Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Why a Woman?

By Anna Von Reitz

The more chauvinistic elements of the Jewish faith and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Faiths  have asked me-- why would God choose a woman to act as Fiduciary for Our Redeemer? 

I answer that He has always chosen women to be the keepers of His House.  Uh-duh....

The wisest among you all have always known that this particular position would be held by a woman and most definitely not a man.

There is a reason that all the top financial decisions among the Israelis are always made by a group of elderly women. 

And what am I? 

An elderly woman. 

Hello?  What is so strange or even questionable about this? 

It is the Divine Feminine that is the caretaker of the House and the Body.  It is the Divine Masculine that is the caretaker of the forest and the field.  Thus He ordained it from the beginning and so it is to this day. 

Men think in terms of machines. Women think in terms of life. 

The correct balance is achieved when the needs and perspectives of both are honored. 

How do you make sure that both are honored?  Put the woman in charge of the purse strings. 

Her love of her husband will cause her to honor him and his needs, and her love of life will lead her to honor life, so that all things are fulfilled and sustained in balance. 

Men, generally speaking, do not have the rounded edges that come from many years of cleaning up baby poop and dog vomit, of trudging to the market, of buying and preparing food, of housework and nursing the sick and caring for the dying and tending the garden. 

In a sense, the world that most men live in is not real.  In the ultimate sense, then, they are disconnected and ill-prepared  to make choices about the true and actual value of investments. 

Our Father knows this. So do we, if we stop for five seconds and think about it. 

The Israelis are not the only ones to know and honor this truth. Traditional Native cultures around the world follow the same pattern. The Clan Mothers make the financial and investment decisions. 

Over the course of the past year I have had many male (and some female) bankers approach me and try to bamboozle me into various kinds of usury and investment that serves to benefit them and their schemes, and only secondarily produces any good result for the world at large. 

They are always amazed when I see through them and gently let them know that I am not deceived. 

They think that their world of high finance is so complicated and advanced -- how could a little old lady see through it all? 

It's because she sees with the eyes of God, not men.  

Indeed, a spider's web is complex, but it is still comprehensible. It is still just a spider's web.  And a childrens' game, even a childrens' game that is unfamiliar to you, is still just a childrens' game. If you observe it being played you can deduce what the goals and rules are, and then you can tell when a child is cheating, also. 

No big mysteries. 

Think of your own Mother or Grandmother when you were little and you tried to get into the cookie jar or steal away with your brother's favorite toy truck.   Did she always know? 

Same thing. World finance is as simple as that. Anyone can understand it. 

This is not a job I wanted or which I chose for myself. It is the job I have been given and appointed to perform. If anyone wants to argue, they can argue with Him. 

Nobody could be more amazed than I am myself, but it is what it is. 

I turned to Our Father in gratitude one day and said, "You have so greatly blessed me. There must have been a reason? There must be something You want me to do....so, whatever it is, here I am...." 

And here I am. 

That is the long and short of it. I was willing to go and do whatever He wanted me to do, and He sent me.  Simple as that. 

Now it is up to the rest of the world to come to terms with the work to be done, the restoration and reinvestments to be made, and the mechanics of it all. 

Rest assured that I am divinely guided and not the Author of what I do in this regard.  Rest assured that just as He sent me, He has sent others to help and to make sure that nothing goes astray. 

And be assured that despite whatever evil men may say or do, His Will for the Earth and for Mankind, not theirs, will be fulfilled. 

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Anonymous said...

When you start getting into stating that you are divinely chosen, you lose all credibility. This claim is only made by those who cannot prove anything they say is true, so they want you to accept it because some "higher authority" has said it is true. Fake judge anna's true colors are now coming out.

Anonymous said...

Judge Anna I want to thank you for all the work you have done for nankind at G0d's
Behest.I have been follwing you and rest assured I was sent by God to you and I will help
As I know intuitively through Him it is the way to go .God bless you and I love that you ljstened to Him to help us al

Anonymous said...

