Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Patriots Within The FBI Will Soon Step Forward And Expose The "Cabal"

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom spoke to FBN's Stewart Varney to discuss recent bombshells concerning the FBI, whose top brass has been conducting a highly politicized witch-hunt of President Trump on behalf of the anti-Trump establishment, while protecting then-candidate Hillary Clinton from criminal charges related to her email investigation, Clinton Foundation involvement in pay-for-play schemes, including a farcical probe of the Uranium One scandal.

James Kallstrom, Fmr FBI Asst Director
When asked about morale at the FBI towards the end of the interview, Kallstrom dropped a very interesting breadcrumb:
Varney: What's morale like in the FBI now?

Kallstrom: It's not good, but I think recent events that I'm aware of are going to improve that because there's going to be actually something that's going to happen, in my view.

Varney: You going to leave us on that?

Kallstrom: Well I think there's a lot of patriots that have had it up to here with what's going on, and they're going to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been. How they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, how other things were done that are so anti-what the FBI and the United States and this country is about.
Kallstrom also said he thinks there are people in the Justice department who may face obstruction charges:
"Now we come to this focus on the fifth estate that I've talked about, that includes multiplicities of people. But now we know it also includes a bunch of sycophants in the FBI - they were part of the Comey team, apparently. And people in Justice also that I believe have exposure now for obstruction of justice." 
Regarding Peter Strzok's infamous "insurance" text to his mistress, FBI Attorney Lisa Page, he said "People tweet each other and they send text messages, but they don't plan. The FBI is not in the business of planning to destroy a President of the United States," adding "I think they were way above their capability. This guy thinks he's the lone ranger, this Peter Strzok."
If that's his thinking, and they were obviously in Andy's office plotting some kind of thing. And I think that some kind of thing is what we're seeing right now. And we've seen for the last, what, ever since he's been elected we've seen this facade and this phony challenge to Trump about collusion and Russia, which nothing could be further from the truth. All the collusion is with the Democrats, and it's very very depressing to be FBI agents. 99 percent are hard working patriotic guys and girls that come to work for the good of the country.

And you've got this cabal of people. You've got this deputy director (McCabe) who should have been out a long time ago for his actions. And then you’ve got Peter Strzok and who knows how many others. -James Kallstrom
Kallstrom then brought up a question that's on a lot of minds currently; just what exactly is Jeff Sessions doing right now?
"I think finally we're going to get to the end of this, but the big mystery here is the Justice Department. What is the Justice Department doing? What is the Attorney General of the United States doing? You know, it's too bad for Donald Trump... ...It's a mystery to me why he hasn't called over to the Attorney General and told the AG "give the oversight committees the documents they're looking for." Why is the Trump Justice Department not complying with subpoenas?"
Varney: I want to summarize this. I want to be very clear about it. I have said in my opinion there is a cabal active within the FBI and the Justice Department.

Kallstrom: Yes

VarneyWhich hates trump, which protected Hillary Clinton and tried to bring down Donald Trump. And that is an extraordinary story of interference in an American presidential election.

Kallstrom: yes, yes, yes. It is. Without question that's what it was. Just like the whole "so-called" Clinton investigation, it was phony from the beginning; No grand jury, giving witnesses immunity, putting all the subjects in one room at the same time. I mean it's crazy. It's nuts what they did. 
Watch the clip below: 


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear this. yes Americans are sick of the Trump bashing. They are being paid and not doing the job they are in office for. I don't think they even see the scope of what we are because they are so wrapped up in hiding what the wrongs. If we did anything like this we would be in jail in seconds. I am agast that Hillary is not in jail for the murders at this point. I followed Bundy's and Levoy and its not hard to put the uranium one deal in its part of this hole thing. Let alone agenda 21 being used. I had also seen a video of people bragging how they have stollen other peoples property and how much they got for them and laughed. The sooner the patriots get to biz the better, time is wasting and allowing more people to be silenced. I have never seen any President get so much done in such a short time. Bravo!!! Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas and may the New year be very bright.

just some dude with dsl said...

I love how this clown basically tells us, yep the goverment is full of criminals,,, next question.