Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drake Radio Interview Today. 6 - 9 PM, CST Radio Link

He said on the call that it will happen this week or next week.  I urge you to listen to the call.

8/29/12  7:20 PM   Drake Radio Interview Today.   6 - 9 PM, CST     Radio Link
                               Drake Said: 

Tactically, everyone is in position.
* Most of the foreign special forces troops here are on our side.
   If troops are wearing a NATO uniform, they are fair game.
   If wearing a Russian or Chinese uniform, protect them.
   They have orders not to interfere with civilians or our military.
All of the logistics for mass arrests are prepared.
* He has more access to verifiable information.
* When we are set free, the church bells will be ringing to notify us.
We have about 15 - 20 million people on our side and in place. 
    This includes military, sheriffs, deputies, militia etc.
* The show is now taking questions.  This means that the announcements have ended.
   Therefore, I am concluding the recap at the 7:20 mark.


Dan said...

Maybe ask your Sheriff if he will go along with this, or maybe you did when Drake said it months ago that it will be 2-3 days that the arrests will be made, but Romney will be Sworn into office before the U.S. Military makes its decision to make the arrests, but who cares as the plan has been in effect for 60 years so a few more days or ever a few presidents won't matter.

Unknown said...

"It will happen this week or next week" -- Sooooooo, 'two weeks', then? Didn't he say about 3+ weeks ago that in the next two weeks, we'd see the most amazing whatever that we've ever seen?

"If troops are wearing a NATO uniform, they are fair game." -- So we kill them, then? I wonder if "But Drake told me to" will fly at The Hague when I'm on trial for killing a Blue Hat. But yeah, I'll definitely make sure to protect those Russian and Chinese troops. Since when does an equipped and fully armed soldier seek protection from a civilian?

Does this count as the third green light? Oh whatever. I have more vitriol in me but I'll stop there.

Anonymous said...

What, you mean you don't believe the guy? If I were him I would tell anybody who gives me intel: "If you are giving me information that turns out to be untrue, I will out you in a heart beat!" Personally I don't like being made to look the fool. As for anything happening anytime soon: Keep breathing; don't hold your breath, you could turn a little blue. As for his radio show he could cut the whole thing down to about a half hour, or less, if he'd just shut up about his war stories and give out whatever new information he has and say: "Goodnight Gracy." In fact, in regard to any new information he gives it could probably be done in about 5 minutes. He kinda reminds me of a politician: Talk, talk, talk and doesn't say a damned thing. Has any of what he has been saying, for all this time, actually happened yet? At this point: If the guy has any legitimates sources of information regarding arrests, etc. I'll believe it when I see some action and some proof. Don't just tell me arrests are being made, Name some names. Who's being arrested and what are the charges. Then maybe I'll believe something is happening. If anything is going to happen before the end of 2012 we've only got 4 months left. So I guess that would be "soon" if anybody can define, "soon". I've been hearing soon for a long time not. Kinda hard to pin down, "soon"!

Anonymous said...

I have lost faith in Drake and the people that hang on every word he speaks are being led like ignorant sheep chasing their tails in a circle while the commies put all their evil plans in place!Think about this for a moment people,virtually nothing Drake has said has happened and all this jibberish talk of what things will be like when my hunch back brother straightens up is just that, pure BS! This is very worrysome to me to have Russian & chinese troops on our soil and their submarines in our local waters with sosphisticated electronic weapons that can send out killing low frequency waves that could do us all in is a bit too much to ignore! Certainly,taking a whacko word that these troops are here to protect us is hard to accept! After all,if you read the NWO's plan to divide the USA up into three or four
parts between Russia and China is more believable and yes,Obama would have allowed these enemies into our country to kill all who don't subscribe to his Nazi/marxists beliefs etc!
Drakes last caller may have been telling the real story in part,Obama is a Russian trained asset,thet is where he was during his supposed days at Columbia university,he was attending
training at a Russian University.It is looking like Drake has been keeping everything in a pause mode until the bad guys get here to create mass destruction upon our soil?! That's my take based on all the dis and good info I have read over the last three years.Drakes credibility has gone to ZERO,IMO,and to believe the freaking commie enemy soldiers are here to do the job that our own military and militia could do is insane! You are all fools to even listen to this Drake person any longer!How many untruths do you have to have before you realize you have been dooped by another hand of the cabal bastards!Denial is a bitch,get over it!I also believe minute man is a fake also,he job is to keep the militia from doing what they should have done twenty years ago,take out the commies! I am sick of these bastards pretending to be patriots,they should be in prison for treason!