The joke is on you anon @ 11:53 Get a life.

“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”
― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Unknown said...

amen. i have known it for years and have e-mails with her to prove her true colors. she is anything but godly privately when she thinks nobody will see it.

Anonymous said...

Only those on the good path....can feel, Judge Anna is on the right path - - ANON 1153 can't feel that - - Sorry for him - SIGNED:( reader vb )

Anonymous said...

What joke? And what does that Shakespeare quote have to do with anything here? Simply because I point out the truth, and you cannot show otherwise, does not mean I am the one without a life.

Anonymous said...

We are all divinely chosen

Freewill said...

I have yet seen anything that Anna has put out that can't be proven. She is gifted with a unique ability and for those of you whom resent that.. I feel sorry for you.

Anna is a chosen one as far as I am concerned. It shows in the fruits of her work. I may also be a chosen one. But maybe for a different purpose. I am the only one that I have heard of that has been able to use Dinar at a rate of $95 per Dinar to pay the bankrupt corporate state for a fictitious debt they claimed I owed them. I am the only one that I know of that ever had the Coastguard into a state court over a traffic ticket to go after the judge for inland piracy. I am the only one that I know of that has been forbidden from entering a Federal Court over suing the bankrupt state for 1.3 billion dollars for multiple felony accusations because they knew I would win hands down. I am the only one who has a burning desire to do what ever it takes to educate others on how to take back what is rightfully ours by rebuilding the original jurisdiction government assemblies at grass roots county level as our founding fathers did. I keep going all though 99% of those I reach out to don't get it or are too scared to get involved and do it themselves. I have the ability to entertain a thought even though I may not agree with it. I just keep going at it! Am I a chosen one? Who knows. It may be possible!

Freewill said...

I agree!

Unknown said...

Wow! I am impressed, Freewill! Thank you....you are an inspiration to the rest of us who are too cowardly to face reality!

Anonymous said...

Freewill, I will say with those accomplishments and many more to come, yes, you are a chosen one.

The first jump is the hardest, and there are people that pay attention to what appears to be failure which is actually part of the successes.

I know people who think that if someone is in jail, they did something wrong, or that means the jailed one cannot win.

You proved that is not true.
Paul Andrew Mitchell was subjected to 'diesel therapy' and many, many, many months in jail until after his release, with all charges dismissed with only the clothes on his back in winter in a strange town, one of them fed him, got him clothes, paid for a room, and paid for him to have bus transportation to the city he once lived in.

There are many more, but as we know the internet has those that aren't doing anything, or they are doing things that are counter-intuitive to the things they claim they want to see happen.

I have a list of things that I am the only one I know who has done it, and your list Freewill, is not from a process, it's not from bunching up in some group, it's from your own knowing and doing and stepping out on 'who you are', and making changes.

My list is not from a process, it is from knowing from studying and applying and leave the fear ( a form of control).
Choice is a form of control, as long as people have a choice, they think they are choosing the 'side' that is better than the 'side'.
Neo told Morpheus Zion was just another form of control from the Architect.
Republican vs Democrat, this religion/that religion, pro-life/pro-choice, home school/public education, this restroom/that restroom, this poll/that poll, de facto/de jure, guilty/not guilty

Judge Anna, I keep her address close so I can send what I can to help with her calling, and she's grateful and gracious. Congratulations on being selected, I have no issues with it.

Thanks Freewill, for stepping up to the plate of life and doing your part to change the main course.

Freewill said...

