Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Big News: John Kerry, H.W. Bush, George Soros, George W. Bush and Peter Munk Indicted for TREASON concerning 9/11 Attack.

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Subject Matter : Big News: John Kerry, H.W. Bush, George Soros, George W. Bush and Peter Munk Indicted for TREASON concerning 9/11 Attack.
My Fellow Americans,
Yesterday is a day that will live in infamy forever. You should take note of the fact that we have now publicly indicted GEORGE SOROS, PETER MUNK, GEORGE W. BUSH, JOHN BRENANN, JOHN MCCAIN and many more including HILLARY CLINTON for the commission of capital treason when it comes to the attacks done on America the date of September 11, 2001
Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001. On September 11, 2001 the definition of National Security changed for most U.S. citizens. For an entire postwar generation, “National Security” meant protection from nuclear attack. On that day, Americans red ...

This is official, however for obvious reasons the courts or actions where these are ongoing will not be disclosed right now. One of them where this evidence is now on record is the high court of Nevada, as it relates directly to
Uranium One and the role of that entity in the black-op attacks against america.
CHENEY receives the death penalty and we'll take one for the team on that one given all the shots we took.
In the next update, we will have more relevant facts concerning these cases. Needless to say, with this
deluge of important evidence along with requests from our national audience things are getting quite tumultous.
Obviously we need to keep this short. GEORGE SOROS is about to have more problems than he imagined with numerous state felony charges swarming against him in various federal state and official district courts.
H.W. BUSH, GEORGE W. BUSH and EDGAR BRONFMAN will be taken down quickly. This will make this official traitor to the nation GEORGE SOROS be on the run, wishing for a day where he never dreamt up the 9-11 attacks in a backwater station outside switzerland.
EMD Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) Committee. EMD Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) Mid-Year Committee Report Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., Chair December 12, 2011 Vice-Chairs: Robert Odell, P.G., (Vice-Chair: Industry), Consultant, Casper, WY Steven N. Sibray, P.G., (Vice-Chair: University), University of ...

Of course, we have given GEORGE BUSH Jr. a much harsher sentence than most of you god-fearing flock would have gave because we hate his attitude and not much else.
We officially cannot stand that insufferable twit GEORGE BUSH Jr so we ordered he face a full-on firing squad, or approximately twenty years in the Guantanamo bay prison system. We think this might be the only thing that straightens him out, but rest assured he received one of the harshest sentences of all.
Of course we aren't making the decision, we're giving GEORGE BUSH Jr. a fifty-fifty chance. The same fifty-fifty chance they gladly gave nearly all of us, where it concerns five years in jail or instant death.
So our hands are now clean of the matter, the Military can opt to do one of two things:
->X.1) They can order GEORGE BUSH Jr. face twenty years behind bars in Guantanamo style conditions.
->X.2) They can order GEORGE BUSH Jr. face an instant firing squad.
Some think GWB could never be as evil as his father, and those people have a point. Of course the military and the army also has their own points. The choice as always, is up to them and is out of our hands.
OBAMA also has no defense for his official crimes now concerning Uranium One. To plead ignorance of consequences is no defense in court. It will certainly not help any of them now!!
Perhaps nearly all of them face a reckoning of the death penalty. There is no coming back from the nationally recognized crime of treason, as it's serious enough to warrant disdain for the very word.
Obama, Bush, Clinton and George Soros all assets frozen by executive order:
I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in ...

Hillary Clinton indicted multiple times on money laundering charges, other high acts of treason
As you can gather from all the high charges against SOROS things are getting mighty serious. Watch your six at all times now, especially anytime you travel as we are now in avalanche mode.
Jay Lowe


Katman said...

Any Public Servant that supports the mass immigration, the trespassing of the borders by illegal trespassers should be tried for treason.
All BUMs, BAR UNION MEMBERS, BAR RATS are guilty of barratry & personage, have NO defense as ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse, INSTEAD it is a just cause of action. Included in the round ups for execution NOT JAIL should include the politicians that supported the banksters, their accountants aka enablers, as well as drug mfgs, the Board of Directors for willfully knowingly harming our children!
Many POLICE should be locked up as well - as POLICE are COPs aka Criminals on Patrol, DDDTs "DANGEROUS, DISINGENUOUS, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS"
posing as Peace Officers as it the POLICE willfully, wantonly, intentionally "breach the peace"contrary to the rule, letter, intent & spirit of the law & their job descriptions!

