Saturday, December 16, 2017

Please Note -- The State Chartered Credit Unions Are Ours

By Anna Von Reitz

The State Chartered Credit Unions are held under the charter of The United States of America (Unincorporated).   They are specifically designed to serve living people and unincorporated businesses.  

As such, they don't offer all the services of commercial banks, but they do offer all the advantages of private banking---- meaning security from bail-outs and bail-ins, relative freedom from government snooping, the ability to deal in actual assets and money, and many other advantages.

By the time we realized this most of the state chartered credit unions were long dead and gone, but since we realized it there has been a remarkable resurgence and proliferation of groups getting organized under state charters and, more importantly, established "federal credit unions"  converting their federal and "state of state" charters over to actual state charters.  

Here in Alaska we were down to just one state chartered credit union, Credit Union One, a small, down-at-heels institution for sure, with nothing very impressive to recommend it, except that it is private and safe and secure in a way that other institutions are not.  Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, and according to one's purposes.  

If you want a safer, more private, more people-oriented banking experience and the ability to deal in actual assets and lawful money, look for a state chartered credit union.  It may take a little research to find one and you will need to ask questions to make sure that what you are dealing with is not "state of state" or federal credit union simply using the word "state" or a state's name as part of their business name. 

The people at our local state credit union were pleasantly surprised that we knew the difference and had come looking for them. It was almost like Old Home Week, with smiles and knowing nods and evident gratification on their faces that somebody, somewhere, finally woke up and realized that living people need to do their banking with institutions specifically chartered to serve and protect them and their assets. 

Among all the other things that you never knew and which nobody told you and which you are learning here, write this one down:  state chartered credit unions have the correct charter to serve the living people and their unincorporated businesses.  Such credit unions can interface with the commercial banking world and be "in it, but not of it" --- certainly an important point for Christians and anyone else who doesn't care to be part of the current commercial system. 

So--- look around and start making changes and conscious decisions.  One bank isn't just like another.  Seriously review the services that a state chartered credit union provides and see if those services are sufficient for your needs.  In most cases, the answer will be yes, and you will be better off in terms of privacy, security, and service to make the switch to a state chartered credit union.  

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Anonymous said...

What happened to that bank you were setting up?

Anonymous said...

The matrix is a system Neo.
That system is our enemy.
When you're inside an you look around, what do you see, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters; the very minds of the people we are trying to save.
But until we do, these people are still a part of 'that' system; and that makes them our enemy.

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.
And many of them or so inured hopelessly dependent on the system that they would fight to protect it.
inure (v.)
opera "work" (from PIE root *op- "to work, produce in abundance"). Meaning "toughen or harden by experience" is from late 15c.

People are part of the system, they protect the system but say they don't want it.
They say the system is fake, not real, not law, but they vote for people to control the fake, not real, not law.
They say they want the fake people arrested, and would they not be also arrested for assisting in keeping the rest of the people captured by this fake, not real, not law system.

They post the true details of the system, and every 4 years they get excited about the fake system and support the fake leader because they believe in their support of the fake system they will help destroy it.

They protect what they believe in, and they believe in fake things.

Anna, as long as you are real, the fake people will always attack you with fake arguments.
They do nothing to help the real be more prevalent, they only call out how the real is less prevalent, because they are supporting the fake.

They are plugged in, so ignore them, they know not what they do, and if they do know, they do not care, so do nothing to alter their state of mind, they lock their own doors, and throw away their own keys.

When they see the Creator, and are asked what did they do to 'save' your people (Save your/savior) they will claim all the support, but the book of life has their signature on voter registrations, and their comments against any structure that would interfere with the system they want to keep.

Voters should be convicted of treason for keeping the Republic from forming by aligning with the fake government and claiming allegiance to it.

Treason is treason. Not the pot calling the kettle black, someone identifying the pot and kettle are both black, and neither wants to admit who they are and what they do.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps anna is the fake keeping you misdirected and therefore plugged into the very system you refer to. Since she has been proven wrong many times here with real, non-answered facts and issues, I think anna is the misdirection keeping all of you worshippers plugged in.

learnfromhistory said...

Anna is no fake and her history lessons are correct. Now back to the post itself. Here is a link to an article from August 2017. It is about switching from a federal charter to a state charter. Good info for this post from Anna.

P.S. No more laws passed by Congress that does not apply to them. Obamacare does not apply to them and drug laws do not apply to them either as they exempt themselves from bad laws. Congress critters ALL need a drug test PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

If you say anna is no fake, then you can provide answers to all of the facts and issues she has posted I have proven are incorrect. I provide proof, not just opinions, but nobody else does. Please post those responses to those issues and prove me wrong. And no, I am not going to post them again as they have been posted here several times with no responses. However, as an example, Freewill continues to refer to the Act of 1871 which does not exist and I have posted proof here. There are many more instances where fake judge anna has been proven wrong. Why do you accept her proven lies?

P.S. What does that even mean "No more laws passed by Congress that does not apply to the."? It is a double negative stating laws passed by Congress apply to them. Nobody has any authority to "exempt" themselves from laws, even if they think they are bad. You are either jurisdictionally subject to all laws passed by a particular legislative, or you are not. You can't choose the ones you like and don't like. This blog is getting more ridiculous daily.

Anonymous said...

Why do you attack me as misdirected?
You don't know my activity, and it doesn't mean I haven't made any changes just because I don't blog about it.

are you plugged in?
do you worship?
what is an non-answered fact/issue?
Can anyone find their way in darkness without misdirection at some point, or is everything clear as a lighted room?

A surface argument is insufficient for a deep esoteric statement.
I didn't ask if you vote.
I didn't ask what do you do to change this situation?
When neo took his first jump he failed, that is misdirection, but it does not mean he didn't jump anymore.
Anyone paying attention to someones failure while they try to effect change, well..........I don't do ad hominem attacks so I leave it at that.

just some dude with dsl said...

Ive been around for awhile and I have to agree that anna von is making a living off her bs sorry im sure some here will disagree. Ive never seen such long winded verbage trying to explain common sense subject matter in my life. This website only enables this crap. Let her die off on her own site.

Anonymous said...

DSL, it IS common sense, of which some are very lacking- She is a Judge, and she KNOWS what we're all up against, and is trying to get people to wake up to the fact that we have been, and still are being screwed-Looks like you might need a history lesson-She explains things that even a 'zero' can understand-Like I said, YOU don't know what YOU don't know-