Part 1
Thanks. I have my beliefs and I live by what feels right. I am very stubborn and reject authority. Have always been that way. Been in trouble many times while growing up as a kid and been in jail often as an adult because of it. However I have never done anyone wrong. I respected others. When I was in school I would not pay attention in class and would not do my homework yet I would ace every test put in front of me. They used to accuse me of cheating and could not understand my ability to figure things out with logic. One year the teachers and my mother had me in a classroom on a Saturday and drilled me with a large variety of tests that ranged from 5th grade level to college level and I aced them all. School always felt like a waste of time to me as I could not seem to learn anything I didn't already know. I ended up dropping out half way through the tenth grade and obtained a GED two weeks later. I guess without ever knowing it I failed my indoctrination engineered by the elite. I am grateful for this today. I was never trained to be a good little slave to the corporation. I was seven years old when I rebuilt my first gasoline powered engine. 15 years old I was working in a new and used tool and machine store rebuilding old mills, lathes, grinders, and about any other machine I ran across. Also at that age I was building phase converters so people could purchase 3 phase machinery and run them in their home garages on single phase power. Nobody taught me these things. I learned by myself hands on. I excelled at everything I did all my life. My real calling was not discovered until 2007 when I was done wrong by a judge who blatantly broke the law right in front of me by barring me from my grandmother's land when I had the durable power of attorney over that land and home. I by law had full ownership rights and was barred from it. That triggered me to pursue how that judge could do that to me and I dove head first into learning the law. That is when I discovered everything Judge Anna is trying to teach the people today. It has been an amazing adventure that I have been on over the last 10 years and it has redefined me. They messed with the wrong guy here! It has become a desire of my existence to free myself and my children from this tyranny and enslavement system that I had discovered that we are all trapped in. I will stand in front of the man and tell him to his face that I defy him and his agenda of enslavement because that is my nature. Even when they kidnapped me and kept me caged up for a 137 days they could not break me!

Freewill said...

Part 2

Many readers here can remember when I was kidnapped a couple years ago. My brother with the assistance of Olive Oyl and Popeye kept this blog going. I was even able to hack the jail library computer to get on the outside Internet and login to this blog and occasionally post a message or two. I thank all those who made donations to me during that time as there was quite a cost in fees with the Federal court. Some of the money donated helped me in the jail to get extra clothing and snacks. That meant much to me. I spent most of my waking time reading books in jail. I even got a copy of Judge Anna's Disclosure 101. I taught many others in jail about law and what it really is. I taught others how to refile their cases and get out of jail. The cartel bosses didn't like that very much and wanted to get me out of their jail because too many inmates were learning the truth and redoing their cases and getting released and filing their own cases in federal court going after the state. That was funny. Of course it helped that I was good friends with Carl Miller and a few others that had similar knowledge to assist me on the outside. Yes Carl Miller the Constitution guy with the youtube videos. He is an old fishing partner of mine. Anyway I have ended up on a "Do-Not-Detain-List" and have not been messed with since I was finally released a couple years ago. I hold a claim of fraud for 1.3 billion over the corporate state. They know it will move forward and will be doubled if they mess with me again and with Gorsuch being appointed by Trump in the Supreme Court, I will take it all the way to him. Prima Facia case like mine is a definite winner and they know it. So now I spend my time and energy assisting with the re-establishment and rebuilding of the Original jurisdiction republic grass roots county level assemblies of the people in body politic. Time for the people to self govern and tell that Corporate UNITED STATES that their services are no longer required.

Freewill said...

Part 3

I hope this is enough to inspire others to get involved in reseating their own county and state assemblies so that nobody else has to go through what I have gone through. It has been a sacrifice on my part to challenge the criminal cartel that is in control of all of us. I hope this gives a bit of an understanding to you the reader of what drives me to be who I am and why I do what I do. Many claim I am nuts for it and others admire it. I just want a better world for my kids and grand kids. I am willing to do what it takes to make it happen. I just hope that all of you have a desire and inspiration to get up and get out there and do what needs to be done. You all have it easy compared to what I went through to get to where I am. Pick up the torch and run with it! Get your county assembly reseated and start self governing! Take back our freedom and independence!

Freewill said...

I think I will make this a post on it's own. Maybe call it A glimpse into the life of Freewill and what drives me..