Thursday, December 21, 2017

Special Treat for the Video-Minded

By Anna Von Reitz

More goodies from the Lighthouse Law Club--but BEFORE you all watch this most enlightening video, write this additional piece of information on your wrist for ready reference and think about it very seriously:  ALMOST ALL THE COURTS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE "FEDERAL".  

They are either outright and obvious federal courts in the sense of US District Courts, or they are federated "state" and "county" courts---- federal courts being run "as" state and county courts.  

How is this possible?  As I have said before and again, in the 1960's the states and counties then-operating were seduced by the lure of federal kick-backs euphemistically known as "Federal Revenue Sharing" and "Federal Block Grants" into incorporating themselves as federal corporations.  

So even though it is called "The State of Wyoming Superior Court" or "The Clark County Court" what you are really dealing with is a federal franchise operation, just like a Burger King or Dairy Queen franchise, presided over by a District of Columbia Municipality Judge or Magistrate.   The correct description of all these courts is: federal courts, federated state court, and federated county courts, because they are all federal corporation franchise operations and they are all operating under international law of the sea, not law of the land at all.  

You have been purposefully mis-identified and mis-characterized in the public records as a federal citizen and federal citizens have no constitutional rights or guarantees.  In the same way, your courts have been usurped upon and foreign international law courts have been substituted for the land jurisdiction courts and public law you are owed.  

Keeping that additional Fat Fact in mind, please find or make the time to watch this video from the Lighthouse Law Club:  

So when Mark Emery describes the situation with the "Federal Courts" operating lawlessly and the Congress expediting this circumstance--- bear in mind that there is no real difference between the explicitly named federal courts and the so-called "State of________" and "County of__________" Courts.  

They are all "federal" because they took the bait and incorporated themselves as federal franchise corporations back in the 1960's. 

Are there any courts left in America?  Yes, a few.  The actual State Courts have a different name and are found established under the Session Laws of each state.  

Please note, I am a Justice for "The Alaska State Superior Court", not "The State of Alaska Superior Court".   I have also served as a Judge for the Postal District Court which operates the international land jurisdiction owed to Alaska.  

At this point, ignorance and sloth had nearly finished off the state republics, when a few Americans got busy and stood up. We delved through the lies and deceits used to disinherit and mis-characterize us as federal citizens.  We developed the ways and means to come back home to the land of our birth and reclaim our names and estates.  We re-populated our lawful land jurisdiction courts and served as Justices of the Peace and as Judges operating the Postal District Courts.  

Americans, wake up.  The Bar Associations and the members of Congress and some portions of the military services have conspired against you and against your country.  They have stolen you blind and they continue to pillage and plunder public trusts that they have established "in your NAME" without your knowledge or consent.  

They continue to deprive you of Due Process in foreign courts that merely substitute themselves for the courts you are owed.  

What's the answer?  Get up on your hind feet, educate yourselves, correct the falsified public documents, organize your unincorporated County Jural Assemblies and get this show on the road.  Elect your own justices of the peace to run your unincorporated state and county courts. Elect your own judges to run your international land jurisdiction courts known as Postal District Courts.  

Remember that this is a country where self-governance is not only a right, but a responsibility.  If you do not govern yourselves, you are opening your country and your backdoor to an endless parade of grafters and free-loaders and worse, who will be all too happy to govern you and profit from your ignorance.  

That is in fact what we have going on here, and while it is tempting to blame these crooks and charlatans and they surely bear the bulk of the responsibility for their errors and omissions---- the missing element needed to clean this mess up, is you.

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Anonymous said...

Only the Aboriginal is self governed. The colonist/pilgrim is governed by treaty and charter as long as he domiciles in a foreign land. Nothing you say will work because first off the USA is not a Country. The country you belong to is determined by your heritage and pedigree. The European has no pedigree or heritage in North America, only aristocracy, then naturalization but never nationalization. The Country / Morocco is under occupation by a foreign private military corporation called US inc.

Freewill said...

Actually we are the Aboriginal. The native Americans are the originals. I have spent much time with the originals of Turtle Island and am partially original myself. I have learned much and have a clear view of the forest through the trees.

Anonymous said...

This is pure love for country

penny4yerthoughts said...

not only the aboriginal can be self governing, native, indigenous americans/american "non-citizen" natonals are self governing via the republic and not "the governed" via democracy aka U.S./14th amendment/citizens of the United States and other various persons, individuals and resident aliens and that indirectly includes Corporate Indians under the BIA...

