Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Causes for Peace

By Anna Von Reitz

I was recently asked my opinion about the situation in the Middle East.  This was carefully couched with all sorts of historical and political considerations and rationalizations.  To me, it all comes down to scripture, and whether or not you believe it. 

If you believe scripture then there is no mystery whatsoever involved in the situation in the Middle East. 

It says that if the Hebrew people (both Jew and Israelite from the Ten Tribes qualify) obey and follow the Law and precepts given to them, they will be blessed and will flourish and have abundance and peace and all good things. If they don't follow the Law and precepts, they will be cursed in equal measures, and the scriptures then go on and describe what these curses will be.

Carrot and stick. It was the way the Lord had of dealing with stiff-necked people.

You want it this way, or you want it that way, and it's your free choice. 

Now, nothing the Lord does is happenstance.  And nothing He does changes unless He changes it. So you can be sure that the same choice is there for them today.  You want peace...... you want war..... it's up to you. 

As for the Arabs, the sons of Abraham by Hagar, they are not cursed and they are not prohibited from living in the land of Israel, but the land of Israel is not promised to them.  They have all the land outside of Israel, and nothing to complain of, because their own land is or can be as fair as anything in Israel. All they have to do is stop being jealous and stubborn and make use of modern technology to make the desert bloom again.

The entire region can be a garden.

They have all the energy they could ever need and with all the new tech that is available now, they can have all the fresh water they need.  Throw in some vegetable seeds and tree seedlings and the entire Middle East will bloom.  Imagine olive groves and cedar groves and apples and oranges and pecans and every kind of good growing thing taking root and growing where there are bare rocks and sand dunes now. 

Today, we can do this. 

All that is needed is for the different "sides" of this one family to wake up and heal their differences and stop being jealous of each other.  What was given to one is not given to the other, but look at what is possible? 

When my Father died and it came time for my Sister and I to split up the property I gave her whatever she wanted.  Freely.  She had first choice of everything.  So she can never complain with me for the choices she made, but as the years have gone by, she has found that she regrets some things. She feels bad for having taken things she knew I liked and wants to give them back.

The fact is that we all have our blessings, things that are hand-tailored for us and given to us, and if someone else takes those things they bring them no joy. Why?  Because in some special way, those things belong to us, and no force or fraud or happenstance can chance that.  What God gives, He gives.

So it isn't even generosity on our parts to give back what is not truly ours. It is wisdom, instead.  It is by being happy with all those very special things that we have been given--- recognizing and cherishing our own blessings which are ours in the same way, that peace and joy and contentment come.  When the Arab nations read the Old Testament and see what it says, they have cause to know the truth.  They should know from the words of their own Father and from the True God to their Mother what to expect and what to do.

Leave Israel.  Just leave it, and concentrate instead on all the fantastic glories that have been given to the other sons of Abraham. They can and should put their time and energy and love into rebuilding their own cities and their own lands, to cherishing their own gardens and their own people.  This is the wise thing to do, because nobody can change what God has given or question what He has not given.

What is yours is yours, in the realm of Heaven and on Earth.

The Arab nations have more than enough power and energy and money to give every Muslim now living in Israel lands and fortunes far in excess of anything they now have, simply by moving home and living among Muslim neighbors and not having this strife anymore.  Why not do so?  Open up their inheritance, and they won't want someone else's. They will look back on their hovels in Israel and laugh with joy. 

The same thing with the Muslim immigrants fleeing to Europe.  These people are in dismay.  They are facing prejudice and anger.  They are confused and unhappy.  They may not being bombed or attacked by drones anymore, but they are among foreigners and trying to adjust to a strange climate and hostile neighbors who feel that they are being imposed upon. 

Arab nations?  Among the most wealthy of the wealthy on Earth?  Open your borders and your arms to your own people.  Welcome them home and put them to work rebuilding your lands and building the fresh water projects and farms that will make your nations blossom like Eden again.  Put aside this senseless warring and jealousy.  You cannot gainsay the God of your Fathers, but you can pay attention to your own blessings.

As she has grown older, my older Sister no longer feels so needy.  Things are not wanted just because they are lovely or useful or valuable.  They have to be hers.  They have to feel right.   They have to have that special sense of belonging to her.  Everything else she gives away and sends these blessings on their path, hoping that they find their way to those they do belong to. 

Whatever she kept of mine long ago no longer matters. Times change, people change, needs change. What was mine twenty years ago and which should have gone to me to enjoy at that time, is no longer mine, either.  It belongs to someone else now.  And that's all right. 

As for the fights in the Middle East, they could be over in five minutes.  All that is required is that men look for and find their own blessings, and decide to themselves that it is better to look for the causes for peace than to search out the causes for war. 

There will always be mistakes.  There will always be "sins"--- which is just another name for mistakes.  There will always be "debts" --- which is just another name for mistakes.  But we have the ability to correct our mistakes most of the time, and we always have the opportunity to learn from them and do better next time.  We don't have to keep on butting our heads against Divine Laws, like children determined to conquer gravity.

In truth, if we were all letting go of all the things that don't belong to us, but which we have mistakenly latched onto, and instead, paying attention and accepting and caring for those things and people that do belong to us, this would already be a happy and abundant world. 

So how to bring peace to the Middle East?  Read the Old Testament.  Understand what it says.  Accept it.  And be happy. 

Go on and celebrate all that God has given to all of us--- life and love and enough and more to come.  Let the Arab nations wake up to their own blessings at last.  Let the people of Israel read their own choices--- to be blessed or cursed, as they will, and let them have peace from the outside world.

My Sister and I are close now, closer than we have ever been.  The things that stood between us because they were mine and she wanted them no longer stand between us.  Likewise, the hurt she felt because she took them from me and had no pleasure in them, no longer matters, either.  She learned a very hard lesson and realized that life moves on, and sometimes when we take things that belong to others, you can't just give them back.  That moment is gone.

What remains is her growing wisdom and thankfulness for all the blessings that are hers, including my steadfast love.

And that is what must ultimately remain festering in the hearts of the people of the Middle East, because somewhere someone realizes that at the bottom of this is love---and nothing is more troublesome than love denied.  The Jews and the Israelites and the Muslims secretly love each other, which is why they are jealous of each other and fight with each other, because they are all brothers from the same stem, the same family tree, still scrapping all these generations later over what belongs to whom and which blessings are theirs. 

When the nations seek the causes for peace, there will be peace.  When they look at their neighbors and see themselves, there will be peace.  When they question their hearts and ask--- is this mine?  They will know the truth.  And there will be peace and gladness, too, for when men embrace their blessings and take right action for the right reasons, God shines through.

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