Anonymous said...

The only sentence for the act of treason is death.

Dan said...

Bernie Suarez brings up about Q-Anon links on the Cabal and 9/11:
Breaking- New Q-Anon Post Puts Patriots On High Alert Nationwide! 12-25-17
Truth and Art TV
Published on Dec 25, 2017

Unknown said...

George Bush Jr. face a firing squad and yet almost no mention of Obama with a freaking forged birth certificate, two names, a stolen social security number and countless other CRIMINAL acts? No wonder we are in the mess we are in!!

marie said...


redones said...

quick who is jay lowe someone help thanks

Katman said...

There are many ways for TRAITORS to death.
A slow painful death is preferable, as the pain, suffering
they caused is a shock to conscience to All G-d fearing,
law abiding people everywhere!

Sleep deprivation & starvation in a cold, dark, dungeon w/ rats, can be considered -
as NO suffering can ever bring back loved ones or ever dull the pain of a loss close family member or friend!

Anonymous said...

This Article is "PURE" BS-Just MORE FAKE NEWS-The Author who wrote this is No Different Then "THEM" A F&%@KING DECEIVER of the Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Child Of SATAN!

Anonymous said...

Where are the indictments? The headline says Clinton indicted, but the story says there were merely complaints to the FEC. This is sensationalism at its best.

Oh, and doesn't Trump's executive order seizing property without a court order violate the 4th amendment?

Dan said...

This guy believes that the 14th Amendment with a National Emergency Trump can make sure you don't pay any more Debts:
After Q anon Qanon it could be ILLEGAL TO PAY DEBTS. Check it out, yo!
Published on Dec 25, 2017

Anonymous said...

I agree and they deserve it, hope we live to witness it, especially Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

just some dude with dsl said...

Not all cops are bad and i support my local Police!!! Firing squad is the easy way out, 20 years in a cuban jail is punishment. Enjoy the craft service. Dont bag on cops, they are trying to deal with this bs.....

Anonymous said...

And we should not forget to put BENJAMIN NETANYAHU On that list for treason and Genocide, as he was Director of Mossad at the Time, also that list of his CRIMES Are the London Transport bombing and attack, the two Paris Attacks and the sabotage and Murder of the Polish presidents Plane in Feb 2010,and a lot more, and he was walking in Plain Site in many of these acts of genocide. TONY LANE

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, S.D.R. Diplomatic Passports No. 04362, 12535 said...


Anonymous said...

Stew Webb gives names to some of the 9/11 indictments, and also what happened to the real passenger planes (which were not the ones that hit the WTC or Pentagon or PA field.)
Huge Indictments Over 9 11! It's Happening Now Death Penalty Demanded ~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5KzVdq5mr0

Anonymous said...

Ok,. If is pure BS, just show Us otherwise.

Freewill said...

I would like to see the evidence in support of this being BS as well...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 26, 2017 at 5:16 PM- You are either a troll, a shill or simply out of the loop of today's events. Any one of the three descriptions would fit you perfectly. You have the exact same mentality and method of expression of other nearly identical 'comments' on this blog. You obviously don't have any 'evidence' of your statement because you never provide that evidence - therefore, I would say that all of us should consider this 'poster' an ignorant agent of the enemy ordered to visit various blogs with the job to TRY to discredit any and all REAL NEWS. Ignore him and don't give him any more of our time. He's on the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 26, 2017 at 6:05 PM - Either you are the same igmo as Anonymous December 26, 2017 at 5:16 PM or just as ill informed. Since when are indictments open to the public so early in the game to be able to produce to the public? And Trump's executive order seizing property of those indicted - so you are the authority on this? Does it not make sense to you that the funds and anything to produce funds on behalf of the guilty to aid them in their escape of justice would not be seized in order to more insure they stick around for sentencing? C'mon on now - I'm trying to make this simple for you and get it down on your level of 'understanding'! Think about it - IF you can!