi fiasco? Emailgate? The revelations published in the recently released book titled Clinton Cash that prove just how corrupt she and hubby Bill really are?

No wonder she's dodging the press...

But there's an even bigger issue, one that may be the real reason why she hasn't been answering any questions from journalists in more than a month and is now going to great lengths to hide from reporters.

Hillary has been outed as the "Bride of Frankenfoods" -- her cozy relationship with Monsanto, a company widely regarded (and rightly so) as "the most evil corporation on the planet."
It has been revealed that Hillary Clinton has extremely close ties with Monsanto and that she supports GMO agriculture. This isn't really news, because her ties to the industry go all the way back to when she worked at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, which represented Monsanto and other "Big Ag" corporations.
Her alliances with Monsanto and GMOs didn't stop there, either. Monsanto and Dow Chemicals (Dow is another one of the heavy hitters in the Frankenfood industry) have each made huge contributions to the Clinton Foundation.
From The Washington Times:
Big ag... has been a big donor to the Clinton Foundation, the family 'charity' at the center of pay-to-play accusations involving foreign donors while Mrs. Clinton ran the State Department.
Monsanto gave the foundation between $501,250 and $1 million. Dow Chemical Company, which is among the top
GMO players, gave between $1 million and $5 million, according to financial disclosures by the Clinton Foundation.

And that's not all -- Hillary Clinton's top campaign staffer in Iowa, Jerry Crawford, is a former Monsanto lobbyist.

Starting to get the picture?

If not, take this next fact into consideration: Only last year,
Hillary Clinton made a paid speech at a San Diego biotech convention in which she advised the industry to give its products an "image makeover," as reported by The Washington Times.

One excerpt from the speech has Clinton telling the audience -- which was made up of GMO industry executives and investors -- to choose their terminology more wisely:

"Genetically modified" sounds Frankensteinish. "Drought-resistant" sounds like something you'd want. Be more careful so you don't raise that red flag immediately.

That passage alone should be enough to convince you that Hillary Clinton not only is more than willing to kowtow to the GMO industry but is also ready to engage in whatever devious verbal subterfuge it takes to ram the Frankenfood agenda right down our collective throats.
It's sickening, don't you agree?

Make no mistake about it: Hillary Clinton is not the champion of the downtrodden masses, as she would like everyone to believe. She is a corporatist candidate whose mission is to further the interests of the elites, and particularly the agendas of Monsanto and others in the
biotech industry.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Monsanto. And now that this fact is becoming clear to those who blindly supported her (such as the liberal females who rightly are against GMOs, but who didn't know the "real" Hillary until now), they are ditching her in droves and withdrawing their support for her candidacy.
No wonder she has been avoiding
reporters. And though it may benefit her at the moment to do exactly that, she can't run from the press and public scrutiny forever if she is serious about getting elected.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, now that she has been *outed as the Bride of Frankenfoods.

Are American voters really dumbed down and apathetic enough to vote her into office anyway? I certainly hope not...

* -- uncover, unmask, unveil, disclosed, inform, revealed


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Anonymous said...

Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose

Anonymous said...

It appears the author of this article is "dumbed down" & "apathetic enough" to assume their vote means anything. We don't vote politicians in - they are appointed. Wake UP!!

Anonymous said...

It is my belief, because I read it here, that she is part of Vanguard which is the largest stockholder of monsatan.

Anonymous said...

If I may raise my hand, I think that the author is narrowly and objectively studying Hillary Clinton and drawing valid conclusions from actions and decisions required of her in her present career from within her box. If you can maybe recall not only is she a mind control slave but also a handler and that makes Hillary an interesting case from a psychological perspective. She was carefully selected for her specific personality traits otherwise she wouldn't have occupied the American political scene as she does. As a potential president of the US her impact on the mass consciousness of America and our globe would be a celestial disaster. The author is helping many not to follow a destructive route and preventing others from becoming innocent victims of pure malevolence.