Thursday, December 28, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

The actions and facts we have described for everyone are all matters of Public Record and not subject to debate.
There has not been a lawful government in power in this country since 1860, but there now is. 

The hereditary Head of State has taken definitive action to end any presumption of Interregnum and called in all the debts and exemptions owed to this country, its states and its people.  We have not abandoned as much as a silver dime.  

Together with allied Native leaders we are moving steadily forward to reclaim our country in behalf of the actual nation-states and living people, restoring the state republics and the self-governance we are owed.

Our Public Servants need to face facts, come to heel, and actually do what they are paid to do.  Defend the actual states and people.  Conduct the business with a straight face and honest accounting.  Issue the lawful currency.

 Assist us in restoring the government we are owed.  Nationalize the criminal banks. Shut down their patented and trademarked Foreclosure Mill.  Ride herd on these hopelessly corrupt corporate courts.  Stop the registration of people and their private assets.  Quit the weird weapons testing.  Tell the UN where to get off.  Fire every clerk at the Patent Office.  And generally speaking, wake to Hell up.

If you let our land jurisdiction government sink under the waves ---we’ve got news for all of you.  No land jurisdiction means no sea jurisdiction. All the corporations created under our auspices go down the drain if we do, regardless of where they are in the world, regardless of whether they are territorial or municipal.  All the corporations..... ALL THE CORPORATIONS.....

Read and repeat as many times as necessary.

Better get on board the only true Ship of State still sailing and grab an oar and thank God that there is still an oar to grab.   The Idiot Americans woke up just in time to save themselves----and all of you.

Pope Francis?  Cardinal Mamberti?  Cardinal Pell?  We, the American states and people, are here, alive, well, standing on the land with our porting treaty cured, demanding discharge of all bonds held in our NAMES and the return of all our assets.  We are owed discharge of these issues via probate, not bankruptcy.  There is no interregnum.  There is no “National Debt”. 

And there is no excuse. 

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Anonymous said...

Pope Francis waived all individual immunity for any Corporate agent worldwide under Papal (Vatican) authority w September 2013. All Corporations ultimately fall under Papal (Vatican) authority, and everyone employed by a registered Corporation be it governmental or independent corporation (including registered for profit and even non profit charities and societies) and the registered Corporate owners and directors are now all liable legally here on earth below and spiritually above in heaven. Anna knowS the law on earth and in heaven LOL! It is the Universal Golden rule of do no harm, love thy brothers and sisters, honor our parents, do not lie, cheat, covet, commit adultery or kill. Jesus taught that to hate your brother is to commit murder and to "JUDGE NOT, LESS YE BE JUDGED BY THE SAME STANDARD AFTER DEATH. TIME FOR THE HATERS SINNERS, THIEVES AND MURDERS TO REPENT OR FACE GOD'S LOVING KARMA OF THEIR OWN SINFUL LAWLESSNESS AFTER DEATH FROM GOD WHO WILL ENSURE EACH CHILD OF GOD WHO HAS FALLEN INTO SINNING AND HARMING OTHERS WILL LEARN THE LESSON OF WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT GOD'S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. LOVE CREATES MORE LOVE AND HATE AND SIN DESTROY LOVE. LAWLESS BULLIES EVENTUALLY LEARN THE HARD WAY IT IS TRULY THIS SIMPLE. LOL LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. NO ONE MAY HARM WITHOUT LEGAL LIABILITY ON EARTH AND SPIRITUAL LIABILITY ABOVE IN THE ASTRAL WORLDS... TELLING LAWLESS SINNING BULLIES TO CHANGE THEIR ACTIONS IS THE MOST LOVING, KIND MERCY WE CAN SHARE.
BUT A BULLY THINKS THEY ARE BEING ABUSED IF THEY CAN'T GET THEIR WAY.. Look Pope Francis Papal Decree on line. It's there for everyone to see. No one may pretend they are ignorant of the laws on Earth or in Heaven. Man made laws of tribes and societies and Religious Doctrine was created for a very real reason. They are to be lived, not distorted or ignored for personal temporary earthly power and material gain. The poor, meek and humble god loving and repentent sinners and law abiding WILL INHERIT THE EARTH AND LIVE IN PEACE AND LOVE.