Friday, December 15, 2017

Something in the Air

By Anna Von Reitz

Get out your Easy Rider Soundtracks and your grainy old audio files of Thunderclap Newman singing "Something in the Air", sit back on your heels and howl:  "We've got to get together sooner or later, because the Revolution is here.....and you know that it's right!" 

This is our country.  We are the employers.  We aren't going to sit here like sheep.  We aren't going to let our employees feed on us like parasites and run extortion rackets against us under color of law. We won't let them embezzle us blind at the behest of foreign banking interests, either.    

We aren't going to be silent.  We aren't going to be afraid in our own houses anymore.  We aren't going to listen to biased foreign-owned media anymore.  We aren't going to let our enemies educate our children anymore.  We aren't going to be ear-tagged and vaccinated like cattle anymore.  We aren't going to be "registered". 

We are not accepting any "title"----Mister, Miss, Missus, Esquire--- none of it.  

We are not residents, not citizens, not "Withholding Agents", not "persons", and we are not putting up with this crap anymore. 

If the "United States Army" wants to eat, it had better start doing its job and ride herd on the operations of the Bar Associations.  It better honor its actual duty to protect us, our assets, our money, and our borders.  

Or guess what? There isn't going to be a "United States Army" anymore.  No misnamed "Department of Defense" either.  

We will roll it all over--- every jeep, every tank, every airfield, hammer, and drum of oil-- to the the "American Armed Forces" and tell the vermin among us to do what damage they may with the Puerto Rican Navy and the Home Guard on Guam. 

It's our Army. Our money. Our sons and daughters.  Nobody else's.  

Any banks don't like it?  Nationalize them and their assets.  Now.  Every penny and franc goes back to the rightful owners.  All the stock portfolios and bonds, too. 

Congress? Wants to run its little Municipal Government as a Ponzi Scheme against us? Run up all sorts of unauthorized expenses,claim bankruptcy for themselves, and leave us holding the bag?  Oh, yeah?  

Quarantine the rats to their ten square miles. After a couple of months of embargo, all the people left in Washington, DC will take a democratic 51% vote and eat each other; the rest of us will be rid of them and all the things they have done "for" us and to us and "in our names" at last.  

Nationalize all 185,000 municipal corporations that have been chartered under our delegated authority.  Nationalize all territorial corporations that have been chartered under our delegated authority. Nationalize every corporate patent, trademark, service mark, font, style, land description and time marker created under our delegated authority. 

Fly your United States Civil Flag and stand there and smile--- because guess what?  You are an American civilian and you are owed the Law of Peace and this really is your country and you are the only reason any government exists at all. 

You are the ones that the government--at all levels--is supposed to serve.  

Buy the flags on our order page here:  

For more information on the flag Go to or email or call 307-200-4503.

Declare the peace this Christmas.  Do it now.  

Everyone on my Christmas list this year is getting a US Civil Flag.  Get yours now and share the joy while supplies last.  

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penny4yerthoughts said...

got em already on my shirt, flying from my house and sitting on my desk...

just some dude with dsl said...

Sure lets buy a flag, cause thats gonna fix the problem,,, Check please... 800 more posts of words that do nothing and cause me to question this joy while supplies last? It sucks when I have to bag on some old lady that has a website. But here we are. Ive never seen such a total load of BS. Anna Von may have some valid opinions, but she doesn't get to the point and asking for US to buy flags, pretty much confirms she is delusional. Do you really need more proof Freewill?

Anonymous said...

Hey DSL- She GETS to the point, YOU, just don't GET OR UNDERSTAND the point, OK? Do us all a favor, and S-L-O-W-L-Y- back away from the lemon crumpets-Green tea might clear your thinking, too!