Friday, December 15, 2017

12.15 - Q Suppression/McCain/Sex Harassment Latest/Pedogate&Space News


Anonymous said...


you are a smart man, but the Americans in general are blind and naiv!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am living in Europe, I‘m native European and very interested in the big change, for whum we all are waiting for.

I also believed in Trump, but for one year he did not do the expected and planed for 2017 - to install the republic, global currency reset etc. It meens, he is from the same party and continuing the NWO! Just he can talk what everybody loves to hear!

Trump is very street smart, too much self-loving, selfconfident and unpredictable! After acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, he is bringing the evidence that he is not able to do the expected changes! This was the less important thing right now, he can do. It causes only bad blood, because this acknowledgement is one sited, not done with the Palestineans, which land is also. Therefore the Europeans do not acknowledge this. I do not have any common thing with the Palestineans, no friends there, but we are for justice!

Rotshild is saying by 2018 the NWO will be installed! You see what they are doing with singularity, created humanoid robot Sophia, which is waching already the whole Google, Internet, Facebook etc!
What are waiting for?
One Trump will not do it! He must be controlled and responsible for not bringing the changes!

The American people must do it, not waiting ONE man to save them! It is already too late! You have a military government and it is coming the marshal low! Even you win, the singularity will erase us!
You are writing and telling about miseries, discussing, discussing…endless, but not removing the cause!
Please wake up before is too late! What did Trump – tax cuts and other things for the super-rich!

See what is telling David Icke about Trump, which is correct! Unfortunately this video, which I heard yesterday is not available any more!
David Icke (Dec 03, 2017) – The Secred Life Of Donald Trump

Trumps tactic is to waite, prolongate the misery of the American people and to play the fool- thr victim-role. The lifetime emperors behind the scene approve and give only chances people who are from and for them!

Do something effective! Create with friends new Google, Facebook etc .

Greetings and wishes for wonderful Christmas and a Happy, very different from now, New Year 2018!


Anonymous said...

The American people are too blinded by misdirection from traveling snake oil sales people like fake judge anna to see the truth. They think they are awake listening to her gobbled-goop, but they will have to learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

The Hill: Lawyer Offered Cash to Trump Accusers

Anonymous said...

Trump is not acting alone. The military helped put him in place to clean up - clean out - USA government. Also when Trump flew to DC for the inaugeration, his jet was momentarily escorted by 2 ufos, as a sign of their alligance with him. There is a LOT going on behind the scenes than is being reported. Check out the videos of Jordan Sather and Roy Potter and Kauilapele and others posted on this site and elsewhere.
BTW: Do not trust/use FB, it is Isrelei/NSA spyware. Twitter and Google are also suspect. ( NSA spyware was designed in Israel, and all data collected is routed through Israel, so in effect, Israel has been spying on all Americans for decades. )
Happy Happy Christmas to you and all.

Freewill said...

Please explain in detail what the facts are that you are basing your claims?

Freewill said...

I really dislike it when people provide lip service and never include any facts to back up their accusations!

just some dude with dsl said...

Social media is totally monitored my comrade in the UK. You are very duped if you are using FB or any social media, and think liking friends is a way to communicate. On Anna Von, Ive never seen anyone post so much verbage when it comes to getting to the point,,, We live in a world where getting to the point takes about 3 seconds, that is lost on Anna Von.

Anonymous said...

DSL, I've got some news for you, you're full of cow hockey-Freewill hits it on the head when he says people run their 'piehole' with nothing to back it up-I'm sure IF he wanted any 'crap' from anyone, he'd dip it out of their heads-You don't know WHAT you don't know-