Sunday, December 17, 2017

Commercial Feudalism

By Anna Von Reitz

Some time ago I used the term “Commercial Feudalism” to describe the new face of the old evil in our midst.  It’s very simple.  We have allowed corporations to act as kings, and they are now doing what kings do to subjects.  They are doing this in the name of profits instead of bloodlines, but it is the same system and has the same results.


A fan recently sent me an article about Karen Hudes and 188 national leaders all getting together and making more agreements for us.  A new “Treaty of Versailles”---or so they call it.   
I felt a grim and evil wave of sarcasm wash over me: as if we hadn’t had more than enough Treaties of Versailles already?  As if any of them were ever honored?

The words of crooks are never worth the paper they are printed on, not two hundred years ago, not now, not ever.  And calling it a “treaty” doesn’t make it one.  In case Karen forgot, actual sovereign governments make treaties.  Corporations do not.

Now ask yourselves what does “national leader” mean?

It turns out that all these “national leaders” are representing corporations--- not nations of people and not countries.  They are deciding the future of CANADA (INC.) and CHINA (INC.), for example, not Canada and China--- but they will willingly pretend that they have granted authority to make decisions for the people and the sovereign governments---when in fact they do not.
Picture the situation: you have a 188 Robber Barons all getting together with the Pirate Queen and foisting off their activities as the lawful process of actual sovereign governments --- and the victims are too dumbed down and complacent to realize that they are being cheated out of everything by these corporate suits and charlatans.
The UNITED STATES (INC.) is not our government, and neither is the USA (INC.) and neither is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) and neither is THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (INC.) and so on and on.  Our actual government is not and has never been and can never be incorporated. Period.

So how can this be happening?

Pretend that you are an alien from outer space and you are confused.  You look around and you see all these huge American corporations so you assume that they represent America, right? 
In a sense, they do, but in the sense of being our rightful government, they do not.  Therein lies the rub.

In a feudal system there is a King who extracts labor and money from his subjects to run the kingdom.  In the realm of commercial feudalism, the parent corporation extracts money and labor from its franchisees to run the operation.  There is no practical difference.

The various Presidents and CEOs are elected instead of inheriting their office, but so what?  Once in office they act as kings and queens: name their nobles as senior vice-presidents, secretaries of this and that, district managers, and partners, establish corporate “policies” as laws, form alliances with some companies, declare “war” on others, and most importantly for this discussion --- tax, traffic, obligate, and parasitize their employees to gain their objectives.

This may somewhat be condoned as it applies to actual employees, as the actual employees have knowingly and voluntarily agreed to exchange their rights for benefits and have sold their time on Earth for a price---but what about the serfs?  ---people who don’t get a paycheck from the corporation and who are simply bullied into giving time and money to the corporation as a result of racketeering and extortion by bands of paid thugs?

IRS Agents or Inquisitors.  Flip a coin.

It’s the same system.  It functions in exactly the same way.

The same unbridled, lawless, uncontrolled lusts for power and money that drove the European Monarchies have been carried forward globally by corporations today, to create their own form of feudalism.

And we, the people and actual governments that charter these organizations are being enslaved, just as the serfs were enslaved--- only worse.

The most abused serfs in Europe during the Middle Ages gave up 25% of the value of their labor and time to the King.  Today, it is not uncommon for people to be taxed over 60% of their labor and time to support various levels and layers of incorporated government--- and the perpetrators who benefit from this system tell us that this is “voluntary” while they put their boots to our throats, press-gang us into military service, steal our identities and traffic our children as industrial products of sweat labor contracts.
They have even gone so far as to proclaim that we have no rights at all.  And no ability to own property. And that we are incompetent.  Behind our backs, they call us “livestock” and treat us as such--- all while taking their sustenance from our pockets and reducing the quality of our lives for their own enrichment.

By any rational standard, these people are criminals.  Al Capone would blush.

But hey, if you are content to be a mindless serf in a feudal system, the modern corporations are well on their way to creating a seamless program of indoctrination and “life-cycle harvesting” ---their exact words---  designed to make false commercial claims against you and your natural assets from the moment of your conception.

Let’s give you just one simple and old (circa 1700) example of this organized criminality and the reason they want to kill billions of people now.

Once they have glommed onto your Given Name and created a franchise for themselves named after you, they issue bonds based on the estimated value of your lifetime labor and estate.  Let’s just say that this amount is $600,000.00 USD per baby.  They deposit these bonds with the Depository Trust Corporation which then issues the credit to the perpetrators.  At the same time, they take out million dollar life insurance policies on their new chattel.

See the schtick now?

They just pledged your lifetime earnings and the value of whatever assets you might own to investors--- $600,000.00 worth---and got paid for selling an interest in “YOU”--- and then they turned around and set up a life insurance policy on “YOU” worth $1,000,000.00. 
Talk about a safe bet, no?

When you die, they are guaranteed to make back the bond amount plus a tidy profit.
And if you die sooner, they turn their profit sooner.  That’s why the emphasis on infanticide and baby killing.

Not only that, if they kill their Priority Creditors they don’t have to pay back what they already owe to them, get to claim all the “abandoned” assets left behind by the victims of whatever Holocaust they unleash, and, they get to charge all their expenses off onto the survivors – as payment owed for the service of killing everyone.

Of course, according to them, there is always some noble purpose involved in this filthy business, and just as predictably, there never is. 

Now the criminals responsible for these vile practices and evil circumstances are throwing fits and making threats, as their plans have failed and all their aims have gone astray.  They are going to destroy the world, they brag, as if this were something notable and good---or even anything different from all that they’ve ever done.

No matter what they say, the horrors of Corporate Feudalism will not be allowed: the Lion of Judah stands in their way and the Kingdom of Heaven has come, so they must flee like empty shadows and soon they will be gone.

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just some dude with dsl said...

Sorry but does she ever just get to the point?

Anonymous said...

9:33 a.m.- She did! Read the last two paragraphs, or sentences.......

Anonymous said...

She puts out so much word salad it is hard to believe it just comes from one person. I think there are a number of people writing and putting it out in her name. All of this article is nonsense.

The internal revenue laws as written are constitutional. She just can't read. See David Myrland's great work on 26 USC 83 (on youtube)to see how the law is constitutionally applied to a paycheck earned within the 50 states. Check out Pete Hendrickson at to see how the IRS tricks you into using the word "wages" and therefore admit you are a government employee and owe the income (privilege) tax. Combine this information and you have everything you need to stop giving your hard earned money to the beast. It is all there for you right in the law. USE IT! and stop whining about 'corporate' government nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It is only NONSENSE because you don't want to understand it- The people owe the I.R.S. nothing, and there is NO law that says anyone has to, or needs to pay taxes, and if you go about it the right way, you wouldn't either, OK? You just need to be smart about it- Just like the father that took his 8 year old son hunting, for the very first time in his life, and along the trail they were walking, the son looks down on the ground, and sees some rabbit turds, pulls his father aside, without making a lot of noise, points and asks, 'Dad, what are these things', and his father replied, 'those are 'SMART' pills, try a couple of them', so the boy did, and quickly said after he spit them out, 'jeez dad, those things taste like shit', and his father replied with a trying straight face, and said, 'see, you're getting 'SMARTER' already! It's called, 'Learning by doing'-