The colonist/pilgrim or Irish/American national (purely as an example) is self governing by international treaty that the U.S. has with Ireland per se, which precedes the Constitution etc,. technically those born on the land later over time 2nd and 3rd generations are native born, but since the 1930's obviously ALL native born and naturalized citizens automatically "naturalized" as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States and yes it is Constitutional through the 14th amendment and other various implied and expressed contracts ad nauseum; and yes ive heard the not ratified properly argument etc but for the Corporate U.S. good luck in court with that argument and the police officer on the side of the road.

The americas aboriginal/moor/mexican/native etc are the genuine people of the land and have allodial title through custom and continuity and are still under interntional treaty with the moor empire through the sultan etc,.

Unknown said...

actually an Heir of the Creator and citizen with the Saints has a superior standing, status and claim to even your so-called aboriginal.

Anonymous said...

Thomas deegan, We are talking land and nationality, which is an extension of the divine law you speak on. However an heir remains non descendible when he is not in his/her proper status. this is the scheme of the European in North America

Anonymous said...

Penny4 and Mr Freewill I challenge any being whom labors towards the restoration of the USA republic as Anna does, to restore the republic without the assistance and recognition of the aboriginal peoples. The organic constitution was ordained for the peaceful coexistence of two nations on one land. It is my conclusion , that Anna and many like her claim to be the rightful heir and beneficiary to assets which belong to another. the bulk of immigrants form the European/Dutch nations were indentured servants. its like attempting to "chop up" the body and transfer the title of a stolen car without acknowledgement that the car is stolen in the first place. FIRST you return the car to its rightful owner or heir to the car/property. In this case the European/dutch indentured servant (Anna) would not be the beneficiary or heir of stolen property, or property obtained by fraud. the USA citizen wealth comes from the business opportunity (commerce) of its government. The aboriginal/heir wealth comes from the land and its resources which are credited to the USA by constitution and treaty.

Freewill said...

No problem! I directly asked chief Kaneekaneet Agecoutay who is the last rightful claimant to his tribes land known as the entire Saskatchewan area located in Canada If he would accept my apology for the actions of my ancestors and what they have done. He said yes. Then I asked him what he wanted for payment and he responded that all originals want respect. Then I asked him if he would grant me my claim to the piece of land that I have in my possession in the area known as Michigan and he granted it to me.

If you want, you may go to the turtle island website and explore it and then contact them to verify Kaneekaneet Agecoutay and who he is. So as your challenge, I think I have answered it. I hear what you are saying and I realize you do not have all the facts though you may think you do. Education is a never ending process.

Freewill said...

Also if you want it, I can email you Kaneekaneet's Manifesto as I have it because he gave it to me.

Freewill said...

And now that I am thinking about it, Kaneekaneet and the other elders wrote a letter of recognition for our Michigan Assembly in 2013. We needed some international recognition and one of our recognition letters came from the originals tribes.

Anonymous said...

the European faces a conundrum.. if he honors HIS mother and father he would have to denounce being a "white man" and an American. He is going to be made to give up property that he thought was his, but it was only his in a false status. All men must honor there mothers and fathers . I know that much.

penny4yerthoughts said...

@anon yes you have not comprehended my article above or you would understand that i am in direct accordance with you. i think the one you need to speak with is the Moor Empire; they signed the treaties with the Europeans and U.S. allowing them here in the first place and they are still in place according to the Congressional records, hjr 75 and the george washington letters to name a few. since you did not obey your mother and father and allowed yourself to honor other gods, you have been "denationalized" and your staus changed to that of moor"ish", a black corporation or legal person that voluntarily gives his servitude and slaves away in jail for victimless crimes. So it is YOU that must prove yourself to your OWN people and organize, such as an anna, to make it happen. I think YOUR people are waiting on YOU to pick yourself up and make yourself whole again... man, know theyself in true proportion...

in reference to true land titles etc, aboriginals, natives, indigenous, native born or turtle people blah blah blah, my pesonal belief is if you go back in time, not sure how far you would want to go back, but when do we stop? haha, annunake, atlantis, le muria? you get my point. who really owns what? its is God's Universe in my view and we ALL are only stewards of the land, living souls having a human experience, just spending time on planet earth...

i am my soul, i do not OWN anything, it is only a temporal illusion, i just use, God willing, my body and i think we would all be much better off thinking that way.